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All about MaxPacketSize

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Important... If you see information within this post that is innacurate, please let me know ASAP so I can edit it

This thread is part of a much wider discussion on server bandwidth optimisation Tutorial: Server Bandwidth & Optimisation

Useful Links

BIS WIKI: basic.cfgDiscussion Thread: All about maxPacketSize
wikipedia: Maximum transmission unit (MTU)

What the BIKI states

class sockets{maxPacketSize = <limit>;};

Maximal size of packet sent over network.

This can be set for both client-to-server AND server-to-client(s) independently!

see client(arma2.cfg#Generic_config or arma2oa.cfg#Generic_config, )

Default: 1400

Use please only in case Your router or ISP enforce lower packet size and You have connectivity issues with game

Desync might happen if used MaxSizeGuaranteed/MaxSizeNonguaranteed values over the maxPacketSize.

maxPacketSize default reduced from 1490 to 1400, thus MaxSize... values over 1300 could be affected negatively.


For the greater majority of us, this value should not be touched

If you are thinking about playing with this setting, to put your mind to rest and to prevent you altering this value unnecessarily, carry out the following test as described in this little tutorial


If the resulting MTU value calculated by the test is higher than the default maxPacketSizevalue, then leave well alone

What we known

Default value: 1400 bytes

Typical MTU for a server when following the above linked tutorial is 1500

Too big a value is likely to cause lag and desync

The value should be the same no matter

  1. How many players the server hosts for,
  2. How many virtual Arma 3 server you run on the same box
  3. Whether you run PVP or COOP

What you are trying to achieve

Defining the maximum size without causing loss of packets, lag or desync

Too big a value is likely to cause lag and desync

How to test

Use the tutorial above to check your MTU

Unanswered questions

  1. Am I correct in assuming this is related to MTU?
    1. If so, how would tweaking this value closer to the MTU effect optimisation

[*] Is there any other way to test this value?

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this is packet size,

you don't touch it unless you need (it exist for compatibility reasons with some networking infrastructure and firewall hardware/software)

reason why some settings are self explanatory ...

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