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[Questions] ArmA2Net setup

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Hi everyone,

I've been asking around before about making a saving system for my server, anyways since there are not really any good tutorials on how to setup the ArmA2Net I might just ask here about it.

I've managed to setup the DLL plugin and all that, questions is do where should I place it in @ArmA2Net or in Addins some where.

Also I just tried with making a foldier for it but some how it didn't work when I tried in game.

Here is just a basic code I made to test it out with a value from the database, I just recived Return nothing else.

Anyways, like I said before, do I have to place the DLL file some where specific as well what else do I have to do, like a connection command in the init.sqf file or what do I need to do.

I also been viewing the readme file but there is nothing on how to set it up just how to understand commands and stuff, a host quick tutorial of how and where it's reading files from, made all folders and Database.txt in the main folder of my Operation Arrowhead but didn't even recive a log about it so I guess I've managed to mess something up like I'm pritty use to do ^^

Hope some one here can help me.


_uid = getPlayerUID vehicle player;
_query = format ["SELECT Score FROM Users WHERE uid = '%1'", _uid];
_Load = "Arma2Net.Unmanaged" callExtension format ["Arma2NETMySQLCommand ['Databasename', '%1']", _query];
hint format["Return %1",_Load ];

Update, found out that you have to do an open connection for it, Anyways found a better/simpler plugin for it but I don't get it.

According to my showerrors thing it tells me that I'm missing ";" but I can't see the issue here...

Result = call compile "Arma2Net.Unmanaged" callExtension "mysql [open, default]";
if ((Result select 0) == 1) { [b]THIS LINE IS THE ERROR ON...[/b]
 hint("Connection successful");
else {
 hint("Connection failed.");

Please Help me!

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i also would please like help with this, Nothing about Arma2net, Arma2netMysqlPlugin, or iniDB is easy for a beginner or even an intermediate to understand. I sat there for hours looking over the instructions for a ton of different plugins and/ or addons that are able to give you Dayz-like database saving. The easiest one i found was the PersistentDB but even that was a little unclear, plus you have to run a .exe with it and it does not look like you can edit the database with it like you can with Navicat. I wish someone would write a program for running servers on Arma 3 that behaves like Dayz Control Center to simplify a lot of this as i learn about it. I would really like to get alot deeper into a project and start making mods for Arma 3 in the future, any help with this stepping stone would be appreciated. Thank you.

*EDIT* Hey! I thought i would come back here and share this with you since i found it, I am almost done making it work. I have my SQL Server connected, and I just need to edit my mission files now.

Hope this helps.

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Found fix

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