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    • Everything is change 1965-2017 MODS:RHS,SMA,UNSUNG_3.1_Delta,lbt6094,ORC maritime (WIP)and some Private thing
    • so when using a custom mission the 101st and 82nd dont pop up as a faction and the dutch afrika corp pop up as independent is that a mod problem or mission problem? also the m3 half-track doesn't drive in a straight line it curves to the left like some the american tanks.
    •   Dear @mikero

      Thanks for your quick reply, pboProject is great. Sorry I didn't explain myself properly. In this case, removing access=0; won't you you bring up infistar's menu anymore.

      I have tried setting changing it to false, removing the line and excluding the file from compression. Do you have links to the past version of PboProject before V2.24 or know of a workaround?

      I could PM you with my registration details if you need them.   Thanks for all your hard work & in keeping all the tools updated.   cheers  
    • Setting camp.sqf is used only for unpacking hideout from vehicles trunk. Hidden camps are placed in the JRInit.sqf:       PS You can always easily track, what was spawned where by setting this as true:   RYD_JR_Debug = false;//make it true   In the Init.sqf, line 26 in basic version.      In the CPSetup function delete this:   _mPos = getPosATL _cR; _pos = [_mPos,30,60] call RYD_JR_RandomAroundMM; _fe = (count (_pos isFlatEmpty [12,0,1.5,10,0,false,objNull])) > 0; _ct = 0; while {((isOnRoad _pos) or not (_fe) or ((count (_pos nearRoads 20)) > 0))} do { _ct = _ct + 1; if (_ct > 48) exitWith {}; _pos = [_mPos,30 + (_ct/8),60 + (_ct/4)] call RYD_JR_RandomAroundMM; _fe = (count (_pos isFlatEmpty [12,0,1.5,10,0,false,objNull])) > 0; };   and this:   if not ((isOnRoad _pos) or not (_fe) or ((count (_pos nearRoads 20)) > 0)) then   turn into:   if (true) then   But you know, that most likely would be directly on the road. Basic coords point crossroad's road segment center, not some space near the road. Unless you define these coords in other way, than me. Hand picking or something like that. Then it may work for you.   Alternatively, if you don't mind placing CPs in the bush, on the trees etc, go to the RYD_JR_CPSetup function, and turn this line:   _fe = (count (_pos isFlatEmpty [12,0,1.5,10,0,false,objNull])) > 0;   into:   _fe = true;   also you may wish to adjust min-max random pos finding distances in the line:   _pos = [_mPos,30,60] call RYD_JR_RandomAroundMM;   Similar in the while loop just below:   while {((isOnRoad _pos) or not (_fe) or ((count (_pos nearRoads 20)) > 0))} do { _ct = _ct + 1; if (_ct > 48) exitWith {}; _pos = [_mPos,30 + (_ct/8),60 + (_ct/4)] call RYD_JR_RandomAroundMM; _fe = (count (_pos isFlatEmpty [12,0,1.5,10,0,false,objNull])) > 0; }; So the only search criteria would be "not on the road!".    Nothing of above was tested, no time for this, so I might miss something, but hopefully it will help.