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ISAF: 4th Platoon "Nox Aves" is Now Recruiting!

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The International Security Assistance Force 4th Platoon is now recruiting new members! We are a small but dedicated group of people with a great deal of ARMA experience. The 4th Platoon is a new unit that is hoping to grow it's numbers in all areas. We operate a large range of roles and jobs ranging in areas such as Infantry and Aviation.

If you are looking for a small but dedicated unit that aims to make everybody feel right at home, than consider giving us a go. We host events on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with optional events throughout the week, on a GMT+1 (or EST -4 if you live in on the East Coast of the US) time frame.

If you want to gain any more information, feel free to visit either our TeamSpeak 3 Server or website (details below)

Edit: We aren't a 'Wasteland' (or DayZ for that matter) group for those that are wondering. also we have a steam group open to anyone looking to join.



Edit #2: we do not tolerate people who join and then don't show up for operations and/or multi-clanning

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