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The United States Air Force (USAF) is the aerial warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven American uniformed services.


Welcome to the USAF mod. Ive played arma for awhile now but this is my first ever mod to the community. Little bit about myself i am prior Air Force Security forces Staff Sergeant(E-5) ive had my fair share of both of the wars majority in Iraq. I love to play military related games as an outlet but that's about it. For this mod i and my good friends have attempted to recreate some of the main assets of the USAF I hope you like what we have done for you the community members..I am very open to criticism but dont let it be crazy outright attacking criticism..I bite back :) This mod will be in a staged Alpha with more aircraft coming as we get closer to beta and Final release


The year 2030 Nato deployed to the island of stratis to help with calming the Civil War that has already taken more than 20,000 lives and causing widespread famine. Under President Albert Jamison, the United States deployed 4,000 troops to back Nato's cause. The United States Air Force began flying humanitarian missions dropping food and supplies to stratis citizens. After 5 years Nato and the newly formed AAF forces have ceased fighting and under pressure from the state goverment Nato ended its mission. C-17s and C-5s began flying out equipment and personel from startis when a coup began and the US base commander Navy Captain Ted Phillips was killed. President Jamison responded by bombing AAF strong points with B-1 Bombers and sent in US Special Forces to track down any remaining AAF members. Gen. Larry Stronghold Air Force Chief of Staff promised that Nato would control the Air by any means and tasked the 820th Security Forces Squadron with Asset Defense as well as counter insurgency missions. President Jamison along with Nato Commander Colonel Armstrong have already threatened that the Air Force will use any and all Air Power to take out any form of aggression towards Stratis, Altis and its Citizens.

p><p>mirror it without Fullerpj and Peral

This add-on is released under

Creative Commons License



Credits & Thanks:

ARMA 3 game engine: Bohemia Interactive

Project lead: Fuller and Peral

Authors of original models:

Muckep(C-5, KC-135,B-2, B-1)




Nes4day and team (F22)

dezkit(Global Hawk)


EricJ (Weapons)

Shockley (AFSOC)

ADuke and Team (HH-60G)

SP Craig(Security Forces units and pilots)

Textures: Shockley, Peral, Orignal Authors

Config and scripts by: Peral, Fuller, John Spartan, Dezkit, Randomslap

Flight Model and animations by: Peral, Fuller and John Spartan

Others: Myke (for Missilebox), THEBUCKFASTWINE, SMOKEDOG3PARA, DMM Jones(AC-130 Orbit Script), Meatball0311 (Gear), Alwarren(M4s), Massai(Weapons), theebu, Any and All members who helped make the models and textures for arma 2. ACE Mod and Team



- Initial alpha Release


-KC-135's turn radius and take off speed have been fixed

-KC-135's Gear issues have been fixed

-The current AC-130 has been decommissioned and a newer version will be released with V 0.2 with the texture errors fixed

-AC-130's weapon damage has been increased

-AC-130's gear issues have been fixed.

-B-1's Turning radius has been fixed

-C-5 Galaxy turning radius has been fixed and markings on the Tail wing have been turned to proper direction

-AC-130s Recoil not working for the L60 has been fixed.

- USAF_SFS issues with pilots have been resolved.

- Textures have been updated on AC-130

- B-1 Bombers speed has been increased to reflect real life. Afterburners are being fixed

-KC-135 Aircraft upgrade and now equipped with hoses. Refueling Script upgraded by dezkit.. the aircraft now searches for the memory point and will connect at the exact spot. The aircraft will now deny you if you don't have the points needed. It will also only give you the appropriate refueling action Ex. Flying the F18 and you approach the KC135 and request refueling it will release a hose for you and will not lower the boom. If two F18's approach the KC135 it will release two hoses and not the boom. If the F16 approaches the KC135 it will lower the boom and will not release the hose.

-KC-135 Boom Operator added(Its just a view more for ambience)(WIP)

-AC-130 TV Operator Added

-B-1 Bomb doors open as soon as you select bombs

-C5 Textures upgraded

-USAF mod pack reorginized by dezkit

-User lisence and bikeys added

-Classnames added

-KC-130 redesignated as MC-130J Commando II

-Textures totally redone

-USAF Pilots authorized by Nato to carry Firearms and IR Grenades.

-Security Forces Enlisted and Officers trained to use Nato Weapons.

V0.2.1 Hotfix

-Berets added back in for Security Forces members

-Fixed B1 menu flickering

-MC-130J Texture issue fixed

-AC-130U Howtizer zeroing has been fixed

-AC-130U TV moniter zeroing has been adjusted

-AC-130U Weapons damage increased

-AC-130U Vehicle_W_MG.paa and any RSC issue resolved

-C130 Series White square issue resolved

-AC-130U sounds lowered

v0.2.2 Hotfix 2

-AC-130U RSC Issue Resolved

-MC-130J Aerial refuel script fixed

-C5 Galaxy Sound lowered

-AC-130U Sound lowered again

-AC-130U Howtizer damage upgraded again

-C5 Galaxy far left engine issue fixed

-C5 Galaxy Landing Gear issue fixed

-AC-130U Orbit Script is now fully functional with zero errors

-C130 series no longer fly like bricks instead has same manuverability as the AC-130

-Dedicated Server Key added

-KC135 Flaps and landing gear upgraded

-AC-130U Orbit Script Speed Increased


-CV-22 Osprey Added

-RQ-4A Global Hawk Added

-MQ-9 Reaper Added

-HH-60G Pavehawk Added

-USAF Special Operations added

-AC-130U Gun animations added

-USAF Weapons Pack Added

-AC-130U Script warping fixed

-KC135 Not rolling down runway due to BI update Fixed

-MC-130 Refueling Script Camera Shacking fixed

-Minor Adjustments made to previous aircraft

-BI Key changed

-Pilot Helmet and Vest UI pics updated

-Credits Updated

-Class names changed

-C130 class wheels fixed

Edited by fullerpj
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Nice job Fuller & Peral.

I just read that a B-52 is in your future plans. Do you have a model because I would like to know as I am currently modelling one.

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Nice job Fuller & Peral.

I just read that a B-52 is in your future plans. Do you have a model because I would like to know as I am currently modelling one.

Yes i currently have one. Thanks though

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Yes i currently have one. Thanks though

Alright man, looks like I'll cease on that model. Thanks for letting me know ;)

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Alright man, looks like I'll cease on that model. Thanks for letting me know ;)

Continue your work brother there can be more than one

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Congrats on the first release! you might wanna choose another upload page instead of Dropbox, they shut the DL down once you've used a maximum amount of bandwith. :)

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Off we go into the wild blue yonder,

Climbing high into the sun;

Here they come zooming to meet our thunder,

At 'em boys, Give 'er the gun! (Give 'er the gun now!)

Down we dive, spouting our flame from under,

Off with one helluva roar!

We live in fame or go down in flame. Hey!

Nothing'll stop the U.S. Air Force!


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Beautiful mod: planes are really well done.

Could you investigate the follow issuees?

-- B1b


- put the plane b1b in the editor;

- play ;

- press lmb (left mouse button);

-- Issue

After I press the left mouse button got this error:

_obj = list select 0 #

error: divisore per zero; line 16 file bib/scr/wso_catchmissile


-- Ac130 spooky

2) Reproduce:

- put the plane in the editor

- play;

got this error:

!Dmm_orbit_active ...

error: variable non defined

ac_130\scripts\orbit\init.sqf line 9

3) Reproduce:

- Put the Ac_130 in the editor (Flying)

- play;

- switch seat to M102 or M60 or Gau 12

I can't no more switch the seat to pilot


- Put the Ac_130 in the editor

- play;

I got this error message:

No entry Cfg.bin\RsrTitles\Default.duration


Edit: added reports

Edited by Eymerich
added report

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Hey great models!

Just a couple of feedback after a Quick testing, I'm sorry if I'm not to specific but I had to leave my PC.

I tried to place down all the airplanes, grouped with a Player in the 130 and I couldn't start the mission, I'll try to write down the error later.

I couldn't retract the gear in the 130 and the C-5.

When I was flying the B-1 the action to extend the refueling probe was flickering, and when I armed the gun, I could switch to other bombs, but I had none.

Also turning the B-1 on the ground it's hard, it seems like the C-5 is more easy to handle on the ground (I don't know if should be this way, just reporting).

Sorry for my English, hope it will help you.

Inviato dal mio GT-I9300 utilizzando Tapatalk

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New mod v0.1 alpha available at withSIX. Download now by clicking:


@ fullerpj ;

Soon you will be able to manage the promo pages of your content on our web platform and publish new content yourself.

To do so, please hit 'this is me' button on the page while logged in and you will get connected to your work.

For now you can send new content or releases our way through withsix.wetransfer.com or add your notification at getsatisfaction.withsix.com.

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Thanks everybody will attempt to reproduce the errors and see what I find out thanks for report and keep them coming

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Hi Fullerpj!

Since i cant pm anyone ill post my report here seeing how I can't seem to get enough of this mod and i would love to help make it better:D

B1 Lancer

-Turning radius compared to location of front guide gears is off by couple degrees(could not estimate, but it's probably like 10 degrees more needed).

-The external refuelling arm spazzes out during flight, takeoff, and idle.

-Max altitude is 2000m for some odd reason, which can be a problem for high altitude bombing operations or just AA evasion

C5 Galaxy

-Very heavy and very hard to take off. On the main airport on Altis I went in the lights at the end of the runway

-Gear retract does not work

-The engine sound is not loaded fully i believe and almost sounds like a weak weedwhacker

-Very weak engines(not sure if by design). was only able to reach 2300m before i had to dive to prevent stalling

-crashed on soft landing(34 tries)


-stability issue; tilts back when engines start and cannot take off since it explodes eventually


-Has altitude issue just like the B1

-sound does not work properly(unless it is designed that way)

Ps PM me for screenshots/system specs if needed

Great job on it too! Outstanding for an alpha!

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