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British Armed Forces: Bowman Radio System - an ACRE plugin

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BETA v0.1 RELEASED 1/1/2013


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This simple add-on provides the British Army Bowman Radio System for use with British Armed Forces units and vehicles. Using the ACRE system, API and code base this addon can be dropped into any mod folder deemed appropriate. Fully compatible with ACRE of course! ACRE is required.


* Three Man Pack ACRE Radios and Three Portable ACRE Radios all with fully functioning GUI

UK/PRC-343 Personal Role Radio (v1.4)

UK/PRC-CLR 2W Commanders Lightweight Radio (Harris 7800S-TR)

UK/PRC-354 5W VHF portable radio

UK/PRC-325 15W HF man pack radio (Harris 5800H-MP - similar to PRC117f)

UK/PRC-355 5W man pack radio

UK/PRC-356 16W man pack radio

* One Airborne ACRE Radio

UK/ARC-341 10W VHF airborne radio for air-ground communication (40W amplification)

* BAF, UKF and VCB Vehicles now contain rack mounts and already included radios!

UK/VRC-357 (UK/PRC-355/356 Vehicle Mounts)

UK/VRC-358 (UK/PRC-356 Vehicle Rack (20W))

UK/VRC-359 (UK/PRC-356 Vehicle Rack (50W))

RT/1744 (UK/ARC-341 Airborne Radio (40W) in the Merlin/Chinook/Wildcat /Harrier)

* Dynamic lighting effects on dialog including

Dialog is darker when experiencing low light levels

Dialog includes NVG effect to maintain immersion

Back-lit LED display to enable in low-light environments

* Fully functioning Bowman GUI

Select from 10 preset channels

Select 10 different ComSec keys to secure comms

Select power range

View GPS information

View Time information

Adjustable volume

Turn radio on or off

Easter Eggs!

* Increased/realistic pack capacities/weights for man pack radios


* UI is only working correctly with 16:9 aspect ratio, 16:10 is slightly off, 4:3 and 5:4 suffer from vertical offset - working on fixing this

* Dynamic lighting isn't always quite correct level of lighting

* Man pack and radio models not included yet


All CREDIT to Nou, Jaynus and the rest of the ACRE team for an awesome mod. The code is covered by the IDI/ACRE copyright and EULA.

Thanks to Red, Friznit, Gunny, OREX and VCB for testing/technical advice


* CBA - Community Base Addons (not included)

. http://dev-heaven.net/wiki/cca

* JayArmA2Lib (Included with ACRE)

. http://dev-heaven.net/projects/jayarma2lib/wiki

* ACRE v1.4

. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?133891

* NOTE this does NOT replace or affect any current ACRE radios


* Unzip folder into your root Arma 2 folder

* Files are installed into @Bowman folder

* TUP.bikey provided for MP server play


* Can be found here


* Please post any issues to this thread.

* You should note that the radios often require line of sight so please don't post if you are having radio transmission/reception issues etc. Check the documentation for expected ranges (and note these are maximums in best possible conditions with the highest power settings, correct frequencies and line of sight)


* You can download Bowman Radio System v0.1 Beta here


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BETA Released

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Nicely done :)

Question: Is the latest version of ACRE required, or can an older version be used? At the moment 16AA are using a build behind the latest version!

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Added two new radios!

UK/PRC-325 - Long range HF radio (aka PRC117f - adjusted for BAF use, increased pack capacity, slightly lower weight)

UK/ARC-341 - An airborne VHF radio for air-ground comms, accessed using the RT1477 interface - included on BAF/VCB/UKF aircraft

Updated the first post...

also another pic



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http://i48.tinypic.com/2928ykw.png (1443 kB)

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Added the new PRC 343 v1.4 as UK/PRC-343, range is up to 1km.

Added the new British Commanders Lightweight Radio (based on the Harris 7800S TR) as the UK/PRC-CLR. This "compliments" the very unpopular 354, it's lighter, smaller, although range is only around 2km.

Added a new ACRE BAF crate too.

Field testing continues, hoping to release before Xmas.

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All good.

At the moment we're in testing phase to ensure the range of the radios is accurate.

For those of you interested, here's the basic documentation - https://docs.google.com/document/d/19zj_wlXsq1kpiz_9s6GUApWBKoOtv1sSh50kgLGb1EM/edit

All the code is written, so just need to complete testing and then i'll release it.

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Awesome, don't suppose you'd be interested in doing some clansman radio sets at a later date for those of us into the older kit?

Nicely written instruction manual :)

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Continues to look amazing! Very proud to see people developing content for ACRE! :)

Hopefully future ACRE updates will allow even better additions to be made (and more easily)!

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If you need any help testing dude my clan will be willing to help do some heavy testing for you :)

Hope you had a good Christmas anyway!

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