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Altis Life server

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Hello everyone i like to tell you about our newly made Altis Life server.

Tonic has released his great RPG script for everyone to use, thanks to him we can host this great script.

The thing is i wanted it to be a little more feature rich, or i was just missing a few things in the script.

I will make a list below with the thing we changed or added, if you have any questions you can ask them here.

Changes we made:

Starter money is set higher.

Paycheck is set just a bit higher.

Added Sports hatchback to car shop.

Added clothing to all clothing shops.

Added Vests to Rebel shop.

Added more Hats to all shops.

Added more guns and pistols to all shops.

Increased cargo of almost all Trucks.

Things we added:

Lift vehicles with your Helicopter.

Check cargo of any vehicle.

Fast rope from helicopter.

Police AI protecting the Federal reserve.

Thing we working on:

Buy your own house and be able to lock them and have a a few useful things in your house.

we are talking about adding allot more but we are not so sure about them yet.

How to find our server:

You can look for our server on the ingame server browser by searching for "G2 Altis Life"

You can use the remote feature and connect directly to our server by typing in this ip and port 4302.

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Boyd would you be willing to help me set up one for my gaming community? i'll whitelist all of the people involved and admin you guys.

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