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ArmA 2 Realism Unit - 52nd Infantry Brigade (2014 / 2015)

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The 52nd Infantry Brigade is a new, quite-serious-when-in-game, Realism unit for ArmA 2, founded in December of 2014, and will definitely be continuing in to the new year of 2015!

We are EU-based, but we are happy to take on members from all over the world!

Our operations are every Satruday at 7pm GMT, and the more the merrier!

But we don't just let in anyone;
To apply to join, sign up to our site: http://laztac.co.uk/
and fill out our application form here: http://laztac.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?fid=4

If you have any comments or questions, then come speak to us on our TeamSpeak:

And we're happy to email you too: laztactical@hotmail.com

We have a real and professional site, as well as extremely detailed training courses and a 37-page field manual, handwritten by our dedicated Instructor team, and delivered by HR.

Thanks for reading,

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