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[SP] Training Camp

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A single mission for Operation Flashpoint v1.96

Created by CrisBal

e-mail: crisbal_tenerife@hotmail.com


Version history:

1.0 First release

1.1 Bug with the extraction chopper fixed and sound effects improved


Mission description::

Supposed terrorist training camp where you must grab information, eliminate

all the hostile units and call the air force to destroy the camp if proceed.

Possibles hostages ?

Language: English

Island: Afghanistan Revisited v.1.2 SE

Mission download link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21219443/afg_training_camp_v.1.1.catintro.rar



All AddOns download link: http://depositfiles.com/files/2ducwuajy

Required AddOns:


CAT Afghanistan Revisited v.1.2 SE






conflict zone mindanao philipines forces




Kawasaki cr250a








OFP Blood Effects 1.4








UpdatebaloonsPack v.0.95




Scripts used:

Cluster Bombing Script by Student Pilot

Guns on table script by Killerbob [GST]


Known Bugs: None


Sorry for the heavy addons but I've made this mission as accurate as the real life if possible.

Screenshots: Inside the .zip file

Thanks any comments

Edited by bohemi
New mission's download link

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Not really into counter insurgency/afghan missions but thought I would give this a go, however it seems the addons file is corrupt :/

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Wow this mission has so much Add-ons :O

Yeah thats why I wanted to give it a try, downloading hundreds of addons sucks but vanilla ofp is just a wee bit to ugly (and to be fair everyone has played the vanilla units to death) and most of the best unit replacement mods break the shit out of bis and user missions alike.

The singleplayer campaign mod Im making uses nearly a gig's worth of addons and I will shave it down a bit so the bulk download isnt as painfull but meh if you want an awesome looking mission your gonna need some awesome addons to go with it.

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Good news Ive got an ofp mission marathon ahead of me tonight .

Edit: God I hate the host you use.

Edited by mrmoon

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Ok here is my review.

Now this a mission that makes use of many, many, many various addons fortunately the author has saved us a great deal of time by providing ALL nessacary addons in one download.

The idea of unzipping all those rar files into one mod folder seems a little daunting and you will wonder if it is worth the time and personally I feel it is and I'm not even a massive fan of counter insurgency missions.


The mission begins with me and my team riding a blackhawk enroute to the combat zone. As we near the LZ I can see the target camp and the smoke cover our boys have provided. As the chopper begins to land a small group of insurgents charge out of the smoke and begin peppering the side of our blackhawk with small arms fire killing two of my seal team members before they themselves are mown down by the blackhawks slow to react door gunner.

We are inserted near some tall rocks to the left is a hill that seems to overlook the enemy camp I decide to take the hill as the frontal route to the camp looks suicidal.

From the hill we take up owerwatch over the camp and begin laying down some serious fire on the inhabitants, I also have a much better view of the objective from here the camp is almost like a small village made up of various primitive stone houses with a large clearing filled with long grass in the middle. There are a number of figures dotted about the village I see groups of insurgents darting in and out of cover and a small convoy of vehicles attempts to make a break for it but its utterly destroyed by my squads superior fire power.

After picking off more then a dozen insugents and expending half my ammo I break cover and flank left towrards the nearest stone house, team close behind. I order my squad to take up overwatch in the village sqaure as I creep through a large hole in the wall of the first building.

After exploring a few buildings my team spots hostiles on the hills behind the camp and begins hammering the hillside where insurgent gunmen and vehicles are. While my team are putting fire on the hillside I explore the camp a diverse group of assailants lie at my feet taliban, generic looking insurgents, chechens and what I assume are philipino jihadists. While working my way around the permimeter a strange but typical ofp moment takes place, a man wearing a western syle military unifrom emerges from a wall then proceeds to patch me up then disapears again. There are a few more insurgents left in the vil, I explore buildings, gather inteligence and free hostages. An insurgent mortar team sets up in the hills and Im not quick enough to stop them getting a round off that crashes into the center of the camp and kils my radio man. After dealing with the mortar I gather some more intel then exit the camp and call in the airstrike.

The bomber takes a while to arrive but gives us quite a firework show once it gets there, several secondary explosions rip through the camp as many of the arms caches I had earlier dicovered ignite.

Now I call in the extraction chopper and this is the first and only major bug I found.

You see the first time I called the chopper in the pilot felt a strange urge to be one with the other chopper picking up bravo team, he came into bravos chopper sideways in a mid air colision destroying both choppers and completley wiping out bravo team who where waiting below.

I tried again but this time the chopper touched down for a second before leaving us high and dry to make the final objective on foot. (what a dick)


This mission makes good use of most of the addons it requires however even I feel a few of them where a tad unessacary, none the less I highly recommend this mission just for its epic, realistic feel and give it a 9 out of 10.

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First of all thanks for playing my mission. Well I'm working to improve the problem with the rescue helicopter... Meanwhile I recommend you to order your team to board the first chopper closing in to your position... it will take you to an extra hidden objective.:j: I also recommend you to wacht out for who is leaving the area in the last vehicle (Blue 4x4 Ford)...:j:

About the large number of AddOns used... hmm well I have to perfect my way of making missions.

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Yeah don't get me wrong I loved the incredible amount of new objects,units, scripts etc it makes the whole thing a fresh experience its just I think using chechens, taliban and the generic me rebels would of been enough as the philipines addon looks quite large (unless you are philipino in which case I totally understand why you put it in).

I shot the 4x4 to peices but never looked inside (was it osama?).

And I made it to the final objective (the squad under fire from insurgent vehicles) but had to scale the mountin on foot lol.

I tried getting into both choppers but something went wrong both times :/ maybe it was just me having the draw distance turned right up and slowing things down.

But like I said it was a great mission.

And oh yeah if you work on it anymore you could make an intro and and outro I think the mission would really benefit from it.

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Just give it a go keep a night free and try it out ;)

I know its a ton of addons a ridiculous amount but its a pretty decent mission despite its few flaws and if we want to keep ofp going and going we need to keep playing.

If we stop playing and reporting others missions we stop people playing our missions and then we all stop wanting to make anything.

Lets give ofp another jolt and keep it alive at least another two years XD

Edit: Also don't forget single missions are not necessarily over in a heartbeat some people make missions that seem like they should be part of a campaign and others make em that could be mini campaigns themselves.

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#mr moon : You're right that we keep alive OFP. We need to create a mission. I myself am trying to make my mission had little addons. Understand any weapon or addon pack NECESSARY for the story missions. But not 700 Mb. This is more than the original game.

I Tried here to download this mission, but still I did not start. (missing addons). Mission to a much-needed addons too many people withdraw. With the author simply has to count. Good missions can be created with a few addons and the best (WTWE, WET, DOWN, THREE KINGS, HAWK IN NETS). All addons were three times less than the mission.

@autor of mission

I do not work from the author's mission to deter, but to support him. In simplicity lies the beauty. Continue in the work of missions and let it go through the head with those addons (autor)

(sorry for my english)


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All those AddOns will be useful for my upcoming missions (3 projects)... Anyway thanks for yours "support". Keep on working on fixing some minor bugs... See yah

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I agree with don't let to play ofp, and test missions for another ofp fans or members, but I don't think so 700mb in addons be necessary for one mission. Remember, some people don't like missions with too addons, I don't say for me, but for another people. There are some people with a internet so slowly, and I'm sure they won't download it.

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