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[SP/MP] OPEX : Opérations Extérieures - new dynamical task generator introducing the French Army

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20 hours ago, neofit said:



What setup are you guys using to go on patrol? With this mod carrying an atmosphere of realism, I am trying to get into the mood as well. I mean I'm not just a civilian, a rebel, a paramilitary, a PMC, a zombie fighter or whatever else other dynamic missions make me play, but a soldier, so I need a proper vehicle. But I can't seem to decide on one.


First off, I believe a proper patrol into or close to enemy held territory must have more than 4 people, but Arma's MRAPs can barely carry that many, and atm Opex doesn't seem to allow any of the larger ones, I've only found the 4-seat Hunters so far, be it around the base or for sale (Altis).


Sure, I can use armor like a Marid or an M2, but this is way too OP IMHO, their cannon and armor feel like god mode.


Or I can use two Hunters for more than 4 people, but the AI dummass drivers still getting stuck on one single tree in a desert, 4 years after launch, make this impractical due to the amount of micromanagement.


Large trucks like the Kamaz are a bit too heavy and don't feel good when RP-ing a patrol.


Right now I feel the most immersed when I use a transport chopper. Or maybe "borrow" a civilian pickup - with 6 passengers it carries the minimum I'd take on patrol or to invade a compound, but I wouldn't feel much like a western soldier riding in one.


Also it would be nice if the mission allowed us to purchase something else than a 4-seat Hunter (or better yet, first have a couple for free on the main base). For instance:

* From Apex: a prowler, 6 seater
* From RHS:  an M113, 13(?) seats
* From Arma3/jackFrench: Panther, an HMG feels less "godmody" than a cannon.
* My Kingdom for a VAB Mephisto :)


So what are you guys riding on your patrols?


I have 3 setups:


Generic patrol: The VAB APC with 3 crewmen and 7 troops (the regular 5 man squad plus an extra heavy machine gunner and grenadier) for an 8 man foot patrol including me. I know you mentioned the cannon makes it feel like godmode, but a single RPG hit (every ambient patrol I've come across has at least one RPG guy) will disable it and two will destroy it completely. Besides, if you feel so strongly about it, set the crewmen to do not fire mode and the APC won't fire at all, then you just dismount whenever you get attacked with the foot patrol. Another advantage of the VAB is that it's amphibious, so if you're playing on the Kunduz map and have to cross the main river, the AI won't kill all of you by using the water instead of the bridge....


Usual helicopter patrol: The armed Panther Marine with 2 pilots (actually crewmen) and the 8 man patrol from above. For a map like Altis, I'd actually go with this considering that it would take far too long to get anywhere with the VAB and the terrain means the VAB sometimes gets stuck.


For the rescuing the pilot mission, I'll take the MH-6 Littlebird equivalent. 2 crewmen as pilots, the medic in the back seat, myself, the marksman, a grenadier and a heavy machinegunner sitting on the benches. I like doing the mission at night because the pilot has a little beacon that flashes and makes it easier to find him in the dark.



On the Altis map, if you go near to where the medical center is, you'll find a line of vehicles with more capacity than the Hunters. On one side you'll have the tanks lined up and on the other, 2 VAB APCs and a Pandur available from the start, for free.

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