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  2. I've practically finished two, I'm just in a black hole of endless tinkering and testing now. 'Village Sweep' was quite straightforward; outside of the class name substitutes there was only one piece of Arma 2 code that didn't work. 'An Eye For an Eye' is superficially very simple (played many times down the years, a nice 15 minute mission) but on looking there is a lot going on. Many lines of dialogue, and it took me a while to understand that ArmA 2 single player still runs <code>initJIPcompatible.sqf </code> which contained the majority of the mission scripting. <code>init.sqf<code> by contrast was a zero-length file. There were also numerous calls using 'MPframework' which does not exist anymore, so all the tasks and kbTell dialogue had to be converted to <code>remoteExec</code>, all of which is totally new to me so it was an interesting if frustrating exercise. The other thing is ArmA 3 plays a little differenty, with more aggressive AI, longer spotting distances, and no revive for single player (this is a big second-chance giver) so it makes me think about some balancing, but I've decided to completely leave it alone and unchanged. I'll try and get these released in the next few days, then I will do some more.
  3. Thx cosmic10r i hopefully fixed the small errors, i've uploaded a new version. Btw i did left out the pilot fishes becouse the where to static.
  4. Adding an Ostentatious Sale Section Can Rise Your Website Sales

    Great. I'm not sure about the camouflage colour though, that's too common, i'm sure my wife would prefer pearl grey or taupe.
  5. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1129

    There is no such option, at least no in the new sound system. The old one separated between each sort of material (wood, Stone, Metal and so on) but the new one has just "SoundSetExplosion" and that handles everything by controllers, and there is no such controller to separate materials. At least not that I know.. There is a list with current controllers and where they get applied. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Sound:_SoundControllers These errors can be tweaked. The last CTD is probably caused by the looping sounds of the gatling cannon. Do you play in 64bit? That might also have an impact. I get these things tweaked asap. LJ
  6. @pokemon77 Hi! First of all, thank you for your feedback. It's what I need the most to make the mod even better. Please keep them coming! Actually I noticed this issue a couple of times but couldn't reproduce the it again so I thought it's probably not important. Fortunately, I know what causes this issue. I think you know some scripting so I better explain a little. I need to make sure both those units ordered to move somewhere and also those who follow you will follow their previous order after they fire on your signal. So I use currentCommand to detect what orders are given to the unit, and then, if it's equal to " " (meaning he's following you) or "MOVE" I check his expectedDestination to tell him where to move, depending on whether he's the formLeader or not. E.g If you tell 5 soldiers to move to a location, one of them will take charge of this new "sub-group", which is why sometimes you here your subordinates bossing each other around! (such as saying "3 - return to formation"). This combination of formLeader and expectedDestination apparently has some exceptions that I forgot to take into account (caused by unit status changing to "Ready", I think). Long story short, it's caused by the ARMA engine reporting the wrong destination for those units in the sub-group, i.e if you tell one unit to fire on your lead then this issue won't happen. I think I can find a workaround. I'll add it in the next release. I didn't have time to check out VanZant's mod, that's why I went with my own imagination of what a "copy my stance" feature should be like! (it's actually kind of similar to ASR AI) Also, I added this feature without thinking about every possible situation! (such as the one you described) I'll definitely improve it in the next release. As for adding it to the 7 key submenu, I still don't know how to do it! But hopefully it's not gonna be too hard to add. If I can find a way to add it, I'll probably use yet another cba setting to make sure everyone's happy! Actually, I've already added something to the menu that was supposed to address issues with the situation you described here (namely, Unit Targeting, under "Set ROE"). I didn't realize turning off AutoCombat can also be helpful! I'll add it in the next release. Thanks for the tip! Also, note that you can customize the keybindings to your liking, no matter what I choose! It's under OPTIONS > CONTROLS > CONFIGURE ADDONS > All in One Command Menu. I personally prefer three-key combos, if you will. (it's because I already use lots of two key combos! it can also avoid accidental key presses) As for "force move", I don't recall seeing this feature in WW AI Menu. Don't worry I've already got your gift wrapped up!!! LOL P.S: Sorry if it was too long! I can get too chatty sometimes! LOL
  7. United States Air Force( 2015)

    Thanks brother. Trust me the wait is more than worth it
  8. Ravage Mod

    My advice : don't lose sight of that. Keeping everyone happy is impossible, and if you start worrying about every single complaint thinking you can address them, you'll lose your mind - especially on Steam, where the most vocal people aren't necessarily aware of the work involved behind playable content. I keep my ears open to every comments and ideas (it would be stupid of me to believe I can think of everything alone), but ultimately, whatever change I make to my mods or missions are ones I deem necessary or fun from my point of vue. Just keep your own goal in mind, there'll always be content and discontent whatever you do. :)
  9. Take eventhandler could work as well. Cheers
  10. Adding an Ostentatious Sale Section Can Rise Your Website Sales

    Certainly, you can opt for standard or express delivery. We'll even throw two Rpg-29s together with the cassette player, why have fun alone when you can do it as a couple. That's actually one of our family-friendly mottos. Oh and if you order one now we can add you on a select list where you can buy a ZSU-23-4 Collectors Edition at half price when we get them in stock.
  11. Good job. Way to perservere. So how will you find the mortars with a trigger condition? items? assignedItems? weapons? backpackItems?
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  13. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Would'nt it be a good idea to release them one by one for testing and feedback? Then when the last one is tested compile them together in a campaign file. Looking forward to your new missions!
  14. Laws of War DLC Leaflets

    Can someone help me? simple situation. I want to fire trigger or make variable true after player read the leaflet. Do someone see some solution? thanks
  15. [WIP] Great White Shark

    Hi B@Co Thank you so much for this... it is in a word... outstanding... just had a little play in a bay and got attacked... they are simply fantastic... small error report Again.. simply amazing... I can't wait to add sharks to some missions to make the water scary again :)
  16. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    So.. related to vehicle accuracy: They can locate and fire at targets very accurately while on the move, even at high speeds. Is it possible to provide an aim penalty to AI vehicles while they're moving? For example, when moving: this setSkill ["aimingAccuracy",0.1]; this setSkill ["aimingSpeed",0.1]; this setSkill ["spotTime",0.1]; and when it stops, the skill values go back to what they were before this reduction. Could also use a speed threshold (say, 20 kmph) or make it inversely proportional to speed (reduction of 0.1 for every 10 kmph increase and vice versa), but i don't know what would be convenient and efficient.
  17. Adding an Ostentatious Sale Section Can Rise Your Website Sales

    Could you make a gift package, i'd like to offer one to my wife.
  18. Ravage Mod

    Lots of information on the wiki.
  19. Adding an Ostentatious Sale Section Can Rise Your Website Sales

    Hello Mr. Ralph J. Spamkins, I own an underground site with mil surplus hardware. We sell a variety of products from refurbished T-72s, armored dinghies and remote rubber cars to AK triggers. We noticed that on holidays instead of having higher sales we actually have very low demand for products like T-72s which doesn't make any sense considering the X-Mas period. We tried with "thank you" cards, brochures, extras like leather seats, cassette players and even doing the impossible by adding mini ping-pong tables in that cramped interior but we don't get results. I'm thinking maybe the problem is that we need a better site design. So after we stop moving from place to place every 4 nights, can your company in Dubai help?
  20. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    WW2 era weapons are much more common that many people may think in current conflict areas. LeeEnfield No4 Mk1s and Mosin Nagants were relatively common in use by the Taliban in southern Afghanistan (when they weren't using AKs and PK/PKMs). Even came across an Enfield rifle dated 1927.
  21. Trying to setup Oxygen light and bulldozer

    yes i have oxygen_fixer Bat right on my desktop my version is 1.96.
  22. Hi. In the main menu (or pause menu), go to OPTIONS > GAME > CONFIGURE ADDONS > (drop-down list) All in One Command Menu. You can enable or disable some parts of the mod there. Also, by checking overwrite clients, you can apply these changes to all clients in a server (doesn't matter much in SP), and by checking overwrite mission, you can make sure that these changes are applied instantly in the mission when you confirm the changes (basically, they only overwrite a variable used by the mod in the mission, such as true or false for zeus enabled). The only variable that cannot be changed during a mission is "Become Team Leader on Team Switch" (because it uses mission event-handlers), which requires you to restart the mission. If you have other mods that also have this feature (such as ASR AI), I recommend that you enable the feature in only one mod, whichever works best for you! Hope this helps. Regards.
  23. Legend! Thanks for all the work!
  24. This has been adressed on dev branch.
  25. delete everything in your data layers folder, and re export layers
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