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So, ive been playing the new update a lot lately. 


I am questioning if the m18 and mk18 adr should be in the assault rifle category. Having them in the ar category means they have acces to silencers but they still shoot verry acurayely out to 6-7-800m

I mostly snipe, and it feels cheaty atm most of the time when i engage the target has no clue as to where i am shooting from, if I kill my target his teammates have no idea of where the fire was from. 

TLDR: silencers on 7.62 should not be a thing. 

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Firstly some feedback.


A group of us have been playing Argo since it came out. So impressed that we hired a server to run it for us. Link tended to be the favorite. However after 0.76 came out, we played one round & didn't go back to it again, just played Raid & Clash. Sorry guys but it is flat and lost the fun & pressure in the original. Milling around in the circle after capture of M is just pointless.


While I see the point of unlocks & custom loadouts for Official Servers, it leaves Private Servers like ours with very dull & restricted loadouts. We are also in Australia & the nearest Official Servers are in the USA, some 200+ ping away. How about allow Private Servers to have access to everything so we can try it all out before settling on unlocks on the Official Servers? It would also allow Private Servers to have variation. The previous system of differing examples of each class of weapon for each map area made for a fun game with differing tactics depending on loadout.  Alternatively can I run/pay for an Official Server here in Australia? Unless there is a change to the loadout system for Private Servers the consensus in our group is to close our server & move on. Which is a pity because I think the game could be very very good and it was great fun before 0.76.


Some bugs (no screenshots or video unfortunately)(also cannot work out how to use your bugtracker system). 


Defending as Flames on La Trinite RAID, one person spawned on the roof of the wooden shack next to A. He walked off the roof with minor damage.


The following round we were attacking as Flames & he spawned on top of a two story building at the end of an alleyway behind me. Not sure which spawn point though. He sustained moderate damage stepping off the building.


Then playing Clash on (I think) La Rivere, 1 Clouds player spawned some 500m out of the area away from the target flag.

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What I think about the update:
_ It's great to have LINK back in the game  with intensive action attack and defence features!
still, I need to get used with the new LINK rules and points far we win/lost sometimes and I don't how
The previous LINK mod was clear enough and easy to understand, I liked the fact we could win the game by ending setting up MAIN NOD.

_SKILL tree: cool settings! it's clear and simple, just what is needed. The "training shot" option is very usefull as it load the map very fast and give your the opportunity to test your weapons on  targets at every range!

Other suggestion about the training camp: It would be even great if you could put some mobiles targets, with different difficulties system (some moving linearly, some moving with different tempo: acceleration and deceleration).



SKILL tree: here is something more essential we can talk about: I agree with Protz about the supressor features.

Honestly, I love using my LIM 85 + supressor on ennemy players >>> 200 bullets and they can't spot where the shot come from (well, more or less).

I'm shooting in my foot when I suggest you the re-balance the skill tree especially about the suppressor feature ^^ (*crying*...bye bye my loved supressor ;( )

Protz is right, and I would even go farther on this  point: the suppressor should be available only for assault rifles/ sub machine guns/ pistols, BUT NOT MG's and snipers.
Why ? Because you get really so much advantages with MG's considering their ammo load (you can kill 10-15 in a raw without reloading... 2-3 kill streak maximum with asssault rifles).
And sniper got the range and accuracy advantage, like MG's, I think those weapons should not be equipped with supressors.

Only pistols, sub machine guns, and assault rifles should keep the suppressor option.


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Also some feedback to the Link Game mode:


The Main Node is still hard to "understand":

  • there are 3 terminals on the main node, all are displaying the Upload/Download Progress, but you can only download it at the central pole (90% of new players don't get that, circle is letting you believe that this is the capture zone)
  • staying inside the main node to increase the progress: You don't see any indication about this. You only get it by reading the manual. (99% of the players don't get that) Sound or visual indication would be good here ("We are connected! Stay on the Terminal to maintain the upload speed!)".

Smaller nodes:

  • Linking Node 1B and 1A gets you no xp, so you can leave it to others to intercept the enemy players faster (at least 50xp or so would be good for this).
  • Spawn killing, on link it is very easy to reach the enemy spawns and to "camp" them. 2 players waiting on each spawn is already enough to prevent the enemy team from advancing.

Teamkilling: The punishment of 500 points is to high, even on clash its only 350 points, considering that you make way more kills per round in closer engagements with more chaos as there is no clear front line, makes this very hard for beginners, and annoying for veterans.

In General I dont want to be to negative about this game mode, but it seems very hard to understand for some ppl, and that makes it difficult to enjoy it.

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