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Hi Wizard,


Thanks for the feedback.


I basically wanted the MOVE option to automatically copy and then unsubscribe a mod without me interfering but noted on the way Steam sees files on my local HD.


Please note MOST steam accounts are single user affairs especially with ARMA. I don't really think many users share ARMA on the same PC and especially would have it on different PCs even in the same household. Can't imagine all the fights that would occur when the home family wants to LAN up or get online together! :D


Lastly, I have tried switching to 1.60 RC, 1.66 actual and 1.67 DEV (current) and the !workshop issue is still there.


I did a test to help narrow it down though - I tried to connect a server that I did not have the mods installed via the launcher's online server finder. Selected the options to download both mods and it did initiate the Steam Client to download the mods (both Steam and A3L opened, side by side to check).


Once the mod actually finishes downloading, the A3L still sits there on the online server mod selection screen waiting for it to finish.


But if I close that A3L window, click on MODs, it would show up with its long numerical number folder as I had a "added" it to the watch folder list.


!workshop link is never created even though that folder resides directly on the same SDD as ARMA 3 and all all mods.


I know Foxhound had encountered this issue and I believe he fixed it by buying ARMA 3 again or installing it onto another computer just to sync Steam Workshop mods! :(



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Hi Valken,

I've sent you a private message this morning, did you received it?

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