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[SP/MP] Dynamic Whole Map ArmA3 Missions by SaOk

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WLA: Amalgamation


A Dynamic Whole Map SP/COOP mission focusing on smooth performance, offering wide customization options and full freedom for gameplay in random generated world events that react on player's actions. Where ever you go, there is life and events to see depending local relationship values and what kind of enemy/friendly installations there happens currently to be. Capture factories, piers, power plants to get resources faster to custom build AI guarded guardposts with custom easy-to-use constructing system or spend it to call more support that you can high command if wanted. Or drive any land vehicle, chopper or plane, capturing dynamic generating zones around map. Keep local civilians happy by commiting tasks for them or turn them rioting by raiding villages for more resources. Experience the campaign long mission run by over 400 scripts that are constantly updated and expanded.

Situation on Altis is unclear, the last reports indicate Persian invasion. Greek have been unwilling to give us any intel yet, but is believed to prepare assault on the island to protect his army installations on the island. Your team will be sent there to investigate the island status for our knowledge.

Special Thanks:
-Victor "[FR] Helios" Ragot for Extra Music Tracks
-Benjamin "Jin" Pratt for Voice-Acting (WIP) in Civ Conversations
-"Zafjr" for Voice-Acting (WIP), intro voice, some civ-voices/soldier voices
-Elliott "Snaked" Jordan" for Voice-Acting (WIP) in Attack/Defend-events
-ss3goku0001 for Text Improvements
-Xephspacer for epic mission trailer


Change Log:

Download Addon to Enable Animal Sounds in WLA (OPTIONAL):
From DropBox

Download Addon to Enable Voice-acting and custom Music in WLA (OPTIONAL):
From Workshop
From DropBox
From withSix

Manual Installation: Put WholeLottaAltis.Altis.pbo to Missions-folder or COOPWholeLottaAltis.Altis MPmissions-folder in arma3 main folder (Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3)

Automatic MOD support
-The Eridanus Insurrection
-RHS Escalation
-Chernarus Conflict
-Iron Front
-PG Services

Supported Extra Maps So Far
-SMD Sahrani (smd_sahrani_a3.pbo),
-Podagorsk (FDF_isle1_a.pbo)
-Sahrani (sara.pbo)
-Panthera (panthera3.pbo)
-Isla Duala (isladuala3.pbo)
-Chernarus Summer

E.g. change pbo-filename to WholeLottaAltis.Chernarus.pbo

Download Single-Player version:
From DropBox
From Steam Workshop
From withSix
From ArmaHolic

Download COOP for 1-8 players:
From withSix
From Steam Workshop
From DropBox

Download COOP for 1-24 players:
From withSix
From Steam Workshop
From DropBox

Download COOP for 1-48 players:
From DropBox


Folder version of SP for editor:


Mission supports now all weapon addons/mods, giving the content randomly for AI units and player.







Whole Lotta Stratis








Persians have seized Stratis with suddent large scale assault. Greeks are unable to enter the island without our help. Your team is sent into the island to support armed locals and greeks against dominating enemy

Author: SaOk
Type: Arma3 Beta/ SP & COOP for 1-20 players
Mission version: 1.2 SP / 0.80 MP

Installation: Put SPWholeLottaStratis.Stratis.pbo to Missions-folder or co20_whole_lotta_stratis_v0_80.Stratis.pbo MPmissions-folder in arma3 main folder (Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3)

Optional Addons for SP version (mission works also without these):
RH PDW pack by RobertHammer
AS50 sniper rifle by HawK
NV and Thermal Optics Pack by Uncertain
M16A4 Example by ToadBall
Barret M107/M82 "Blackened" by g00d69
R3F French Weapons Pack by Team R3F
FHQ Accessories pack by Alwarren
FHQ M4 pack by Alwarren
Kalashnikov AK-47 [ALPHA] by hotshotmike1001
Kalashnikov RPK74 [bETA] by hotshotmike1001
MK18 Pack [bETA] by ardvarkdb
A3B Temporary Support Vehicles [bETA] by ][Niipaa

Download SP:
ArmaHolic Mirror (Older 1.0)
DropBox Mirror (1.2 version with UAV/UGVs)

Download COOP for 1-20 Players:
ArmaHolic Mirror (Version 0.80 - Works with any version of the game)
DropBox Mirror (Newer version 0.81)

Change Log COOP:


0.44 (COOP)
-New quickly respawing respawnpoint vehicles/chopper
-Much more AT-weapons/magazines in crates
-Enemy have now sniper "towers"
-Respawn point have some more cover
-Car removal near spawning point improved
-Other tweaks/fixes
0.45 (COOP)
-Added player markers
-Added accelerated time (default 1h is 12 ingame hours)
-Added changing weather (new values on every 10 minutes)
-Mission starts with random time (as default)
-More gear in crates (Optics, Suppressors)
-Some less vehicles, tweaked spawning/deleting times for vehicles
-Other fixes & tweaks
0.46 (COOP)
-Added "=BTC= Revive" by Giallustio (Thanks PawelKPL for showing me the way)
-Revive system have "moving respawn point"-mobile
-Playeable units divided to four 5 men groups
-FIX:Crates shouldnt be deleted anymore (If you add more, add this setvariable ["AmCrate",1]; into crate´s init box)
0.47 (COOP)
-Briefing should now work
-Random mortar no longer drop grenades on respawn
-Player is moved to respawn point if accidentally spawned into ocean
-Accelerated time should be smooth now
-Waypoints are now given to groups for nearest capture-able zone
-AI may use smoke sometimes
-AI team-leaders may call support sometimes
-AI Team-leaders use now vehicles to move between capture-able zones
-AI Team-leaders can spawn cars, unless set off in parameters
-Fixed: Waypoints was given only for first zone
-More important tweaks/fixes for AI team vehicle use
-Important fix in waypoint giving system
-New respawn location (I may add chooseable/random respawn point at some point)
-Capture-able zones reworked with more detailed positioning (no more soldiers in toilets)
-Added chopper pick up radio call for player led teams
-Fixed Crates
-Added Backpacks to crates
-Improved AI vehicle use (e.g. new stuck check)
-AI teams may use choppers sometimes to travel
-Performance Tweaks
-Other tweaks & fixes
-New parameter to set max fog
-New parameter to set AI aiming accuracy
-Many other fixes & tweaks, and some earlier additions now working
-Added "no AI vehicles"-mode for better stability in current alpha (default - enabled)
-Added "more infantry"-mode to compensate vehicles and for better servers (default - enabled)
-Other tweaks&fixes
-Crates cant be destroyed no more
-Added experimental live feed, for players, from nearby chopper (default - disabled)
-visible timer added for zone capturing (need to be less than 25m away from marker)
-Other fixes/tweaks
-Teamkillers are send to an island with increasing penalty time from each kill (default - enabled)
-Option to disable extra friendly AI life (default - disabled)
-Option to disable civilian/animal life
-19 new invisible infantry zones
-Added AI First Aid Support (v0.1.5) by DAP
-If extra friendlies are disabled, also zones have no more friendly life
-Some other tweaks
-Terrain Grid can be now set near respawn (unless set off in server)
-Improved player/AI markers
-AI vehicles/less units set on as default (for the new Alpha that seems to be stable now)
-Other tweak/fixes
-Added Headless Clients support (for up to 3)
-Much new parameters for Headless Clients
-Updated "=BTC= Revive" by Giallustio to latest
-Some performance tweaks
-Some other fixes and tweaks
-Client releated error fixes
-Added revive system by norrin (=BTC= Revive removed)
-Updated: AI First Aid Support by DAP to latest
-Marker colors should now display right for JIP-players
-DEV-version still REQUIRED to play
-Works with both Reqular & DEV Alpha
-HOTFIX: Removed removed script commands
-Removed revive system for now (missing removed script commands)
-Smoke signals now work to call chopper to land more near
-Calling help with smoke should work too
-Fog code updated & defaut max fog now is "dense"
-Some other tweaks/fixes
-Added/Enabled latest Norrin Revive script
-Contact-loop improvement
-Added Beta content (Playable units are blufor or green army)
-Norrin revive updated to latest version
-DAP first aid scripts is now enabled for enemies only
-Added animals
-Added alarms
-More vehicles
-New AI functions
-Other tweaks/fixes
-Much important tweaks/fixes
-Mission should be much less demanding for server now
-New respawn location
-Team-leaders are able to call gear drops
-Many functions from SP version of the mission added (fortresses, vehicle parachutes, infantry patrol brought with truck...)
-Revive system by norrin currently disabled (Will put it back once new version is out)
-Many other tweaks/fixes/additions
-DEV-Version required to play (until new vehicles are in basic version)
-New Tracked Vehicles added
-More tweaks/fixes for better performance

Change Log SP:


-Important performance tweaks
-Player can now skip time at campfire
-Respawn added with new location
-Much gear crates added
-Empty Choppers/Boats added
-Unwanted Team-members can be deleted (via radio)
-Other tweaks/fixes
-More performance tweaks
-AI shoot flares at night time
-Air/Land Support can be called via radio
-Custom Voices are disabled now when in vehicle
-Other tweaks/fixes
-Added AI First Aid Support by DAP
-Added BIS artillery support
-Much additions from COOP version
-Added WIP intro
-Ifrit classes changed for new alpha
-Near 10 new story-written tasks (Some are to unlock features) with new insertion
-New briefing/setting
-Many new functions (alarms, sealife, armed locals, livefeeds...)
-Custom scenery (wrecks, some added military structures)
-Much other fixes/tweaks/additions
-DO TO: Proper story/events for late game, more cutscenes, gear gathering, outro...
-KNOWN ISSUES (Current game bugs): Wierd intro filter, Messed colors (double click N)
-Much are still "Work In Progress", but mission should be playable from start to end
-Vests arent removed for armed locals (no longer low on ammo)
-Shipyard zone updated
-Enemy mortars/alarmed choppers are more rare
-More crates added to zones
-Invisible zone capture timer added
-All in Arma (AiA)-mod support (adds animals, corpse effects, music, tents from A2/OA)
-Custom AI function enabled (AI reacts on sounds/dead bodies with sounds/voices)
-AI Mortar some less acccurate
-Engineer comes with replacements
-HOTFIX: Removed script commands removed
-Some other small tweaks (bigger update coming later)
-New AI functions for camp/civilian-behaviour
-Added random weather loop (Dynamic weather script by Engima, removed)
-"AI First Aid Support by DAP" is disabled for player/player team
-AI set less accurate
-Some other tweaks and fixes
-"RH PDW pack" by RobertHammer added as optional addon
-"AS50 sniper rifle2" by HawK added as optional addon
-"NV and Thermal Optics Pack" by Uncertain added as optional addon
-"M16A4 Example" by ToadBall added as optional addon
-"Barret M107/M82 "Blackened"" by g00d69 added as optional addon
-"R3F French Weapons Pack" by Team R3F added as optional addon
-"FHQ Accessories pack" by Alwarren added as optional addon
-"FHQ M4 pack" by Alwarren added as optional addon
-Enemy/US reinforcements may arrive now from sea
-Enemy reinforcements may arrive now with air transport
-Added much empty vehicles/boats
-Added minefields
-"Sniper pack" content included (if detected)
-More civilian zones
-Surrendering conditions improved (for enemy)
-Other tweaks, additions and fixes
-REQUIREMENT: ArmA3 Beta (released 25th june) or dev-version
-Added Beta content (green army, new vehicles/units, music...)
-Some new tasks/scenery
-"Kalashnikov AK-47 [ALPHA]" by hotshotmike1001 added as optional addon
-Other tweaks, additions and fixes
-Reinforcements may arrive now also with land vehicle (+other fixes/tweaks)
-Submarine patrols added
-Some new populated fortifications added
-Sometimes certain groups arrive with parachutes (WIP)
-Car-alarm fixed
-"Kalashnikov RPK74 [BETA]" by hotshotmike1001 added as optional addon
-Many other tweaks/fixes
-First task location is now random (6 different)
-Second task location is now random (2 different)
-Insertion vehicle is now randomly boat or chopper
-Ambient Animals added
-Improved/expanded new intro
-New captureable placed houses/random houses on map with military camps/fireplaces/crates inside
-Added supply/vehicle parachute-drops
-New radio function to call gear drop
-Dropped vehicles now random in vehicle drop task
-Added birds and insects flying over dead bodies
-Included Briefing improvements by Khemitude (thank you)
-AI skill tweaks (random more human aimingaccuracy, aimingShake, aimingSpeed, spotDistance, spotTime for each soldier)
-Performance tweaks
-Savedgames should now always work (I had forgotten old Ka50 classname to break savedgames near airport)
-Commanche wreck task works again
-Other tweaks & fixes (inc. another harmless loadgame errors fixed)
-Pick Up drivers throw trash & stuff drop from back of the truck
-New function to move stucked team-members
-Worst issues with the new DEV-version solved
-Many other tweaks & fixes
-Trash may burst from back of the pickup when hitting the car to obstacle
-Infantry patrols may be brought by truck
-Enemy infantry is brought more often with vehicle to battle
-New dynamic blacklisting for enemy spawning for locations player have just been
-New possible location for first contact (also pick-up spawning positions tweaked for all)
-"MK18 Pack [BETA]" by ardvarkdb added as optional addon
-Unneeded vehicle patrol zones removed
-Other tweaks/fixes/additions
-DEV-Version required to play (until new vehicles are in basic version)
-New Tracked Vehicles added
-Some tweaks/fixes
-"A3B Temporary Support Vehicles [BETA]" by ][Niipaa added as optional addon (Adds extra task/supply lines)
-New small details (flags in camps, AI throws gemlights, civs drive quadbikes...)
-New fast dialog mode
-Task condition updates (optinal tasks may cancel, player is able to skip meet the locals task)
-At least one of the received US vehicles (in the task) have a turret now
-Custom voices/noises set louder
-Other tweaks & fixes (inc. engineer have now suppressor)
-DEV-Version required to play (until next official patch)
-High Commanding Enabled
-Infantry is now parachuting from chopper
-Guards for captured zones is brought with chopper
-Included latest DAP First Aid Script
-Custom voices/noises set less loud
-Few other tweaks/fixes
-DEV-Version required to play (until next official patch)
-New prestige value to buy support/gear/team-mates/vehicles from captured camps
-Local relationship values for civilian villages (bad news spread faster than good ones to other villages)
-Civilian relationship depend on civ casulties and nearby enemy losses (to be expanded later)
-Friendly villages have guarding civilians and possible special support for player (AA/AT-team, medic to be called via 5-1-1)
-New UI Elements for above stuff
-Disabled vehicles, left on road, have barries spawned around it
-Gear/vehicle-parachutes are spawned lower
-Less deadly sealife/mortars (WIP)
-Gear Drop Crate have always AT/AA-launcher
-Other tweak/fixes
-Note: New stuff still WIP. e.g. camp status have yet no meaning, also planning to create better system for unit purchasing
-Let me know if the UI is displayed wrong for you or you face other issues/have ideas for features.
-Added difficulty selection (alter prestige value rate, how fast enemy get new groups/how much enemy)
-Added ambient life amount selection (affects on performance)
-Enemy mortars can be disabled (including the task)
-Player can purchase mortar teams from captured camps (and use mortar fire via 0-8 menu)
-Player can purchase chopper transport from captured camps
-Various tweaks (inc. cost of various support)
-Added guardpost creating system
-New civilian conversation system (WIP)
-3 new dynamic tasks do to for civilians
-Dialogs, opened with key push, open now without struggle
-Infanty parachuting now correctly from choppers
-Important performance tweaks
-Much other tweaks/fixes
-Tweaks for armaholic release
-UAVs and UGVs added if player is using DEV-version of the game (or once the content is in non-DEV-version)
-Goats and new music track also added (for DEV-version of the game)
-New options to choose in start dialog
-New skip time dialog
-Other tweaks/fixes
-New team-mate system with stats, and conditions affecting on invidual skills
-Player can interact with team-mate's in multiple ways
-More units can be bought from camps
-Resting requires now nearby friendly camp

Note for COOP:
You can set daytime via parameters. Currently you cant skip time ingame.

Key Features WIP (Some of the stuff coming only where there is more content available):
-Dynamic mission using whole Stratis map
-Dynamic life generator for enemy/friendly units (patrols, scouts, camps, towers, slow/fast
-reinforcements, support vehicles)
-Enemy groups communicate to track player's position, offering still change to flee unnoticed
-Random positioned dynamic tasks to give different feeling for the mission every time
-Much optional, but meaningful tasks included
-All tasks have effect on generating scripts or/and bigger tasks
-Difficulty level goes slowly higher during progress
-Random events
-Much improved heavy dynamic civilian/animal ambient life
-Many Custom gameplay elements (Smoke signals, dynamic reinforcements...)
-Friendly AI groups fighting with player depending on relationship values
-Made with Perfomance Friendly Methods

3rd Party Scripts & Thanks:
-AI First Aid Support by DAP (COOP/SP)
-Revive System by Norrin (COOP)

Extra Thanks:
-SavedByGrace (US battleshouting/AI function voice-overs) (SP version)
-Rejenorst (US battleshouting) (SP version)
-Accelerated Time feature was heavily inspired of TAW_Tonic's MP Fast time FSM. (COOP version)

Coming in later versions:
-Better tasks, more features, cutscenes, story...

Old videos:



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+1 cant wait for the coop one keep up the good work :D

Edited by Placebo
No need to quote whole text for one line reply
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The Sa0k strikes back! looking forward to see what your talent gonna make out of Arma 3 :)

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Thanks everyone, :) I am currently lowering the unit amounts some bit which seems to make the mission more smooth. Update coming very soon with other new stuff/features.

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Hopefully for the coop version there will be a respawn script and perhaps some gear or customization for the singleplayer version. Hate relying on my friendly AI to take down armour.

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There will be base respawn in the next version (to compensate the more poor savegame system in MP), also much gear crates and rest at campfire function.

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Hi SaOk,

thanks for the mission! I have a little problem. I wanted to play it as sp mission and put it in missions folder......but doesnt find it in the ingame menu?

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Hello and thanks,

there isnt yet SP mission list. You need to put the pbo file into MPmissions folder and play it from multiplayer lobby. Once they add the SP menu, the mission should work in the old way too.

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looks great, can't wait for COOP version, definitely give it a shot, thanks! Keep up the great work dude!

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New version 0.41 is here with important performance tweaks and new additions. See the first post.

Change Log:


-Important performance tweaks

-Player can now skip time at campfire

-Respawn added with new location

-Much gear crates added

-Empty Choppers/Boats added

-Unwanted Team-members can be deleted (via radio)

-Other tweaks/fixes

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Great to see you're already into ArmA 3 SaOk! I've always enjoyed your missions and campaigns! :)

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would it be possible for some sort of vehicle request feature. sometimes it'd be useful to be able to bear down with some heavier firepower? just curious as I'm really enjoying this mission!

thanks for your effort and producing such a decent mission so quickly :)

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Thanks, and sure I could add something like that. I have the smoke signal scripts already in the mission to havent yet tested if the old smokegrenade class names work. When throwing smoke, nearby friendly groups (infantry and vehicles) should head at you. I will check it and also add some heavier support that player could call (arty, fighter choppers, maybe mg vehicles). The transport choppers dosent yet work, there is no invisble helipads to order AI pilot to land and no parachutes.

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Hi and thanks, :) I am using the lighter (but less detailed) BIS patrol script and my own scripts to move AI. But I may revisit that script some point.

New version is coming soon. I disable now simulation for more far alone units which increase FPS some bit. Also AI shoots flares at night time (which look absolute awesome now in A3) and there is air support. Going to add some more new stuff before releasing.

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I spawn the units instead of catching. There is normally 50-80 units in the mission at the same time. In the next version, I have also distance check (different distance depending if there unit is civilian/soldier, in house or not) disabling simulation for certain units. I plan to add also a check if player is facing at the units direction or not.

For me the FPS is now very smooth outside of the village and especially outside of the airfield (which is stuttering quite bad). Also I noticed the in-house units are spawned mostly in wc´s there, going to fix that. :D

Edit: I will try to add that Headless client thing for the coop version which will also support dedicated server.

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