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Bohemia Interactive games catalogue now available on Desura service, 50% off discount

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desura.png We are happy to announce availability of our games via online distribution service Desura





Desura, ModDB & IndieDB are owned by DesuraNet Pty Ltd (Australia based company) as integrated network chain

I hope our ARMA modding community will follow to there

and help www.Desura.com / www.ModDB.com team setup some mods for download/patching via theirs online service




let our user and fan base grow! :cool::D


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Do they use some kind of DRM/the need to download dedicated software?

no DRM except the usual used by us on Sprocket (AlternativA etc.)

ARMA games are w/o any DRM

theirs application is similar to STEAM and ImpulseDriven client yet it also supports and delivers mods for many games

e.g. Homeworld 2, Civilization 5, Mount & Blade and many others...

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The big question is does it have to be running to play games acquired through it like Steam?

The website looks nice and most of the games I'm seeing on the front page are marketed directly to me :)

The thing I liked about it the most was the mod support for games. That feature looked amazing.

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You don't need Desura to run the games, it works mainly as centralized downloader, updater and runner (if you want it to be)

also i would like to point out that Desura is official partner of popular Humble Indie Bundle, same as STEAM is ...

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(bit of a struggle figuring out where to ask this)

I really want to get "arma-cold war assault" but can not with the cell data caps.

So does sprocket allow you to download the files on a friends cable connection and transfer them to my computer and install them|.

Their site in one place states that you download and run a downloader

that downloads and INSTALLS the game.

Another example show installing a game by downloading the files and

them running the game installer..... meaning I could take the files to my

computer and install them there (?)

Gamergate clearly states that you can move and install their files so I may

use them.

Sprocket is very unclear on this.

Thoughts very welcome!


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yes, you can.

You don't need their software to get the files, you can download them from FTP provided when you buy it.

In any case, I have A2 retail (and the obvious personal digital backup allowed), but i have OA and the DLCs from sprocket.

Now, once you download those files, you can put them someplace safe (say DVD, externa HDD, usb drive), so you don't need to download them off sprocket each time you change your PC, format etc...You can move them around (you are allowed to install them on 1 PC according to eula)

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