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All about MaxSizeNonguaranteed

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All about MaxSizeNonguaranteed

The purpose of this thread is to

  1. Discuss the MaxSizeNonguaranteed setting in the server's ArmA3Alpha.cfg
  2. Compile a list of questions that only BIS DEVS can answer for us
  3. Define how to calculate the required value
  4. Define What relationship if any it has to the other bandwidth settings
  5. Define how it could/should/would be tested in a Benchmark mission based scenario

This thread is part of a much wider discussion on server bandwidth optimisation Tutorial: Server Bandwidth & Optimisation

Useful Links

BIS WIKI: basic.cfg

What the BIKI states


Maximum size (payload) of non-guaranteed packet in bytes (without headers).

Small messages are packed to larger packets (aggregate messages).

Non-guaranteed packets (aggregate messages) are used for repetitive updates like soldier or vehicle position.

Increasing this value may improve bandwidth requirement, but it may increase lag.

Default: 256

What is known

The value must not exceed 1300

What is assumed:

What we need to know:

  1. What value if any, does it default too, if the entered value is unacceptable?
  2. How is this value calculated correctly?
  3. How is this value calculated correctly when running multiple ArmA3 servers on 1 box?
  4. Would this value vary for PVP and CooP servers
  5. Would this value vary depending on the number of players the server supports
  6. How would you stress test or test this in a Benchmark mission scenario?
  7. What relationship does this value have to the other bandwidth settings ?
  8. What else ?

Calculation Formulae

(Not yet defined)

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Sounds like it's the size of the UDP packets.

It shouldn't have much of an impact on performance. You could try a value of 512, which is your typical UDP payload size.

To answer your questions though:

1. 256

2. There's not really a "correct" setting per se. I wouldn't exceed a payload of 512 bytes though as it really shouldn't be needed and depending on the route it takes and how many headers are tacked on, it could cause the packet to fragment which would make it more susceptible to packet loss.

3. As long as you don't exceed the MTU of your network interface, the amount of servers you run shouldn't matter.

4. It would probably be more dependent on the amount of moving entities in whatever mission you are playing rather than it being a PVP or COOP mission. I guess you could err on the side of COOP since it's bound to have more active units.

5. Don't think it would be a large factor. Theoretically, the larger the payload size, the less packets you would have to send for the equivalent amount of data to each player.

6. Honestly I don't think it's something you would need to benchmark. It's one of those things that's a very small tweak that has more of a placebo effect than anything.

7. No clue

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note : MaxSizeNonguaranteed and MaxSizeGuaranteed can't be bigger than MaxPacketSize (that's mandatory maximum in packet size) ...

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