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Altis Life Server

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**************Altis Life (State Life)*****************


State Life is a RPG Community set out to be a modded server for Arma 3. We are updating the server daily with bug fixes and new features. We have been working hard on making the community to a playable server with great FPS. We are looking for people that are interested in the Modded Life Community of Arma 3. We have active admins that monitor the server 24/7. We have a great developer that listens to the community and adds what the community wants.

State Life is looking for Players that can help make it a successful Modded Life community. Visit us at http://www.statelife.enjin.com to join and help our community if you are interested.

________________| Legal Ways Of Making Money |______________________


Why not take a nice a calm relaxing ride out into the waters? Hell here is a good idea catch some fish and earns a little cash. While enjoying the lovely view that the statelife server has to offer. The Fish that have been caught can be taken to the market and sold for more cash. This cash can help to buy you more stuff such as Licences, Cars, Boats and soon even houses. Tell me that Does not sound like a fun day out.

[Gathering Apples and Wood]

Maybe you’re a apple picker? Well if that’s the case then this server is the one for you. We have an apple field bursting with nice fresh apples just asking to be picked and sold for good money. This money has so many benefits Its un true.

[Gathering Gold and Silver]

The Gold and Silver is without any though the best way forward on the server. Making money from collecting some ore! Geese now that does sound fun. Now why haven’t I tried that? You may be thinking to yourself,

[Drilling for Oil]

Time to dig deep and get them drills out boys! This server has a fantastic Oil collecting facility at a prime location called camp Maxwell. The camp allows people to collect a mass amount of oil in there inventory before going to process and sell it.


Hell if you don’t like any of the other options and you just want to get off to work then the work place will be right up your street. This workplace allows you to earn around 4000 every 90 secounds WOW that’s allot.


On top of any options you have chosen you could also buy some shares in a small factory that will boot your income and allow for you to make big bucks with small effort.


_________________| Illegal Ways Of Making Money |____________________


Why not take a night trip out to the top Whaling locations. You can get a boat and go to the illegal whaling while you wait you will automatically gather the fish. Once done you can sell the fish back at the black market. But watch out for the police and under cover spy’s lurking in the water waiting to catch you out.

[Drug Running]

You can run Weed, Herion, and Cocaine

Heroin and Cocaine require you to process the drug after you acquire them. After you process the drugs you can go to the gang areas and sell the drugs. Sometimes other players will be waiting to ambush you are police will be observing from afar waiting to catch you in the act so be sneaky when committing crimes.

Weed does not require you to process the drug to sell. Cocaine makes the most money but is hard to do and Weed makes the least amount of money but is easier.

[Assassin mission]

Wanna earn some easy cash ? Why not go do an assassin mission and kill a player at the same time? If you crave the buzz of being wanted and killing a random person then the assassin mission is the one for you. Once selected the mission will select a random player to be killed. its your job to take the target out before the police find and escort the target aka witness to court. If you do kill the person you will become wanted by the police and hunted till they become blue in the face.


Well lets simplify this a little ïŠ

Legal Weapons Require A License

Illegal Weapons Dont Require A License

If your carrying a rifle/ pistol without a licence that is a crime that results in jail sentences.


________________________|Licenses|________________ _______________

You will need licenses but Licenses are not required to buy certain Items. Police can check you for licenses and if you do not have the right license then you can be fined or even taken to jail.


You can have different type of jobs. You can be a bounty hunter, become a emergancy medical services unit [EMS], or even work for a tow company. We are in the process of making more jobs for the Police and civilians to do.

That’s the basic outline please let me know what else we can do… Thanks Guys


Some people just want to play on the server and have a house, Family and a happy Job. This is all achievable on the state life community. With our great scripting and easy to deploy houses you can have a home in your desired location, Maybe that is in the middle of no where or in a sub urban area there is always a spot for you...

Or maybe just maybe you want to have a drug house where your gang or mafi meet to discuss plots and trade drugs and arm's.

_________________________|Bank Mission|_________________________________

Enjoy the driving sensation on Arma 3? Well why not earn some easy money by driving the bank truck around altis collecting a heap of cash from different collection checkpoint. But keep an eye out for the bandit civilians who are just waiting to stop the truck and steal the money. Luckaley you will be transported around by a convoy of police cars so that anyone trying to have a crack at stealing the truck will need to be armed and on top of there game.

Below is a short video of someones attempt to do just this :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oRY3kWBMM4&feature=c4-overview&list=UU8ZwyNxFOty3zNNM_uG0j7w

I'm open to suggestions on what to do next to improve the server and how to make the performance better

Don't forget to visit our website here = http://www.statelife.enjin.com


Like us on Facebook to see all the new changes that are happening = http://www.facebook.com/a3state?hc_location=stream

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