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In this thread we'll post announcements about Release Candidates (RC) of future main branch updates. That includes the opening of the RC-Branch ahead of an update, possible change logs between RC updates and details on (multiplayer) stress tests. This thread itself will remain closed to allow for a clear overview of announcements, please feel free to discuss this branch here.

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RC testing for update 1.50 has started concluded.

  • Steam branch access code: Arma3Update150RC
  • Arma 3: ~900 MB / Arma 3 Server: ~450 MB
  • Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog):
    • Added: Remote Script Execution
    • Fixed: At least one of the invalid memory addressing crashes
    • Fixed: Unrestricted movement exploits
    • Fixed: Use of NVG in cargo positions of vehicles
    • Fixed: TrackIR after getting into vehicles
    • Tweaked: Optimization of memory footprint of road networks
    • Tweaked: AI versus clutter visibility (Altis & Stratis)
    • Tweaked: AI versus tree trunk visibility (Altis & Stratis)
    • Tweaked: Character collision envelope rotation axis (post-poned)
    • Tweaked: (Crouched) sprint animations
    • Tweaked: Keyboard vehicle steering
    • Changed: File patching disabled by default
    • Windows 10 compatibility


  • 17-08-2015: A minor update was published today. More importantly, the Arma 3 Server app now also has the RC branch, using the same access code.
  • 18-08-2015: Another small update containing miscellaneous small fixes has been published.
  • 20-08-2015: Another small update of both applications has been published.
  • 21-08-2015: One more update before the weekend, containing mostly translation tweaks. Help us test and post your issues to the Feedback Tracker (especially those new to 1.50!). Thanks!
  • 24-08-2015: A few more engine-only updates were published to the RC branches today.
  • 25-08-2015: Today's engine-only update hopefully moves us towards the end of RC testing. It addresses various issues related to loading scenario SQM files and weapon SFX in MP.
  • 26-08-2015: This RC test is over and the update has been released to main branch. Thank you for your participation!
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RC testing for update 1.52 has started concluded.

  • Steam branch access code: Arma3Update152RC
  • Arma 3: ~451 MB / Arma 3 Server: ~292 MB
  • Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog):
    • Tweaked: Default memory allocator updated
    • Fixed: Various crashes during rare situations
    • Fixed: AI versus smoke versus Dedicated Servers
    • Changed: File Patching affecting script commands that reference files
    • Added: Script commands that allow for potential MP optimizations (details in SITREP)


  • 11-09-2015: The RCs were updated with plenty of smaller fixes last night.
  • 16-09-2015: There has been a small EXE-only update, which we hope will prevent a group of crashes. The change is quite low-level, so please report if it ends up doing the opposite and actually causes more instabilities.
  • 18-09-2015: Another small EXE-only update containing a fix for a rare crash opportunity, and a method of disabling the separate MP messaging thread via command-line parameter -disableServerThread (can be used to see if it helps with random crashes, but the benefits of the threads will be lost).
  • 18-09-2015: One more EXE-only update before the weekend, which solves a BattlEye issue on Linux servers.
  • 30-09-2015: Update 1.52 has been released to main branch. Cheers for the assist!
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RC testing for update 1.54 (Nexus Update) has started concluded.

  • Steam branch access code: Arma3Update154RC
  • Arma 3: ? MB / Arma 3 Server: ? MB
  • Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog):
    • Added: 2 End Game instances
    • Added: Spectator
    • Added: Launcher mod dependencies
    • Added: Under-barrel Grenade Launcher reloading animations and inventory slot
    • Added: Stereo Audio Emitter
    • Added: Stacked Event Handlers
    • Tweaked: Personal Protective Equipment (including hit reactions and ragdoll)
    • Tweaked: Stamina
    • Tweaked: Scripted multiplayer system optimizations (remote execution, tasks and shared objectives)
    • Tweaked: Firing From Vehicles (turning out, using launchers, limits and obstructions)
    • Tweaked: Character collision envelopes and rotation axes
    • Tweaked: Explosion SFX
    • Tweaked: SFX / VO sample organization


  • 12-11-2015: An update was deployed which includes recent stamina tweaks, spectator camera support work and misc. other fixes.
  • 13-11-2015: A small update containing a fix for the undesired requirement to need Steam to be running for hosting Dedicated Servers, and a fix for the deleteVehicle command in MP
  • 16-11-2015: A data-only update with translation, audio and spectator tweaks
  • 19-11-2015: Further fixes connected with FFV, audio and potential crashes
  • 20-11-2015: An update to address several more crashes and tweaks to stamina
  • 23-11-2015: Data-only update dealing with surface detection on VR terrain and some MP fixes
  • 25-11-2015: Smaller tweaks - Welcome Screen, MX UGL reload and a few warnings
  • 26-11-2015: MP crash fix attempts
  • 27-11-2015: isNumber fix
  • 01-12-2015: 2 potential crash fixes and (Server) RPT warnings addressed in data
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RC testing for a hotfix to 1.54 has started concluded.


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RC testing for a hotfix to 1.54 has started concluded.
  • Steam branch access code: Arma3Test154RC
  • Arma 3: ~101 MB / Arma 3 Server: ~85 MB
  • Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog):
    • NOTES:
      • Primarily we're interested to learn about improvements to server stability. If you do still experience (memory-related) crashes, please re-submit the new logs as they should contain more diagnostics for us to work with. Thanks!
    • DATA:
    • ENGINE:
      • Fixed: Experimental fix for LoadObject-related crashes (i.e. handling corrupt data more gracefully)
      • Fixed: Potential CTD when spectating
      • Fixed: Potential CTD during loading job destruction
      • Fixed: Players could equip non-backpack items as backpack and it would CTD when they tried to move
      • Fixed: CTD when entering multiplayer when Steam initialization had failed (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=26910)
      • Fixed: Fall damage is no longer reduced by wearing different armor
      • Fixed: Stamina Bar was sometimes shown when Stamina was disabled
      • Tweaked: Turning off white-listing for Remote Execution (this is a temporary measure until solutions for problems with the current approach are found)


  • 14-12-2015: Tweaked: Adjusted the magnitude of weapon sway levels; increased stability in rested and deployed states to provide more benefit for active reduction of weapon sway and to reward tactical gameplay
  • 15-12-2015:
    • More fix / diagnostics attempts for Altis Life server crashes
    • Tweaked: Optimized weapon sway magnitude and duration of the hold breath penalty. Improved benefits of resting and deployment with regards to weapon sway and weapon recoil.
  • 16-12-2015:
    • More fix / diagnostics attempts for Altis Life server crashes
    • Fixed: Explicitly ignoring the duplicate join requests from Steam that are send to both Launcher and the game while the game is running
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RC testing for update 1.56 (Eden Update) has started concluded.
  • Steam branch access code: Arma3Update156RC
  • Arma 3: ~1.5 GB / Arma 3 Server: ~692 MB
  • Notes:
    • Caution: campaign progress saves made in 1.56 cannot be used in 1.54 (the other way does work). Please back up your saves before switching to the RC branch, or use a new profile.
  • Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog):


  • 04-02-2016:
    • Fixes and tweaks for Eden Editor (e.g. Workshop publishing was not working)
    • Fixes and tweaks for the Launcher Server Browser
    • Fixes and tweaks to weapons / explosion SFX (e.g. some suppressors did not work)
    • Stability improvement for Altis Life servers primarily
    • Challenge Leaderboards did not work in RC
    • Fixed invincibility in bushes
  • 08-02-2016:
    • The Linux server is now available
    • Many localization / translation tweaks
    • Fixes and tweaks for Eden Editor
    • Fixes and tweaks for the Launcher Server Browser (e.g. a sorting crash)
    • Fixes and tweaks to weapons / explosion SFX
  • 09-02-2016:
    • Fixes for the Launcher Server Browser
  • 10-02-2016:
    • Added font metrics for improved kerning
    • Fixes for the audio engine
    • Fixed TrackIR in FFV positions
    • Fixed shaking while swimming / diving
    • Fixed glass collisions after destruction
  • 12-02-2016:
    • Fixes for localization (mostly Portuguese)
    • Fixes for Eden Editor (e.g. incorrect AI skill set)
  • 13-02-2016:
    • Fixed 3PP camera during FFV
  • 15-02-2016:
    • Fixed for Eden Editor (e.g. problems using specific languages)
    • Tweaks for 3PP camera during FFV
  • 16-02-2016:
    • Fixed Boolean module attributes
    • Fixed hitting swimming characters
    • Fixed 1PP camera for disabled FFV positions
  • 17-02-2016:
    • Fixed the set3DENAttribute script command
    • Fixed VON-related CTD
    • Fixed issues with some localized texts being missing
    • Fixed an issue with the Navid SFX
    • Fixed an issue with the Sites module
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RC testing for update 1.58 has started concluded.
Steam branch access code: Arma3Update158RC
Arma 3: ~1.2 GB / Arma 3 Server: ~494 MB
Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog):
  • Tweaked: Maintenance fixes and tweaks
  • Added: Tasks Overhaul
  • Added: Eden Editor compositions
  • Added: Eden Editor left-click insert
  • Added: Eden Editor crew in vehicle toggle
  • Added: Back-up auto-save
  • Tweaked: Difficulty Overhaul (phases 1 & 2)
  • Added: Weapon Switching on the Move
  • Added: Action menu filtering



  • Fixes to structure naming and organization in Eden Editor
  • Fixes to commanding menu interaction
  • Added a transformed Difficulty menu and options
  • Added a new difficultyOption script command
  • Tweaked Launcher embedded content visualization

22-03-2016 Update #2

  • Tweaked the way how headgear randomization works in Eden Editor
  • Fixes to the Feedback FSM running on Dedicated Servers
  • Added Functions BIS_fnc_netId, BIS_fnc_objectFromNetId, BIS_fnc_groupFromNetId
  • Fixed an incorrect respawn position when no respawn delay is set
  • Fixes to the BIRD respawn type when adjusted by the scenario in Eden Editor 
  • Fixed the tracer magazine for M2A4 Slammer UP not displaying correct values in the UI
  • Tweaked the damage values for the 120 mm and 155 mm anti-tank guided shells
  • Added a new "camo†Camo Selection for the P07 handgun
  • Added all black variants of the MX rifles to the Eden Editor
  • Tweaked the bipod of the MX SW (Black) so the black variant is always used


  • Tweaked the character's collision model for running with a rifle lowered
  • Fixed the “Fire†key not selecting a menu item in some cases
  • Fixed a potential crash when accessing an inventory of a removed unit
  • Added a new diag_codePerformance script command
  • Fixed the Animal FSM not loading correctly
  • Fixed a potential crash connected to the setSimpleTaskCustomData script command


  • Fixed a code execution from the Debug Console after a scenario save (https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188714-eden-editor-bugs/page-2#entry2999574)
  • Fixed the way multiple entities are placed in the Eden Editor
  • Tweaked the name of the “Pyrotechnic†character trait to “ExplosiveSpecialistâ€
  • Fixed the task markers were not being placed correctly to their memory points
  • Tweaked the names of setSpeciality and getSpeciality script commands to setUnitTrait and getUnitTrait
  • Fixed some potential launcher crashes connected to Steam
  • Fixed a possible cause of cracking sounds
  • Fixed a potential invalid memory access when simulating PhysX tank wheels
  • Updated the PhysX libraries
  • Fixed: the characters’ incorrect FFV animations when switching a stance while getting in a vehicle



  • Fixed triggers without names registering themselves as empty strings


  • Fixed characters unable to heal themselves at medical vehicles (https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/143930-general-discussion-dev-branch/page-948#entry3003086
  • Fixed Remote Execution not working correctly after a scenario was saved or loaded in the Eden Editor
  • Tweaked: A server without players and a disabled autoinit now updates the difficulty information in the Steam protocol with difficulty set for the next mission in the list
  • Fixed markers in custom layers not visible on maps
  • Fixed turning on the NVG not working for passenger seats in vehicles (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=23649)
  • Added Weapon Switching On The Move (including all the up-to-date tweaks and fixes)
  • Fixed: Autosave could be overwritten by a manual save
  • Fixed an inconsistent naming of groups in the MP lobby
  • Added a pop-up dialog displaying a message when an error in Arma 3 Launcher occurs
  • Fixed an arrow pointing in the opposite direction when rotating entities on the map
  • Added a new VoNCodec implementation based on Opus (can be enabled by setting vonCodec = 1; in the server.cfg)
  • Fixed the transport helicopters called by the Supports module sometimes refusing to move
  • Tweaked: The Stance can now accept the "AUTO" value
  • Tweaked: The "Sector", "Cover Map", "Add Camera Area" and "Add Editing Area" modules now have their area configurable via a Scaling Widget (synchronizing them to a trigger through a "Location" logic entity is not needed anymore)
  • Added a fade-out timer for the Tasks Overview
  • Fixed a marker of a selected task not always being visible on top
  • Fixed all tasks displaying after closing the map (only the active ones should be visible)
  • Added the Action Menu Filtering based on accessible actions
  • Fixed a potential crash when a mortar is destroyed while players use the Artillery Computer
  • Fixed the animations blending incorrectly when switching a weapon while switching a weapon
  • Tweaked the multiplayer synchronization of Weapon Switching on the Move
  • Fixed AI not hearing orders when the game is run with the "-noSound" startup parameter
  • Fixed the difficulty settings not being applied correctly to directly hosted multiplayer games
  • Fixed some AI commands not working for the Linux version of the server executable
  • Removed the Visual C++ run-time pre-requirements check for Launcher
  • Fixed the blurred content blocks in Launcher
  • Fixed some launcher content being locked unnecessarily when accessing the Steam client
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RC testing for update 1.60 has started concluded .
Steam branch access code: Arma3Update160RC
Arma 3: ~3.2 GB / Arma 3 Server: ~467 MB
Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog):




  • Fixed: Asset preview pictures were not visible
  • Fixed: Kneeling limping animation sounds were incorrectly configured
  • Fixed: The position of launchers was incorrect in the kneeling limping animation with a raised rifle in the left direction
  • Fixed: Characters would go prone before standing up from crouching with a sidearm lowered
  • Fixed: Characters would lower their weapons when transitioning from an adjusted-down crouch to a crouch with their rifle raised
  • Tweaked: Disabled zeroing on anti-air platforms (due to the target lead indication), adjusted the default zeroing to 600 meters
  • Tweaked: Structure lines in the GUI trees are no longer visible
  • Tweaked: Expanding and collapsing icons were updated for GUI of the trees
  • Tweaked: The Sling Load Assistant was localized


  • Tweaked: The color of the notification bar in Launcher
  • Tweaked: Localization fixes


  • Added: A new server search accessible via a new Quick Play screen
  • Added: A tab with official servers is now available in the Server Browser
  • Fixed: UAVs were duplicated in the UAV Terminal
  • Tweaked: The current difficulty on the Dedicated Server is now used as an initial difficulty on the Create Game screen
  • Fixed: Players were unable to place entities in the Showcase Zeus scenario
  • Fixed: Toggling "Environmental Sounds" in the Eden Editor preferences had no effect
  • Fixed: An initialization of a numeric value of the "SliderTime" Eden Editor attribute was not correct
  • Fixed: A numeric value of the "SliderMultiplier" Eden Editor attribute was not applied correctly
  • Fixed: Characters would bounce off the ground when switching their weapon while going prone
  • Fixed: Characters would stand up when sprinting in a crouch with a sidearm
  • Fixed: Characters would go prone when going to a crouch from standing while turning around
  • Fixed: Unarmed characters would step to the left side when going prone while running
  • Tweaked: The Tactical Vest (Olive) now has a separate icon
  • Added: 'Suppression' samples were added to radio protocols
  • Fixed: Asset preview pictures were not visible


  • Fixed: Some letters would be missing in the Russian localization
  • Tweaked: The Opus codec quality now better corresponds with the vonCodecQuality parameter of the server CFG file
  • Fixed: Some Russian characters were not displayed correctly
  • Tweaked: The irScanGround config parameter was expanded (0 = only air, 1 = ground and air, 2 = only ground)
  • Fixed: AI soldiers would not engage their enemies
  • Fixed: Shooting sounds were still playing after a weapon stopped shooting in some cases
  • Fixed: Video playback speed when no audio stream is present
  • Fixed: The Launcher's server browser would not set up all mods correctly according to the selected actions
  • Tweaked: The Server Mods window in Launcher is now resizable and bigger by default
  • Tweaked: The dialog windows in Launcher are now adapting to a high DPI / small resolution screens better
  • Fixed: An interaction with a context menu of the Launcher when reordering the lists was incorrect
  • Tweaked: The button animations were removed from the Launcher
  • Fixed: Crash when entering the options immediately after Launcher's start
  • Fixed: Legacy Steam mods could be auto-included in the mod list in some cases
  • Fixed: The Steam API would report the Launcher as being open even after players closed it in some cases
  • Fixed: Transition animations (e.g. prone transitions to crouch and stand, sitting and ladder animations) could be used for weapon switching on the move
  • Fixed: Weapon switching on the move could cause incorrect behavior for cutscenes and vehicle crew animations
  • Tweaked: Heavy caliber projectiles' impact was improved
  • Added: New sound 3D processor types


  • Tweaked: RPT spam related to corrupted server data was removed
  • Fixed: Sound of falling bullet casings was duplicated in some cases
  • Fixed: The Quick Play feature would try to connect to modded servers without player having the mod(s) in some cases
  • Tweaked: The 'Unknown' game type is no longer visible in the Quick Play tab
  • Fixed: Steam achievements would not work for all episodes of The East Wind campaign (kudos to Mitrail for reporting that)
  • Fixed: The difficulty settings of the client would be inherited from the server even after disconnecting from the session in some cases
  • Fixed: The remoteExec* would not apply a correct message filter for the Joined-In-Progress players
  • Added: The The Quick Play tab now has an iterated visual style
  • Added: Frequency randomizers for sound tails
  • Added: Loop debug sounds
  • Added: New Visual Upgrade parameters to the CAWorld based on a community request
  • Tweaked: The speed of animations with a lowered sidearm in a stand pose and a tactical pace has been lowered for forward, forward-left and forward-right directions
  • Fixed: Asset preview pictures were not visible in the Eden Editor
  • Added: Radio protocol sentences for suppressing for the Independent and CSAT factions
  • Tweaked: The radar (irScan) was removed from static weapons and helicopters (excluding the gunships and the Orca)
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RC testing for update 1.62 (Apex) has started concluded.
Steam branch access code: Arma3Update162RC
Arma 3: ~7.9 GB / Arma 3 Server: ~1.2 GB (depends on Apex ownership)
Note: The "Release Candidate" and the "Apex Sneak Preview" builds are identical!
Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog):
  • Added: Apex - New vehicles, weapons and factions*
  • Added: Tanoa Terrain*
  • Added: Apex Protocol co-op campaign*
  • Tweaked: Main Menu Overhaul
  • Added: Enhanced Environmental Audio
  • Added: Line Drawing Server Toggle
  • Tweaked: Rendering / Clutter Optimizations
  • Added: Apex Controls Preset
  • Added: Vehicle in Vehicle Transport
  • Added: Tobii EyeX Controller Support

* Content requires ownership of the Arma 3 Apex expansion.





  • Added: A one-time prompt is now displayed in the Main Menu to suggest using the Arma 3 Apex controls preset
  • Tweaked: The overhauled Main Menu replaced the old one in the UI_F structure
  • Added: A tooltip to the Field Manual button in the Pause Menu
  • Fixed: Welcome Screens and the Main Menu had inconsistent backgrounds
  • Fixed: Multiple Welcome Screens were shown in a row
  • Fixed: The ORBAT credits screen was too dark
  • Added: A one-time prompt is now displayed in the Main Menu to suggest using the Arma 3 Apex controls preset
  • Tweaked: The new Arma 3 Apex controls preset is now default for new player profiles
  • Tweaked: The vectoring and auto-hover actions have been separated for VTOLs
  • Tweaked: Most respawn classes in official End Game scenarios are now limited
  • Tweaked: World scenes are now using the unified BIS_fnc_initWorldScene function to initialize
  • Fixed: The BIS_fnc_kbTell function would produce errors in a non-scheduled environment
  • Fixed: "Retrieve Intel" text was not localized for End Game players with a language set differently to the server
  • Fixed: The movement of the charging handle when reloading the LIM-85 was incorrect
  • Added: Flag markers for Tanoa, Tanoa Gendarmerie, CSAT Special Forces, NATO Special Forces and the Syndikat
  • Fixed: There was no dust particle effect for landed VTOLs
  • Fixed: Vehicles would miss their license plate numbers when spawned via Eden Editor (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T117241)
  • Fixed: The forces applied to destroyed planes were incorrect
  • Fixed: An action placed in 3D would reflect the movement of the crosshair
  • Fixed: It was not possible to use UGLs when deployed
  • Fixed: The difficulty script command would return an incorrect value when playing more than one scenario consecutively on the same Dedicated Server
  • Tweaked: The vectoring and auto-hover actions are now separated for VTOLs
  • Tweaked: Mines can now be detonated by players even after they respawn
  • Added: Scenario tag "Tanoa" for Steam Workshop
  • Added: DLC tag "Apex" for Steam Workshop
  • Fixed: Characters would switch to a primary weapon when their sidearm got replaced
  • Fixed: Difficulty or AI level names were not displayed in Launcher if a server forced a custom difficulty
  • Added: Apex visual theme for the Launcher
  • Tweaked: Compatibility of game types with older servers was improved in Launcher



  • Fixed: The CAR-95 weapon had an incorrect reload animation (prone stance)
  • Fixed: Unarmed characters would get stuck when healing themselves
  • Tweaked: The CSAT Pacific Autorifleman now carries 6 drum magazines by default
  • Tweaked: The hit points in the model of the MB 4WD were renamed
  • Fixed: The animations of Prowler’s top turret (belt and magazine) were incorrect
  • Tweaked: The MB 4WD now has an overhauled sound set
  • Tweaked: Footsteps sounds on Tanoa
  • Added: New footsteps sounds for movement in the sand
  • Added: Hex and Green Hex variants of CAR-95, CAR-95 GL, and CAR-95-1
  • Added: Belt joints particle effect for the LIM-85 machinegun
  • Tweaked: The LIM 85 now has properly extendable legs of its grip-pod
  • Fixed: The position of a holstered PM sidearm was incorrect
  • Added: A new ‘Loiter Altitude’ waypoint attribute
  • Fixed: The ‘NEXT’ and ‘BACK’ buttons in the Tags settings would not work when publishing a scenario
  • Added: A new particle effect for the .338 machineguns (e.g. for Prowler)
  • Fixed: Detection of the water surface in particle effects was incorrect
  • Fixed: Blackfish's cannon dust particles were created on the ground under the gun even when firing at higher altitudes
  • Added: Geometric occluders to Altis and Stratis objects
  • Added: New sounds for falling trees and palm trees
  • Added: Falling trees soundsets and soundshaders
  • Tweaked: Sounds for vehicle collisions were improved
  • Tweaked: Several improvements to AI airplane piloting (including the VTOLs)
  • Tweaked: The AI visibility in fog was decreased
  • Added: Apex expansion in the Server Browser is now localized
  • Tweaked: AI will now always land with the Blackfish VTOL using the vectoring mode
  • Tweaked: The AI visibility at nights was optimized
  • Fixed: Crash when ordering AI to unload cargo vehicles
  • Fixed: The kill score was handled incorrectly for renegades and heavily damaged vehicles
  • Fixed: Explosion damage of vehicles was inconsistent in multiplayer
  • Tweaked: The flyingHeightASL command now works also for loitering airplanes
  • Fixed: Crash when deleting a vehicle transporting another vehicle in the Eden Editor
  • Fixed: A delayed vehicle explosion would add score to the effective commander of the shooting vehicle
  • Fixed: The disembark command was behaving incorrectly for large vehicles
  • Fixed: Crash when using the selectWeaponTurret command with an incorrect turret path
  • Tweaked: The pixelGrid, pixelGridNoUIScale and pixelGridBase script commands were optimized
  • Fixed: The green variant CTRG Balaclava would display as black when placed on the ground
  • Fixed: Opening the score table would open the Pause Menu as well in some cases
  • Tweaked: AI drivers will try to get into a better position when ordered to load into another vehicle
  • Tweaked: The selectWeaponTurret command now works also with a muzzle name
  • Tweaked: Server command #mission now supports an optional difficulty parameter. If not set, difficulty remains unchanged
  • Added: Support for the Tobii EyeX Controller
  • Tweaked The Squad Radar is now disabled in vehicles
  • Tweaked: The AI visibility at nights was optimized
  • Tweaked: AI will now always land with the Blackfish VTOL using the vectoring mode
  • Added: Apex expansion in the Server Browser is now localized
  • Tweaked: The AI visibility in fog was decreased
  • Tweaked: Several improvements to AI airplane piloting (including the VTOLs)
  • Fixed: Dropping a cargo vehicle on a parachute didn't work correctly
  • Fixed: Unloading a cargo vehicle could cause collisions with the transporting vehicle in multiplayer
  • Tweaked: The Vehicle In Vehicle waypoint also loads to the nearest transport if possible
  • Fixed: Crash in Zeus
  • Fixed: The Squad Radar was displayed despite the HUD being disabled
  • Fixed: The Thermal Imagery mode would not reflect the shape of the Night Vision Goggles
  • Fixed: The CSAT SF operators could not throw items placed in their special vests
  • Added: Squad Radar options for the showHUD and shownHUD commands
  • Tweaked: AI now should drop cargo closer to the “VEHICLE GET OUT†waypoint
  • Fixed: Crash when copying objects in layers between different scenarios
  • Fixed: Incorrect mouse cursor when working with Vehicle In Vehicle
  • Fixed: Incorrect icon when when dragging vehicles to the VTOLs
  • Tweaked: The number of vehicles loaded to another vehicle by the AI was limited
  • Fixed: Passengers of transported vehicles would remain in Eden Editor after their vehicle was deleted



  • Tweaked: Blending of LODs of models was improved
  • Fixed: Targeting would not work for the right gunner of the Blackfish VTOL
  • Fixed: Potential crash connected to role assignment in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Map markers were disabled on servers by default in some cases (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T117215)
  • Fixed: Pasting a vehicle with another vehicle as a cargo would behave incorrectly
  • Fixed: Unconscious units would disappear from the command bar
  • Tweaked: Durability of the MQ-12 Falcon
  • Fixed: Unarmed character diving animations would cause camera glitches
  • Tweaked: Sound volume and samples of the MB 4WD were improved
  • Added: Prototype configuration of a new 3D sound processing type (surround_panner)
  • Added New samples and configuration for the RPG-7
  • Tweaked: Visibility of various character movement states (in relation to recent AI detection improvements)
  • Added: Arma 3 Apex splash screen
  • Fixed: Apex logo was visible in the Main Menu even for players not owning Apex
  • Added: Geometric occluders to Altis and Stratis objects
  • Fixed: Main menu didn't initialize properly after switching user profiles
  • Fixed: Clicking on the Credits button multiple times caused the credits not being displayed correctly


  • Added: An action to get into empty vehicles loaded inside other vehicles
  • Fixed: Crash when loading OGG and LIP files at the same time
  • Tweaked: The 2D Editor link was removed from the Host Server screen
  • Added: A new unload waypoint for the Vehicle in Vehicle transport
  • Fixed: Some waypoints had an incorrect on-screen name
  • Fixed: Opening the map would cancel weapon deployment
  • Fixed: The action “NVGoggles†would turn the night vision instantly off after turning on
  • Fixed: Eye tracking would not work for fresh user profiles
  • Tweaked: The PM 9 mm pistol is now re-texturable via the "camo" hiddenSelections config value
  • Tweaked: Reload animations of the RPG-7 were improved
  • Fixed: Respawn loadout selections in Zeus were showing hidden characters and ignored the new categorization system
  • Fixed: Broken respawn points in Zeus (null objects are filtered out from the list of respawn points directly by the BIS_fnc_getRespawnPositions function)
  • Fixed: Clicking on the Exit icon in the Eden Editor would be ignored in some cases
  • Tweaked: Sounds of footsteps were improved (volume based on animations, different sounds for forests, tweaks)
  • Tweaked: Transition between different areas is now smoother for environmental ambient sounds
  • Added: Positional ambient sounds for forests and sea
  • Tweaked: Various tweaks and fixes for environmental positional sounds (crickets on bushes are back)
  • Added: New sounds for metal constructions, rock debris for ruins and ancient locations
  • Tweaked: Sounds configuration of the Apex vehicles was improved
  • Tweaked: Various audio tweaks and fixes


  • Added: Apex Protocol co-op campaign
  • Tweaked: The BIS_fnc_taskState was optimized to prevent problems with non-existing tasks on Dedicated Servers
  • Fixed: It was not possible to proceed with the flow after loading a save in Showcase End Game in various places
  • Tweaked: AI should now be less prone to crash the VTOLs while piloting them
  • Fixed: kbTell conversations would not work correctly on Dedicated Servers
  • Fixed: Object view distance could be set to 1 in Video Options
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RC testing for update 1.64 has started concluded.

Steam branch access code: Arma3Update164RC

Arma 3: ~5.6 GB / Arma 3 Server: ~1.0 GB (depends on Apex ownership)


Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog):

  • Added: Simple Objects Integration
  • Added: Apex Protocol Difficulty Overhaul*
  • Tweaked: Vehicle Path Following Improvements
  • Tweaked: Weapon Balance Optimizations
  • Tweaked: Stability & Performance Improvements
* Content requires ownership of the Arma 3 Apex expansion.




  • Added: Splendid Camera now shows also the camera's ASL altitude 
  • Tweaked: The volume for shooting with a suppressed Syndikat LMG was improved  
  • Fixed: BLUFOR Pacific Recon Marksmen did not have suppressors in their loadouts (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T119498)  
  • Fixed: The Rangemaster Cap had an incorrect texture when placed on the ground from an inventory 
  • Fixed: The LBV Grenadier Harness (Gray) had an incorrect texture when placed on the ground from an inventory 
  • Fixed: Mouse sensitivity would increase when colliding with objects (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=24828)  
  • Tweaked: Data signature checks are now disabled for Headless Clients  
  • Tweaked: The order of items in the magazine description array for the setUnitLoadout and getUnitLoadout commands (from [magName, ammoLeft, count] to [magName, count, ammoLeft])  
  • Fixed: Passengers of vehicles would survive underwater in MP 
  • Fixed: The 'inventory open' pose would be present even after closing the inventory  
  • Tweaked: The isSingleplayer command was renamed to isMultiplayerSolo 
  • Added: A new setShotParents script command 
  • Tweaked: Restrictions on usage of the addOwnedMine command (SP and AI) were removed  
  • Fixed: BattlEye was not initialized properly on Linux Dedicated Server start-up  
  • Tweaked: Execution of the setShotParents command is now disallowed on client machines in MP environments 
  • Fixed: Crash when using the "Undo" operation after setting a variable name for a crewed vehicle  
  • Tweaked: Computation of the icon offset for the CListNBoxCheckable checkboxes was improved  
  • Tweaked: The Mute / Unmute checkboxes now correspond with the selected UI scale  
  • Tweaked: The UI of the checkboxes for muting / unmuting players was improved  
  • Tweaked: Players shooting with drones are now considered the initiators of the shots 
  • Fixed: The player list in the Server Lobby would not be updated correctly  
  • Fixed: Calling remoteExec with an object / group as a target would not behave correctly in some cases 
  • Tweaked: AI convoy driving precision was improved 
  • Tweaked: AI convoy behavior in Combat mode was improved  
  • Fixed: It was possible to load vehicles into the vehicles of opposing factions
  • Tweaked: Suppressor models and usage were overhauled (redundant suppressors for LMGs are no longer used as all LMGs are now compatible with standard suppressors of their caliber. Backwards compatibility is maintained despite that LMG suppressors are no longer available in the editor)
    • The 5.56 mm suppressor now uses the former LMG suppressor model which is more appropriate for this caliber 
    • The CMR-76 is now compatible with Stealth Sound Suppressor used by the Type-115 instead of a standard 6.5 mm suppressor as it is more visually fitting and available in all necessary camouflage variants 
    • Suppressors for CAR-95 and CAR-95-1 use the model of Stealth Sound Suppressor as well (beware, they are not compatible with Type-115 and CMR-76 due to a different caliber!) as it is more visually fitting and available in all necessary camouflage variants 
    • The LIM-85 can now attach sound suppressors 
    • These shorter suppressor models now add less inertia to the weapons they are attached to than the longer suppressors for weapons of higher calibers, which slightly benefits the handling of suppressed weapons of lesser calibers

  • Apex Protocol Improvements (potential spoilers)

      • Fixed: The Warm Welcome scenario was not correctly marked as complete in the Apex Protocol mission list 
      • Tweaked: The number of Syndikat troops in the jungle was tweaked in the Firestarter scenario  
      • Tweaked: The speed and distance between vehicles in the convoy was tweaked in the Warm Welcome scenario 
      • Fixed: The support team would open fire in some cases in the beginning of the Firestarter scenario  
      • Fixed: Some colliding compositions could destroy the supplies in the Firestarter scenario 


  • Added: An ability to block opening of the Dynamic Groups interface (missionNamespace setVariable ["BIS_dynamicGroups_allowInterface", false]) 
  • Fixed: The Dynamic Groups interface could be open during weapon deployment (this was causing problems) 
  • Tweaked: Several non-interactive and non-destructible object types are now Simple Objects by default when placed in the Eden Editor
  • Tweaked: Tobii EyeX head tracking was disabled on a request from Tobii as it was causing conflicts between leaning and zooming of characters (eye tracking still works)
  • Tweaked: Dedicated Server administrators will no longer be able to login with a blank passwordAdmin
  • Tweaked: AI car driving should be slightly more precise
  • Fixed: It was possible to load vehicles into the vehicles of opposing factions
  • Fixed: JIP players were able to draw on the map even with drawingInMap disabled (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T119279)

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RC testing of update 1.66 has started concluded
Steam branch access code: Arma3Update166RC
Arma 3: ~10.1 GB / Arma 3 Server ~1.6 GB (depends on Apex ownership) 
Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog): 
  • Tweaked: Footsteps audio overhaul
  • Tweaked: Character load-outs were re-balanced 
  • Fixed: Various miscellaneous fixes 
  • Fixed: Several crash cases 
  • Added: New memory allocator versions



  • Fixed: It was possible to load vehicles into the vehicles of opposing factions
  • Tweaked: Dynamic Simulation was removed from the Release Candidate
  • Fixed: It was possible to load vehicles into the vehicles of opposing factions 
  • Added: A new aimTransitionSpeed config parameter for switching between normal mode and iron sights / optics 
  • Added: A new toFixed script command 
  • Fixed: The GetOutMan Event Handler would return commanders too often 
  • Fixed: The GetIn Event Handler did not always return commanders for turret positions 
  • Fixed: Using the "Destroy" waypoint type could cause AI units to flee instead of engaging targets 
  • Fixed: Using the setUnitPos command on CARELESS soldiers would not behave correctly 
  • Fixed: Dialogues played over the radio could get stuck and time out if the player got too close to the speaker 
  • Fixed: Zeus task notification icons could get very small 
  • Fixed: Deleting user profiles would display an obsolete menu color  
  • Fixed: Players could run Rook over using a drone in Showcase Drones and the scenario wouldn't fail 
  • Tweaked: Tasks in the VR Training scenarios now include also direct links to the Field Manual  
  • Fixed: Players could shoot friendlies without being punished while the screen was fading to black at the start of the final cutscene of the Damage Control scenario 
  • Tweaked: Volume of the radio communication at the beginning of Showcase Commanding was rebalanced 
  • Fixed: There were too many crawl sounds being played at once 
  • Added: Servo sound for AH-99 Blackfoot turret movement 
  • Fixed: Kart Time Trials didn't correctly trigger the death ending after injuries incompatible with life 
  • Tweaked: The insertion helicopter is now locked until players are supposed to disembark in Showcase Firing From Vehicles 
  • Tweaked: The fire geometry of palm trees was improved to better correspond with the visual models  
  • Tweaked: Wired Fences now have correct fire geometry 
  • Fixed: Some conversation lines in the Firestarter scenario used unbalanced volumes 
  • Fixed: Players could enter enemy-occupied vehicles in the Situation Normal scenario in some cases 
  • Added: Vaulting movement sound 
  • Tweaked: Range settings for camera movement in the Eden editor were adjusted. Users can now lower them down to 10% or up to 300%. 
  • Fixed: Rewards for capturing sectors in the Seize Edoris scenario did not work in some cases 
  • Tweaked: Minimum overall & object visibility are now forced to ensure players can see the helicopter wreck from the UAV in Showcase Firing From Vehicles  
  • Fixed: Depending on the players' actions, Miller would sometimes say the wrong thing in regards to the first drone, or not say anything at all in the Apex Protocol scenario 
  • Tweaked: The Tanoa main menu preview video was updated  
  • Added: A new sound for the Tactical Ping (different from the Zeus pings) 
  • Fixed: The strategic map was too dark (campaign) 
  • Fixed: A "Wet" sound layer for footsteps was missing for the asphalt surface  
  • Fixed: Standing on the roof of Church_02 could cause objects to disappear (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T119597)  
  • Fixed: CSAT Pacific Team Leaders were missing an UGL for their rifle 
  • Fixed: CSAT Team Leaders, Squad Leaders, Recon Team Leaders and Spotters had incorrect camouflage variants of the ARCO optics  
  • Added: A new BIS_fnc_exportGUIBaseClasses function to copy basic GUI macros and base classes (e.g. RscText) to the clipboard 
  • Added: A new menu to preview available GUI grids. Access it by executing following code in Eden Editor's debug console: 0 = (findDisplay 313) createDisplay "RscTestGrids"; (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/GUI_Coordinates)  
  • Fixed: JIPing players could trigger task reassignment on other players  
  • Fixed: Names of the Support scenarios would be displayed incorrectly in the multiplayer lobby (mission folder names instead of localized names)  
  • Added: Map markers for HQ in Support scenarios  
  • Fixed: Awarded support could target groups and vehicles in the player base or its vicinity in Support scenariosFixed: CSAT Viper's Special Purpose Suit could block the view of NGVs 
  • Fixed: CSAT Viper's Special Purpose Suit could block the view of NGVs  
  • Fixed: Special characters in Launcher's texts were displayed incorrectly


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RC testing of Update 1.68 has started concluded.
Steam branch access code: Arma3Update168RC
Arma 3: ~10.5 GB / Arma 3 Server ~1.5 GB (depends on Apex ownership) 


RC testing of hotfix to Update 1.68 has started concluded:

Steam branch access code: Arma3Update168RC



Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog): 

  • Added: 64-bit client executable
  • Tweaked: Structure Ambient Occlusion Overhaul
  • Tweaked: Partial Apex data decryption
  • Fixed: Various miscellaneous fixes 
  • Fixed: Several crash cases 






  • Fixed AI behavior on Dedicated Servers
  • Fixed several crash cases
  • Fixed AI driving to the corner of the VR terrain
  • Tweaked to Ambient Occlusion settings



  • Tweaks to Ambient Occlusion of structures
  • Optimizing the BIS_fnc_moveToRespawnPosition function
  • Several East Wind Campaign fixes




Previous updates

  • Ambient Occlusion fixes
  • Fix of vehicles of Apex owners getting stuck (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T120992)
  • Fix to characters clipping through the Mora vehicle
  • Fix to proxies of flags (used for CTF)
  • Fix to the Firing Drills freezing mechanics



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