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MILSOG stands as SOG military force made up of former veterans from countries around the world with a few of its members who know tactics of the armed forces or specialize in a select skill set thats deemed useful by us. MILSOG is the elitist of SOG and as being elites were held to a higher standard than the normal SOG is, We hold Honor, Duty and Respect to the highest regard any infringement against any of the 3 values will result in severe punishment, I shall elaborate on the 3 values that the MILSOG holds in its highest regard.

The 1st Principle of MILSOG is to seek Improvement of one self either through training courses (I.E wargames) or Firefights against hostile forces, An always be aware of your strengths and weaknesses .

The 2nd Principle is Be Technically Proficient Not only do we know our duties and responsibilities, we know all those of our team members, and we look to our leaders and concern ourselves with learning their duties and responsibilities.

Principles #3 Seek Responsibility and Take Responsibility for Your Actions. We are not satisfied with performing just our duties to the best of our abilities, we look to grow and seek further challenges, and always , when in charge, accept the consequences of our decisions, absorb the negative and pass on the praises.

Principles #4 Make sound and timely Decisions. Leaders must be able to reason under the most critical condition and decide quickly what action must be taken in order to succeed.

Principle #5 Set the Example. No aspect of leadership is more powerful. Our Personal example affects people more than any amount of Instruction or form of discipline. We are the role models.

Principle #6 Know your team and look out for their well being. Leaders must be aware of their current teams state, When Individuals trust you, they are willingly work to help accomplish any mission.

Principle #7 Keep your Followers Informed. Always keep your squad mates informed on the current situation and what's happening, your team members don't like to kept in the dark on current events or future events.

Principle #8 Develop a sense of Responsibility In your followers. Your team will feel a sense of accomplishment, pride and Responsibility when given a task they accomplish.

Principle #9 Ensure each Task is Understood, Supervised and Accomplished. Squad members must know the standard to accomplishing things they are assigned. Watching them while they carry out said mission will ensure that we care about the Mission and their well being.

Principle #10 Build A Team. Leaders develop a team spirit that motivates team members to work with confidence and competence. Because Mission accomplishment is based on teamwork and unity, It is evident the better the team will perform the task.

Principles #11 Employ Your Team In Accordance With Its Capabilities. A good leader must judge how best to deploy his team in preparation of possible contact when Failure is not a option PERIOD! By employing the team properly, we insure Missions Accomplishment.

MILSOG stands as a beacon of honor and Respect, We conduct are missions with lethal precision, Our plans are as Impenetrable as the darkness, when we converge on are mortal enemies we fall like a thunderbolt from the heavens striking with such Ferocity and zeal no one is left standing amongst the rubble.

I will post links to the website once I become able too. All questions can be answered on the Teamspeak and website.


Thank you for your time.

Edited by SSG-Spectre-SOG

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