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1st Cavalry / 2nd BCT Recruiting!

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1st Cavalry

2nd BCT

Teamspeak: ts10.bargainvoice.com:7077

Looking for a new and exciting experience? Try the 1st Cavalry, a Unit that has been around two months and has an established command staff that provides fun and realistic missions almost every day of the week.

We play at 7PM EST Sunday-Friday, with Official Operations occurring at 2PM on Saturdays.

We're an ARMA 2 Milsim clan who uses ACE to create our almost daily operations which consist of seek and destroy, presence patrols, hearts and minds operations, town sweeps, compound assaults. Our missions are not "shoot em up" missions. We ARE doorkickers, not John Rambo, and we work as one, and fight as one. This means that they're very realistic, and may actually contain some points where we might drive for 15 minutes straight with no contacts. But when we do eventually take contacts, it's that much more of an adrenaline rush. With other unit's missions, you'll sometimes get "go here, kill ALL these guys rambo style , watch the A-10 drop a bomb, mission's complete." That's way too predictable, and actually unrealistic.

Our OP's range from current situations such as the ISIS/HAMAS conflict, to the deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and past operations, like the battle of Mogadishu, the invasion of Fallujah Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm and many others.

We have an Air force detachment based at Kirtland Air force Base. We've also got Para-Rescue units.

We've got a friendly community and someone's always on to talk to and play games with. A majority of our unit also plays War Thunder. We would love to see you on the server, and feel free to poke someone if you need any kind of help. SERIOUS APPLICANTS ONLY PLEASE! Thank you!

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