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Jedra's No Radar Addon

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Jedra's No Radar Addon

This does exactly what it says on the tin and removes the on screen radar from Take On Helicopters.


You can download the addon from my server using the following link;


Required Addons



Download , extract the archive and place @jed_removeRadar into your Take on Helicopters root folder.

You can then either;

1. Add the mods to you -mod switch in your shortcut,

2. Use the in-game expansion menu to activate them (will require a game restart).

3. Use your favourite launcher in the normal way. I use Six Updater - it is very good!

The weapon indicator will initialise automatically, you don't need to do anything to turn it on in game.


Should work in any version of Take On Helicopters with or without the Hinds DLC.

Works in multiplayer. Remember - only you will have the radar removed unless the other players also use this addon!


Thanks to BIS for making yet another awesome game.

Thanks to the BI Forums community for your support, knowledge and dedication to making BI games the best in the business.

Thanks to my familly for letting me waste far too much time on BI products!


None that I know of, but please let me know if you find any or have a feature request

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Thanks SB - took you about 35 seconds after I posted - that's a record!!
:D Gotto keep the record up :D

Congrats on another release btw!

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Interesting, but what will heappen now If iam get lased by some AA?

Will I still hear a sound? I guess the real Indicator of the hind dont work or am I missing something?

sry for the bad english.

Thx for the mod!

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All this mod does is remove the display of the radar. All functions remain as they are and no new functions were added. Some people were pointing out that the radar was not something they wanted to see in Expert mode, so I removed it!

As for making the actual indicator work, this is something for someone with more skills than I have at the moment or for BIS. I guess for the community to make the radar work, they will need access to the cockpit model, which we don't have at the moment.

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