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Chernaya Akula

T-80 BV.......

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Who think that the guys from BIS shoult at least made a T-80 stronger against RPG's and LAW's , and have the AT-8(?) anti-tank missile..

And in the next patch they should add more Russians copters like the Mi-28 Havoc or Ka-50 Hokun-A (this should be a better choice first because he had his first flight I think in 85 or 86 and the Russian Army chose him and he had consistently beaten the Mi-28 Havoc in evaluation tests made by the Russian Army and for exemple the Russians had made some tests with him in the recent Chechenya war, by the way with very good results) and the Hevy boy Mi-6 Hook.

The BTR-80 and BRDM-2 w/ the 14.5 mm gun.

PS. I love this game..... thanks for every one that made this game......

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