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Evolution for Lingor released

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done - looks like an ACE conflict to me

well we have completed the mission now 3 times this week and it is hard but fun.

main error seems to be the T menu displayvendor message which Blazes fixed before so I'll port in the script changes for this.

Haven't tested the side missions extensively. That's the next task. Assassination needs some detailing as the current location of the sniper spot is too high

any other bugs to report?

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and again - spaced out the choppers in base as the KA60 seems to bounce a lot when it respawns

added new PMC weapons to ammo crate and the armoured SUV and KA60 variants

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arggh the PMC ka60's when they respawn ALWAYS respawn on their roofs andthen bounce up in the air and then explode when they land. they can set off a chain reaction, destroying every vehicle within 100m :(

must be a bug in their model or something. they make a rubble pile and a burning wreck and then whe nthey respawn they seem to bounce off the rubble, turn upside down, go 20m in the air then crash down with a hell of a bang, and it goes on over and over again for like months...

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its currently running on the 506th server

we were having T menu issues (some not working at all (sniper i think) and many times everyone got the T menu when one clicked it)

blackscreen-outs when others joined for about 3 to 5 seconds for the first 5 minutes of play

massive amounts of base raping AI air assets sporadically

AT character had issues planting his arty occasionally (would be hard as hell to get it close to the ground)

It's still fun as hell not to mention hard as hell, but it would be nice to have longer reinforcement times.

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great feedback. there are some issues here we are working on, others I can suggest a fix...

T menu works fine now - we've been tweaking it to get rid of the displayvendor error message. Some people use T for other things (e.g. in ACE) so Blazes added it as a radio option. However the radio option comes up on all players screens - we need to make it client only.

the black screen is a pain. it happens usually to the last player to join, when someone else joins after them. not sure why. think it's part of the intro that needs making client only somehow.

AI air assets - On lingor it is too small so you get a lot of air traffic near base. There is a variable to reduce this but it is currently disabled. We will reinstate this soon.

AT character making a static weapon - make sure he has his PRIMARY weapon (rifle) equipped, if he has rocket or pistol out then it is positioned above the barrel of the rifle on his shoulder! (pointing up instead of in front of player) - We have also recently fixed the bug that makes you fly off if you accidentally mount it when it's being placed, but it's only a basic workaround for now.

For enemy troops the reinforcement times of 5 mins are actually a lot longer because a randomised factor is used as well. Set them in the parameters menu at mission start. There will be a working one for air units soon....

do you fuind the KA60 bounces on the rubble patch and keeps exploding?

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We're using the 3.1 version and i hanv't seen a bouncing ka50.

Problem we had;

The halo didn't work for the most part, people would just fall from the sky while standing up. We did have a few guys who said it worked.

I couldn't figure out how to make the entire group know which side mission was going on. I thought I had remembered this being in the arma1 version, maybe I'm mistaken.

What we have felt it might need is proper supply vehicles for things like mortars and the like. ALso the weather system seems a bit too fast, possibly making the storm systems larger and more spread out in general might reduce the 15 rainstorms a day feeling

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here's the proof - the ka60 spawns then bounces way up in the air


then crashes down and explodes, taking out any vehicles paced near it


this, despite many other helicopters respawning without a problem

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Again, awesome mission eggbeast, thx for the great session. Sorry didtn make it afterwards.

What amazes me the most is the perfect performance in combination with Lingor. It runs better than the old Evo Blue on Sahrani. :)

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yeah. we've just got a few more fixes to work in and then we'll re-port the mission to takistan, sahrani, lingor, chernarus, duala, panthera and lowlands, with blue, red and modded (weapons, vehicles & units) versions = 21 missions in all.

there are not many bugs left to fix now.

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I couldn't figure out how to make the entire group know which side mission was going on. I thought I had remembered this being in the arma1 version' date=' maybe I'm mistaken.


That would be excellent or if only one slot could complete the side missions be it SAR dude or something. Can get messy when people starting side missions and not completing them.

Another suggestion for Lingor is randomise the order of the towns, we find we take a town and then move to a certain position for the next town very linear.

Another suggestion is port it to Fallujah :)

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we tend to do a town then some side missions to break it up

you need a teamspeak/ventrilo based squad to do side missions properly - ideally the commander (with his spawnable recon hq spawn point) should lead.

the public can assault the city with MHQ ambulance and leave you to it.

that's the way we tend to play anyway...

anyone over 18 is welcome to join us in teamspeak to play side missions any night of the week - xfire me for details to drop into the server and say hi

is fallujah big enough for evo? never downloaded it

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is fallujah big enough for evo? never downloaded it

It could work if you setup a smaller number of capture areas in different parts of the big city. (N, S, W ,E and maybe 4 outside the city in NW, SW, NE, SE) So 8 areas might be a good number.

Its very big.

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Evolution Lingor rearmed released


removed IED script that was spamming the RPT

added in RH weapons and typhoon

KSK and PMC troops

new spy class

with the added GDT helicopter fix, you can scan the jungle from above in the apaches, cobras, hinds and wildcats using nightvision and thermal gun camera from the pilot seat


Arma2 Combined Ops

mission file

Island Lingor v1.1 (Jan 2011)


also requires these 3 (listed on armaholic page for the island):






remember just the @CBA folder = delete the @CBA_OA or @CBA_A2 variants - these are for people without combined ops installed






RH_M4/M16 rearmed















Typhoon GR4:


This addon is required by all RKSL aircraft. It currently provides a new Chaff and Flare simulation for RKSL aircraft.







Typhoon sound (optional)


RUG_DSAI dynamic sound for AI - so you can hear them talking to each other - reduces their surprise factor


note: it comes with these files:







I only use these as the mission is initialised so they shout in arabic:





GITS mixed fix pack

Blazes weapons & fixes is our pack of other peoples' mods which make life more interesting - we have edited some of them to update them to OA etc:



--Blazes' weapons mod (laser lock javelin, 2 rnd M136, 5 round mags of grenades for the UGL/ M79, Egg's much tougher MP5SD, etc)

--realistic and terrifying tracer mod

--GDT hellfire/TOW/ chopper mods - working hellfires in pilot seat that follow your eye-laser

--Satchels that can be attached to vehicles or thrown

-- fix that stops your character doing weird evasion moves or stops his gun sticking in doorways when you're trying to get into cover

--Nightvision fix - gives much better all-round vision for playing at night

--samaritans high visibility waypoint - helps to avoid friendly fire incidents

--GDT Mi24 mod - allows the hind to see and lock enemy much further away

--zgb vapourtrails - makes the planes look cool

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