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I'm excited to finally release Celle 2!


MBG Celle 2 (237MB)

Alternative #1

Download Patch #1:

(To install just overwrite old files)

Patch #1 (29MB)

Changelog #1:

  • Removed concrete barriers from Autobahn to stop AI confusion
  • Removed Vegetation that was too close to Runways
  • Moved Celle back into northern hemisphere
  • Fixed fences in Bergen
  • Some forests have clearer edges


MBG Buildings 3:




- authentic recreation of a massive landscape in Lower Saxony, Germany

- 39 highly detailed settlements

- Autobahn 7

- Bergen-Hohne Training Area

- Fully destructable bridges

- Two big airports

- Many new usable structures (Hangars, Barracks, Observation posts, road signs...)

- ~150 sqKm in size

Please note that this terrain was started from scratch, so it will not be compatible with missions made on my previous Celle terrain.

As usual, pictures are better than words, so here are 19 of them:







Map View

More #1

More #2

More #3

More #4

More #5

More #6

More #7

More #8

More #9

More #10

More #11

More #12


Mikero for his awesome tools

DeeKay for helping me assemble some of the many road signs

GalComT for providing me with reference material and pictures

All of the TF-141 personnel that helped me testing and finding bugs

Enjoy, it's time to let the Cold War in through the German front door!

Initial WIP announcement:


finally time to give this project it's dedicated thread:

For quite some time now I heard from different people that my old Celle map is actually being used, and that they'd like a remake if I ever got around doing so. One day I decided: "Now is the time!" and I went on and started on Celle 2. This project will be slightly bigger than the previous Celle terrain, but also incorporate a larger area of real world terrain.

Project info:

  • 12.28km x 12.28km
  • Two airports (ETHC & ETHS)
  • The Autobahn 7
  • Many many small villages and town
  • New bridges with destruction animations
  • AI daring across those bridges
  • More detailed villages
  • Vast open areas of meadows and fields
  • rugged forests with the occasional clearing
  • Rather flat terrain with some rolling hills
  • One big river splitting the map into two halves

My goal is to release this mid-end April. It's a fairly realistic estimate as all that's left for me to do is to place buildings + detail.

Click on the pictures to get higher quality versions:

a> <a  href=http://mondkalb.org/celle2wip/mbg_Celle2_wip_3_2_th.jpg' alt='mbg_Celle2_wip_3_2_th.jpg'>


Here an overview over what it is in the real world, and what it will be ingame:


I'll keep this thread updated.

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Your awesome, we used the old verion of Celle on one of the RP servers we had played at. The Dev team and most of the players loved its size and variation of territories, The Owner did not like it and Banned us how ever :( we still enjoy it though and are gearing up for a new mission release to our own community Many Thanks again.


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Awesome, i can't wait to see the Autobahn in game. Thank you for your hard work, Celle is one of my favorite maps :)

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I loved the first celle, second ones going to be beast! How well do the AI React to the roads? If they did perfectly... The possibilities!

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reminds me of Wargame..hells highway or something like that

Couldn't be truer, because the "Hells Highway" map is actually A7 as well and that terrain is situated just a few kilometers south of Celle. In the second mission of Wargame: EE you can see that one of the villages is labeled "Burgdorf". Just look it up. :)

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Oh hell yea.

Mad CWR2 battles on here brosaurus.

Engineers have again something else to do than just repair vehicles! Thanks Mondkalb, looks awesome!

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