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  • Fixed: Player will no longer get stuck on "Receiving mission file" in lobby after the scenario is finished. 
  • Fixed: The mission countdown in lobby is now clearly visible.
  • Tweaked: Default fire mode is now full auto with an exception of Marksman rifles. 
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Update 0.67


New loadouts:

Changed: Machine Gunner (LIM-85 5.56 mm)
Changed: Marksman (CMR-76 6.5 mm)
Changed: Marksman (SPAR-17 7.62 mm)
Changed: Rifleman (CAR-95 5.8 mm)
Changed: Rifleman (SPAR-16 5.56 mm)
Changed: Vests armour values lowered.
Tweaked: Blood particles are now more visible upon hit.
Added: More weapon part animations are transmitted over network.



Changed: Clash scenario now takes place in Sainte Marie.
Changed: Link scenario now takes place in Sainte Marie.
Changed: Raid now takes place in Radio Station.
Fixed: Link - Players should now always be able to respawn. The issue with the "Respawn disabled" button showing up should be resolved.
Fixed: Wrong pop-up messages upon round end in Raid are fixed.
Fixed: Faction vehicles should no longer be spawned in the ground. They should also not kill players when they get too close.
Fixed: Added failsafe which should reduce the possibility of an airdrop landing on a roof.



Changed: Player names in the score table are now shortened when they're too long.
Changed: Side channel is renamed to Team channel and the colour was changed to green.
Changed: Lobby now displays either countdown or indicates if the mission is already in progress.
Changed: Renamed unassigned role in lobby from "Nobody" to "Empty".
Changed: The visual appearance of unassigned roles now change on mouse hover in MP Lobby.
Changed: Disabled all chat channels except Global and Group.
Changed: Message formatting when waiting for the leader to select the next objective in Clash.
Changed: Map icon of player is improved.
Tweaked: Players who select 'I am ready' in MP Lobby are now marked by a green colour.
Tweaked: Position of mute icons and ping info in the MP Lobby is tweaked.
Tweaked: Receiving Mission display is visually improved.
Added: When an airdrop is captured, players now see for how long nodes will be blocked via a timer and lock icon.
Added: Message informing about the possible reward when any member of the player's team starts securing an airdrop.
Added: Score table now displays the average ping of each player.
Added: Button for posting feedback / reporting bugs is added to the pause menu.
Fixed: Number of nodes is now shown in the 'direct action' message when disrupting in Link.
Fixed: The issue where the default channel was set to Global is resolved
Fixed: Score table no longer displays players who disconnected from the server but on some occasions remained in score table.
Fixed: Score table: Clients that disconnect from mission to lobby and reconnect back to the mission are now displayed correctly.
Fixed: Friendly kills no longer affect (decrease) your number of kills.
Fixed: Problem with post-process on new Intel drivers is resolved.
Fixed: Airdrop tip no longer shows after it was claimed.
Fixed: The description of airdrop rewards in Link is now correct.
Removed: List of expansions in Server Browser removed.



Tweaked: Stones footsteps volume, grass and grassTall crawl sounds.

Fixed: Slowly strafing in crouch now makes less sound.
Fixed: Missing water crawl sounds added.

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Update 0.69


Known issues:

Scoreboard doesn't count the kill for one player when two players kill each other at the same time.

Faction vehicles are sometimes spawned in the ground, or they are levitating and kill the player when they collide.

Some points in the MVP scene in the Clash map are missing if:

  • the player is part of the team that won, 500 pts. are missing
  • the player is part of the team that lost - 100 pts. are missing

New Loadouts:

Changed: Rifleman (Katiba 6.5mm)
Changed: Grenadier (Mk20 EGLM 5.56mm)
Changed: Marksman (Cyrus 9.3mm)
Changed: Machine Gunner (MX SW 6.5mm)
Changed: Scout (Mk18 ABR 7.62mm)
Added: Apparel loadouts are now faction-specific and should help players distinguish friendly and enemy players.
Added: Kill confirmations now display an additional icon for headshots.
Tweak: The sound of debris from explosions is now inaudible when on or under water.



Added: Tactical ping now shows on the map.
Changed: Clash scenario now takes place in Cancon.
Changed: Link scenario now takes place in Cancon.
Changed: Raid scenario now takes place in MOUT Village.
Fixed: The swimming animation is now correct.
Fixed: Clash area model is now the same size as the trigger for capturing.
Fixed: Faction vehicles should no longer float above the surface.
Fixed: Link - Player is now able to secure the airdrop even if he joins in progress after the second round.
Fixed: Clash – Players will no longer get stuck on the mission selection screen if the only enemy player which is choosing the next objective reconnects.



Added: New element indicating players readiness is added to the lobby.
Changed: Field Manual style matches the rest of the game (rounded corners, rounded button etc.)
Changed: Side channel was renamed to Team channel and colour was changed to green.
Tweaked: Warning messages for zone restriction in Clash and Raid are now more prominent.
Tweaked: Info about respawn being available is now more visible and pulsing in Spectator.
Tweaked: Ping icon is now used instead of text in the Score Table.
Fixed: Players will no longer get "Task Assigned" messages when another player reconnects.
Fixed: Airdrop tip will no disappear after claiming the airdrop.



Added: New sound for tactical ping.
Fixed: Music now plays in the main menu.



Tweaked: Collision geometry in all Greek buildings was improved.

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Update 0.71


New Loadouts:
Changed: Rifleman (Type 115 6.5 mm)
Changed: Grenadier (AK-12 GL 7.62 mm)
Changed: Machine Gunner (Zafir 7.62, MRCO) 
Changed: Marksman (Rahim 7.62 mm)
Changed: Scout (ASP-1 Kir 12.7 mm)
Changed: Clash scenario now takes place in La Trinite.
Changed: Link scenario now takes place in Arudy.
Changed: Raid scenario now takes place in La Trinite.
Changed: All bar gates are now open by default.
Fixed: The camera should now always be set up properly in the MVP screen.
Fixed: The airdrop should now always land in a reachable location.
Fixed: All score points should now be registered in the MVP screen.
Fixed: Airdrop no longer lands in the sea.
Added: Mission and server name in MP Score Table.
Changed: Respawn screen has a new visual style.
Changed: Initial position of the compass in the map is moved to the top right corner.
Changed: People using VON are now displayed on two lines - one for each channel (Global and Team).
Changed: Debriefing screen at the end of a mission is now automatically skipped.
Fixed: Link - Lines between points are no longer drawn over/above point markers.
Fixed: 'ESC' key now always works in the Respawn screen, and players no longer get stuck.
Fixed: Players no longer receive score points for seizing the objective after the round has ended.
Fixed: The camera view in the inter-round cutscene is no longer obstructed
Fixed: The score screen can now be shown/hidden by the key that is defined for the action directly in Controls.
Tweaked: Colour and blinking of "respawn available" in Spectator.
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Update 0.72


New Loadouts:

Changed: Rifleman (SDAR 5.56 mm)
Changed: Machine Gunner (SPAR-16S 5.56 mm)
Changed: Machine Gunner (CAR-95-1 5.8 mm)
Changed: Marksman (Mk14 7.62 mm)
Changed: Scout (AKM 7.62 mm)
Added: Magazine animated while reloading in Spectator.
Tweaked: Assault Rifles accuracy slightly decreased.

Tweaked: Machine guns accuracy decreased.



Changed: Clash scenario now takes place in Larche.
Changed: Link scenario now takes place in Airfield.
Changed: Raid scenario now takes place in Airfield.
Fixed: Airdrop will no longer land in the sea.
Fixed: Camera view in the inter-round cutscene should no longer be obstructed.
Tweaked: Failsafe mechanisms added to prevent disabled respawn in Link.



Added: Player can now respawn by pressing the Enter key when in the Respawn screen.
Added: Dark layer over the screen when the Pause Menu is opened in the Respawn screen.
Added: Unit observed in Spectator now can be switched by A and D keys as well.
Added: Screen that displays overview and description of specific game mode (Link, Raid, Clash) now contains a button that directs player to the Field Manual with more information.
Fixed: Link – Objective indicators are no longer broken when joining in progress in between rounds. 
Fixed: Debriefing screen and score table tab now shows the Discconnect message box properly. 
Tweaked: Respawn menu size is tweaked to display all five loadouts at once without scrollbar.
Tweaked: The color of the tactical ping marker is tweaked for better visibilit .



Fixed: The crash that occurred during the game's shutdown does not happen anymore. 
Tweaked: Ragdoll improvements are added.

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Christmas update 0.73


Size of the update: 6,4 GB



Added: All previous locations from update 0.69 to 0.72 are now available:

Link: Le Port, Sainte Marie, Cancon, Arudy, Airfield

Raid: Le Port, Radio Station, MOUT, La Trinite, Airfield

Clash: Le Port, Sainte Marie, Cancon, La Trinite, Larche



Added: A new metagame apparel screen where players can choose their own clothing.
Changed: Loadouts now include neutral black vests in addition to the custom apparel.
Changed: Weapon loadouts are location-specific:
Le Port:

- Rifleman: MX 6.5 mm

- Grenadier: TRG-21 EGLM 5.56 mm

- Marksman: MAR-10 .338 (Camo)

- Machine Gunner: Mk200 6.5 mm

- Scout: Mk-I EMR 7.62 (Black)

Sainte Marie:

- Rifleman: CAR-95 5.8 mm

- Rifleman: SPAR-16 5.56 mm

- Marksman: CMR-76 6.5 mm

- Marksman: SPAR-17 7.62

- Machine Gunner: LIM-85 5.56 mm


- Rifleman: Katiba 6.5 mm

- Grenadier: Mk20 EGLM 5.56 mm

- Marksman: Cyrus 9.3 mm

- Machine Gunner: MX SW 6.5 mm

- Scout: Mk18 ABR 7.62 mm

La Trinite:

- Rifleman: Type 115 6.5 mm

- Grenadier: AK-12 GL 7.62 mm

- Machine Gunner: Zafir 7.62

- Marksman: Rahim 7.62 mm

- Scout: ASP-1 Kir 12.7 mm


- Rifleman: SDAR 5.56 mm

- Machine Gunner: SPAR-16S 5.56 mm

- Machine Gunner: CAR-95-1 5.8 mm

- Marksman: Mk14 7.62 mm

- Scout: AKM 7.62 mm 



Changed:Getting killed by the zone restriction in Raid now comes with the same score penalty as suicide.
Changed: The Debriefing screen is now automatically skipped even when the client disconnects from the server before the end of a mission.
Added: A mission scene is now used in most of the menu backgrounds instead of an image.
Added: The Score Table now enables you to mute whole teams.
Added: The Score Table now contains a button that enables you to mute specific players.
Fixed: Fixed an issue where the game would crash during shutdown if closed with the Score Table open.
Fixed: Fixed constant voice transmission in the lobby.
Fixed: Point indicators on the map will no longer disappear for a few seconds after a round ends.
Fixed: “Enemy is planning their next move“ message no longer shows during gameplay.
Fixed: Message "Blocking the enemy point 2" in Link was shown even when you weren't blocking the point (used radius was too large) .
Fixed: Lock icons were missing for the 3D markers in Link after taking the airdrop.
Fixed: Out of area warning in Raid would stay visible even in the Respawn screen.
Fixed: During the point selection there was a part of map that players weren’t able to interact with. 
Tweaked: Further attempts to get rid of floating vehicles.
Tweaked: The text of messages used in Clash when someone is selecting the next objective (it should prevent overlapping in some cases).
Tweaked: Airdrop location calculation in Link (it now lands closer to the nodes).
Tweaked: Objectives in Clash scenario are now in alphabetical order instead of random order.



Fixed: A player's footstep sounds coming from behind.
Tweaked: Footstep volume balance.


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Hotfix 0.73


Fixed: Correct name of mission in Server Browser is now displayed.

Fixed: The MVP screen is now displaying the correct loadout and apparel of the player.

Fixed: The error message appearing in Raid - Radio station no longer appears. 

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Update 0.74


Size of the update: 12,8GB
Known issue: When the player who takes 3rd place on the Score Board is dead, it might happen that the player does not appear on the MVP screen, but instead their place is taken by the person with the next highest point count. 

Added: All of the previously released locations remain playable, and we've added a new one: the lovely harbour city of La Riviére!
- Link: The scenario was removed for further polishing and tweaking.
- Raid: Le Port, Radio Station, MOUT, La Trinité, Airfield, AA Site
- Clash: Le port, Sainte Marie, Cancon, La Trinité, Larche, La Riviére

- Loadouts remain scenario-specific. For more information on the loadouts available in previously released locations, please check changelog of the Christmas update.
Changed: AK-12 and AKM damage is lowered to better represent the characteristics of the used ammunition.
Changed: Weapons are now less precise during movement, which is reflected by the size of the crosshair during movement.
Changed: Camera shake upon player hit is increased.

Changed: The Score Table is now only displayed when the player holds the Tab key.
Changed: If the Score Table is opened in-game, it is no longer interactive by default. Player can now look around and shoot with the Score Table open. The interaction is activated by clicking the right mouse button.
Added: Additional set of Chinese characters.
Fixed: Removed the redundant plural form in some UI texts when there's only one point left to win.
Fixed: Characters in MVP screen should now have the correct faces.
Fixed: All gates should now be open from the start of the match.
Tweaked: The icon for auto-respawn was changed from a triangle to a more intuitive checkbox.
Tweaked: The position of auto-respawn was moved slightly to left.
Tweaked: The News panel in Main Menu is removed, and related icons are moved under the profile icon.
Tweaked: Scenario UI elements are now properly hidden between rounds.
Tweaked: HUD messages now reflect the victory condition better in case the enemy team was eliminated.

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Update 0.75


To see your in-game stats in leader-boards go to our websitehttps://www.projectargo.net/leaderboards#/general/


Size of the update: 10,6 GB

Added: New Mission Vote screen at the end of every mission (only on dedicated servers). This means that at the end of the scenario, you can pick the location which will be played next. 
Added: New scenario difficulty – Hardcore mode. (See the details below)
Changed: Clash - Score reward for capturing a point is now awarded after the capturing ends.
Fixed: Forced respawn in case of death caused by game at the round start didn't work in some cases.
Fixed: Clash - Flag animation states.
Fixed: Script error on the round end when airdrop was not captured by either site.

Changed: Apparel/Equipment screen is turned off for now and apparel is assigned automatically based on faction. 
Changed: The LIM loadouts with MRCO optics now use iron sights only.

Added: New and nicer texture for hit indicator.
Added: Score and time (to round end) are now present in the score board.
Added: Respawn locations and loadout of teammates are shown on map on respawn screen.
Added: Terminal in Raid scenario now has a new animation to show preparation and disruption phase.
Added: The progress of securing the airdrop is expressed by sound.
Changed: Scenario names format changed from CLASH in Cancon to CLASH – Cancon.
Changed: Tasks are no longer displayed in map diary.
Fixed: Firing indicators on friendly markers would sometimes not be visibly triggered.
Fixed: Friendly markers were visible in the MVP screen.
Fixed: Message "Press key to download intel“ in Raid was shown even when player was too far from the objective. 
Fixed: Fixed an issue where enemy positions were occasionally displayed in map/respawn.
Fixed: Fixed an occasional issue where negative ping value was displayed for some players in lobby.
Fixed: Fixed an issue in lobby where pressing Enter or Numpad Enter key would change role assignment instead of changing player's state to Ready.
Fixed: On the login screen, Tab key can now be used to switch focus from login to password field.
Tweaked: when crossing the zone of battlefield in Raid and Clas mode, screen is desaturated. Timer was also added to the warning message and red lines showing borders were removed from Raid mode.
Hardcore mode changes:
- 3D markers (objective, teammates) are turned off.
- Mission info (score, objective progress, mission time, player count, aidrop availabillity) is turned off.
- Weapon crosshair is turned off.
- Player’s stance indicator is turned off.
- Weapon info is only visible during reload or fire mode change.
- Top info messages are turned off.
- Player’s bottom info messages are disabled with the exception of messages stating interaction with objectives or when player is crossing or leaving the battle zone.
- Friendly markers of all friendly players are shown on the map.
- Tactical ping is turned off.
- Duration of matches was prolonged.


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Posted (edited)



Update 0.76


Size of the update: 11.9 GB


Disclaimer: Most of equipment tab functions such as levelling, skill tree and saving loadouts are only available to logged players.

Known issue: In about 5% of games loadouts in respawn screen are duplicated. It shouldn't cause any gameplay issue, all of the loadouts are functional.

Leaderboards: Have been wiped for update purposes and players will now start from scratch. No worries though, we remember who was the top 10 and plan to treat them for their hard work and dedication!



Added: Redesigned Link is back - Hardcore difficulty only (Official severs, on unofficial ones both difficulties are available)

Added: New voice-overs for certain situations, mostly for Hardcore Link

Added: Server auto-kick function, meaning: When player is inactive or exceeds the number of allowed friendly kills he is kicked by the server

Rule 1: When player performs team killing more than twice the player is kicked

Rule 2: When player is inactive/idle for longer than 60 second he is kicked.

Added: Levelling system, meaning that by playing the game you will acquire XP and eventually Level up. Upon Leveling up, you will receive a Skill point with which you can unlock certain weapons, throwables and attachments in Skill tree

Added: Multiple beautiful billboards, quite a few of them being from winners of "Create Your Own Billboard Contest"

Changed: Clouds uniform to improve the factions balance

Changed: Respawn disabled issue was addressed again and hopefully for the last time. Let us now if you encounter it again

Changed: Rewards for scenarios were tweaked to correspond better with Leveling and player progression

Changed: UGLs have 2 grenades (down from 3)



Added: New Equipment screen was added - Skill Tree. Players will from now on receive XP for games and when they level up, they will receive Skill points. Using these will open certain weapons, throwables or attachments in Skill Tree and Loadout screen. Use them well!

Changed: There are no predefined loadouts in missions. In Loadout screen players will now have the ability to create up to 5 predefined loadouts from equipment unlocked in Skill Tree. These loadouts will then appear in respawn screen. In case player does not create any loadout, he will be stuck with default ones

Changed: Guest players will always be able to use only default loadouts in mission



Added: New UI for Link scenario to correspond better with new design

Added: New kill cam screen will appear after you die, showing the position or player from where you were killed

Added: Reward breakdown screen now appears after the end of the game instead of score table

Added: Screen between rounds was added to provide players with more information during the game, not just after

Added: Field Manual updates

Changed: Friendly player awareness improvements: Preview of uniforms added to loading screen as a static picture

Changed: We added a timer to "Kill self" button because we noticed players used it to deny enemy players the points for their elimination

Changed: GPS is now turned on by default and you can see friendly players on it

Changed: Tactical ping turned on by default + visual update



Fixed: Game crash after start - 0xC06D007E

Fixed: Multiple Level Design bugs

Fixed: Incorrect camera position in the MVP of Raid Radio Station

Fixed: Ping refresh-rate

Fixed: Countdown in score table is active at the beginning of match and then resets

Fixed: Mismatched team columns in Lobby

Fixed: Vineyards are not visible on the map

Fixed: Incorrect messages in scenarios

Fixed: Text overlaps in various display resolutions

Fixed: Dead Ficus tree - wrong geometry

Fixed: JIPing into last round of a map without the chance of playing shows player in MVP as default model with ANY name.

Fixed: When more players are downloading airdrop, only one can hear the ticking sound of progress

Fixed: Type 115's secondary muzzle name is now displayed without colour variant in weapon info

Fixed: Buildings are not destructible anymore, as intended

Edited by ITokyYourCookie
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Hotfix 0.76


Size of the update: 90.6 MB

- Fixed: Various small issues with voice-overs

- Fixed: Issues with loadouts in respawn screen (e.g. duplicated loadouts or invalid 'Rifleman' loadout appearing in the list)

- Added: Reward for re-capture of your node 2

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Update 0.77


Size of the update: 9.8 GB

General News:

  • Difficulty names has changed: Normal is now Easy, Hardcore is now Normal.
  • Leaderboards and in-game stats will be reset before the release.
  • If you are unable to log-in even after this update, please contact us on feedback tracker, forums or other social medias.
  • Future updates should be smaller thanks to a new technology we implemented.
  • Only the servers which are found under "Official servers" tab in Server Browser or are found via QuickPlay feature generate XP and money, do not trust any site which promises to host/rent servers which act as officials.

Known issues:

  • In Skill Tree Machine gun I-IV unlock attachments one tier higher than it would be expected.
  • Script error in 3D editor when you edit loadout. (not game breaking)
  • Currency and XP gain over 1 000 000 is being listed exponentially.
  • Link only - Broken main indicator in the top of the screen for Easy difficulty. (Easy Link is only available if you host it yourself)
  • If you have only one skill point left in Skill Tree and try to unlock bipods, the game wont let you do it.
  • Loadouts including TRG behave in unexpected ways.
  • MVP screen - Player with highest score are sometimes sorted as second


  • Added: New Scenario - Combat Patrol, 10 vs AI.
  • Added: You now receive not only XP but in-game currency as well.
  • Added: QuickPlay feature will help you find suitable matches. If you wish to find a match, click on scenario buttons in Main menu and click "Find server".
  • Added: White boxes with Cloud logos has been in game for some time, but now if you find them and open them you will be rewarded with in-game currency at the end of the game.
  • Changed: Automatic server kick now tracks another condition - movement of head to prevent players who are hiding and not moving from being kicked.
  • Changed: Vegetation such as bushes now doesn't have collision so you will not get stuck when you run into them.
  • Changed: XP and AC rewards on Normal (formerly Hardcore) servers are roughly 33% higher than on Easy (formerly Normal) ones.
  • Changed: Fall damage increased. Still not lethal, but don't jump recklessly.


  • Added: Armory in Equipment Screen.
  • Changed: You now have to unlock weapons and gear for AC (in-game currency) you’ve received so far. Do so in Armory via Equipment Screen.
  • Changed: XP requirements for levels have been adjusted. Your level might have dropped slightly.
  • Changed: AKM moved to Assault Rifles III (from IV). AK-12 moved to Assault Rifles IV (from III).
  • Changed: CMR-76 is now compatible with normal 6.5mm sound suppressors, too, so it's compatible with silencers from the same tier in the skill tree.


  • Added: You can now access Editor through main menu and create your own missions.
  • Added: Messages with links about “Supporter’s pack”, these will only be active upon release of the game.
  • Added: Tutorial videos are now accessible by clicking on the scenario button in main menu and clicking on the play button above scenario description.
  • Added: Level of player is now visible in MVP Screen, Lobby and Scoreboard.
  • Changed: Message tweaks about linking main.
  • Changed: Friendly players are now visible on GPS.
  • Changed: The uniform pictures in Loading Screen have been enlarged to help players memorise the outfit of each faction.
  • Changed: After a player performs a Friendly Kill a message will appear to make him aware of what he did and to remind him who is friendly and who is foe.


  • Fixed: Missing Sound: Sprinting in shallow water.
  • Fixed: Reward screen - Skill point incorrect count.
  • Fixed: Reward screen - Incorrect information about gained XP.
  • Fixed: Reward screen - Missing reward UI parts for winner.
  • Fixed: Score - 1 point for kill instead of 100.
  • Fixed: Throwing grenades during the round start count down timer is no longer possible.
  • Fixed: Various Level Design fixes including levitating objects and clipping of assets.
  • Fixed: Clash - Various LOS (Line of Sight) issues between points fixed.
  • Fixed: Sudden Disconnects were not handled correctly (remaining AI).
  • Fixed: Clash - Flags change color to grey when defending and don't change back.
  • Fixed: Scopes - Incorrectly set zeroing. (Every scope should now be properly set to 100m zeroing)
  • Fixed: No Ammo on the shooting range.
  • Fixed: Player gained points from claiming airdrop after he located terminal.
  • Fixed: Unsynced PC time resulting in "Unable to reach Bohemia servers message".
  • Fixed: Mismatched uniforms and added fail safe mechanism.

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Release Update


Known Issues:

  • If player leaves a mission during respawn screen in place, he won't be able to select or even see spawn points in respawn screen next time he joins any game. But player is still able to respawn himself and everything else works as it should.
  • Stance indicator is missing on Normal difficulty.
  • Combat Patrol - Exfiltrate task is not assigned/displayed properly if primary objective fails.
  • When a round ends up with a draw, the indicator for nodes seems that it does not restart and switch so the colors are reversed. You can see it clearly right after you take either 1A or 1B node if you haven't claimed any node the previous round.
  • Steam overlay does not work on 64bit if Fraps runs as well.
  • Pop up error appears after loading saved game in Editor.


  • Added: French, German, Russian, Portuguese – Brazl, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech


  • Added: Editor preview pictures for all assets.
  • Changed: Credits updated.
  • Changed: Bottom 'action messages' allowed in Link for Easy difficulty.
  • Added: Special prefix is now added to the name of each server to easily differentiate official and non-official servers.
  • Added: Main menu – Level indicator.


  • Changed: Skill Tree – Attachments dependencies tweaked.
  • Changed: Stats were wiped.


  • Added: New servers to multiple regions.
  • Added: Premium servers for owners of „Supporter’s pack“


  • Fixed: Animation of AK12 when using UGL.
  • Fixed: Wrong format of number in Reward Breakdown when exceeding 1 million (points, currency)
  • Fixed: Link - Easy difficulty - Broken main indicator in Link
  • Fixed: Link - Easy difficulty - Disruptable node 2 in Link has a lock on it during airdrop
  • Fixed: Various crashes
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Update 1.00


Size of the update:

  • 237MB

Known Issues:

  • Steam overlay does not work on 64bit if Fraps runs as well.
  • If player leaves a mission during respawn screen in place, he won't be able to select or even see spawn points in respawn screen next time he joins any game. But player is still able to respawn himself and everything else works as it should.


  • Fixed: Stances indicator missing on Normal difficulty.
  • Fixed: Reward breakdown showing script error when player reaches level 24 or 25.
  • Fixed: Editor - Error when loading a saved game inside mission scenario.
  • Fixed: Combat Patrol - Exiltrate task not assigned/displayed if primary objective was failed.
  • Fixed: Link (Easy) - Broken node indicator after round ending in draw.
  • Fixed: Teammates missing in map on Easy difficulty.
  • Fixed: Remove second redundant difficulty choice from QuickPlay for Combat Patrol.
  • Fixed: Part of text about the reset of skill tree in Russian language missing.
  • Fixed: Spectator - Double digit value of levels displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Issue where players would not receive any xp/in-game currency after match.
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