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Blocky textures on grass and blurry textures

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Hi guys i am having problems with arma 2,i keep get blocky textures on grass and on vehicles,i have a ati hd 6950,when i zoom in the grass and on vehicles the textures look ok but normal they look terrible,i also have the same problem with tree,s,if i stand beside a tree the textures look fine but as i slowly walk back the get worse and worse same problem with the vehicles,i have changed ATOC to 0 and the problem is still there,my brother is having the same problem he also has the same grapics card,i have the latest drivers also,anyone else have this problem?:mad::mad:Here is a video showing the grapics problem


my system specs are

i7 720

6 gig of ddr 3 ram

ati hd 6950

ex58-udr3 mobo

1 TB hdd

Game settings,all mostly on high anti-aliasing on low

Resolution 1900x1200

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