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SRF "Viking" - [Recruiting]

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|||ARmA2 Group|||

Special Forces Regiment "Viking"

SFR Viking is recruiting, see contact information below. We play every Monday at 19:00 CET, and (usually) practise Tuesdays at 20:30 CET

Special Forces Regiment “Viking†is an ARMA2 semi-realism unit, based in and around Europe (although players from other countries are welcome of course). Our unit is all about playing ArmA the way it was intended, together and tactically.It’s a lot more fun to play with others, than to put up with the horrible AI on your team. We like tactics, and as such we have commanders and an order of battle.However, we are not a military simulation unit. To us, ArmA is all about having fun, and tactics are our way to have fun playing. The unit was founded by Lt. Belgiumruler on April 2 8th, 2014.


Our group mostly uses Steam to communicate, and you can reach us there as well. Contact any of our command staff using the following nicknames, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible (if you don't have steam, you can contact us at groupviking@outlook.com

Group name: ArmA2-Group "Viking"

Commanding officer: Belgiumruler

Executive officer: Sgt.Maj. Marshall

Thank you for considering to join our unit; see you on the battlefield!



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