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  2. If you added a shemag & aviator combo that fits your bodies, I will love you forver...
  3. Speaking of MCLOS; has anyone recorded any crazy shots they've managed yet? If you've seen Baker's video where he hits an Mi-8 on the move, there's your gold standard. I'd recommend spawning in an ammo truck behind your BMP-1d when practicing :P
  4. Yes, but it won't start by symply including it in the config.cpp via #include and writing the whole script inside doesn't have any effect as well. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong... @bad benson Your suggestion does also unfortunely not show any success...
  5. People's Liberation Army Special Forces released. PLA Recon team breaches into a building, 2015, Xinjiang, China. Special Forces Faction mod [SFF] that adds the Chinese (PLA) special forces, based on photos of the Guangzhou Military Region Special Forces Unit, "South Blade" from January 2015. Historical Info- The Chinese People's Liberation Army has been in existance since 1927, and is the world's largest military force. The PLA special forces units have been in existance since 198. The Faction- The PLA SF are a large force of infantry and mechanised units, equipped with the the Chinese Type 07 camo uniform in Urban pattern. They are armed with QBZ-95-1 rifles, supported by the QBB-95 LSW and the QBU-88 DMR rifle. Specialist Elements- PLA Recon forces are equipped with the Type 07 Universal pattern, supressors and with access to better night-fighting equipment like lasers, IS strobes and LSV support. They also have a sniper team with supressed QBU-88's and ghille suits. Supports- An airbourne assault team in a Mi-48 'Hàojié' gunship is able to quickly deploy a SF Recon team and provide fire support for QRF purposes. Engineer and medical support units are also available. Various armored vehicles like Type 86 APC's, Type 69-II Main Battle tanks and Type 72 MBT's (fictional) give the PLA armored support. Download Steam Workshop- Armaholic- Notes- There is no Chinese vehicle mods, so I had to use the Russian vehicles instead, but the BMP1 (Type 86 APC) and T-55 (Type 69-II) are used by the PLA IRL. The fictional 'Type 72' (T-72) is used as a stand-in for the more modern Type 88 tank, as is the ZSU stand-in for the PGZ95/ Type 95 SPAAG.
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  7. OK... Am I loosing my marbles or did something change with FRIES? The only helo I can FRIES out of right now by default is the Huron. It is no longer working with Ghosthawks and it was previously. Following up... Place an empty Ghost, get in, it has FRIES by default. Place an AI controlled Ghost, get in, it has no FRIES. Use Zeus to tell that same Ghost to fly from A to B and set destination as a fastrope way waypoint and I get delivered as expected with all the FRIES things happening automagically without any input by me... because I never had a fries option to begin with. In editor rather than in Zeus, place an AI controlled Ghost, link it to a FRIES module and I have FRIES in game. Everything works by default with the Huron, AI or not.
  8. I wouldn't think too much about it. Windows knows what's best for itself at any given moment and changes the pf size accordingly. You can do some googling if you want to read up on it more, (imo it's out of the scope of this thread) but tbh you're better off letting Windows sort it out for you (unless you know exactly what you're doing - which some people claim to have that knowledge, but really, most of them are flaky on the subject when pushed for definitive answers).
  9. Maybe he was wondering if you were starting to have labor pains? Lol
  10. This mod keeps getting better and better, cant wait to see it awesome work guys, it will be well worth the wait.
  11. Right. I'll see about sorting that out as soon as I can.
  12. can someone help i bought arma 2 from this page and when i try multiplayer it doesnt wan to show up any servers!!!!!
  13. A couple of good notes: This is the Ghatar Heavy Equipment Transporter at the earliest stages... Expect to see the Ghatar carrying a whole host of items like an MLRS unit, command posts, radar equipment, and other mission/flavor items. It also carries stuff. A lot of stuff. Stay tuned for more.
  14. Thanks for the reply guys. So one thing that really confuses me is really the following: -Wouldn't it make sense to manually set page file to as large as you can/want it to go? Why have windows limit it? Even if Windows changes the size on the fly (does it?) Not trying to go off topic here, but with the 64b release, and new the "large pag support" param, just trying to see what ARMA wants that works best since we all want to squeeze every little bit of performance we can get.
  15. The work is so amazing! I can't wait to play with the mod!
  16. That is what i was experiencing-except not in the editor-I was experiencing it in game. Whenever i try to use the 64bitexe all the grass and trees in game flickers and shakes-it's unbearable. Happens on Altis and on CUP islands as well. I have not gone back to 64bit since because of it-it may have been fixed as I have not tried it in a couple of weeks.
  17. Nice one Gunter, sounds like a lot of cool features incoming! Thanks for your continuous support, it's really something to see a WarMod for Ravage! It's not due. :P
  18. Sorry to bump this old thread, but the same thing happened for me now... I just subbed to RHS and all of a sudden Steam freezes for a while... Opening the A3 launcher to take a peek, i see all mods being redownloaded. And if it was on my game drive (default steam folder) it really wouldn't bother me. But for some reason everything downloads to the system drive, which ofchourse is full now, and downloads are pending.... Not done anything else than regular use of the mods, and when copying them to the server I always use the launchers "copy to a local folder" function ( to an external HDD )... I dunno... not what I need at 2am. Does anyone have some practical tips how to handle this?
  19. Hell yeah, this sounds epic! (And feel free to give a me shout if you run into any issue or weird stuff - I'll be happy to help!)
  20. Cool stuff Gunter. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with
  21. Got pictures? Then it didnt happen. I aint nobodies patsy man.
  22. We all witnessed it. With evidence tampering on top, that`s gotta be worth a week`s holiday ;)
  23. Window XP pagefile recommended settings - same settings for Windows 7,8,8.1,10 - The entire O.S. design is based in the pagefile usage, you cannot remove the pagefile without instability issues. Answering the other question: MS answer for the same link: But if you prefer manually setting your pagefile then:
  24. Recreated the ECP config for Sanctuary's WW4 mod in order to get the models to work (Sanc seemed to have left these out). Get the config here and overwrite it after a full installation of ECP 1.085e (with the patch applied after) and the WW4 pack. If you want to use noob1's gun MODERN retextured guns and sights, download his pack and overwrite with this config.cpp (remove the "(2)").
  25. Stupid phone made me do it! Nobody's giving me no points! You'll never take me alive! (Anyway-I have the ability to remove posts..So i'd like to see you prove anything in court ;) )
  26. Uniforms are from VSM Warfighter pack.
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