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Urgent call! Anti-zombie Operation Dandelion 20 Oct Thur 2100 CET

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Operation Dandelion

hosted by SBP Team & IceBreakr



Tommorow - Thursday 2100 CET

[Click here to see exact time on your location!]


What do we play?

You will play alongside with SBP Team in a cool cooperative mission against AI (Cecanian Army, Rebels and also Undead)... nice storyline, we're not giving away too much, we need to reinforce the unit that has been transporting 5 parts of a special device that need to be retrieved and also carry out 2 daring tasks in Lipany and in Central North region of the island Nogova.


Briefing Video



What is needed?

Latest Arma 3 with final stable patch and next mods:


CUP Full (Terrains Core, Terrains Maps, Vehicles, Weapons, ACE3 Vehicle Compatibility)


FAP Units

Zombies & Demons


Full repository can be downloaded here, but not all IceBreakr's islands are required since we're playing on Nogova by CUP.

You're all welcome, invididuals and Teams!


Meet point?

TS3 server address: ts.vojak.si - pass is: Pilatus



Players signed up so far?


IceBreakr C/O SBP

Sahbazz X/O SBP







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Great to hear that Domokun, you're always welcome to our squadnights! We have even couple of foreigners as regulars lately ;)

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Awesome briefing video, shame i'll be working during the time it starts :(

I do hope you guys have fun, it sounds well thought out :)

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It was mission was interesting, well-paced, the AI pretty smart, framerates were high and good fun all-round.

Thanks guys, I look forward to recovering the remaining 3 McGuffins.

Until then, I promise to practice my repairs skills.

But we could certainly do with a few more members.

So don't be shy, join us!

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