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    • Glad to hear it works.  As I said that is the easiest way to do things when you have a turret that you can guarantee will not ever use any other type of missile.  Which could be seen as a DISADVANTAGE for using that solution I suppose...   The ADVANTAGE of that solution is that since you aren't using the cfgNonAIVehicles solutions like on a plane pylon, etc, that you get to see the reloads.  I always tweak my magazinereload values so they don't instantly reappear.  Like a 20-45 second reload time...   Nice vid... multiple gunners!  Oh the fun.  The gunner proxies will be numbered e.g. gunner.001, gunner.002 etc. in the 3D model.  There's a "proxyIndex" value for the turret.  The index needs to match the proxy number in the 3D model.  When multiple gunners occupy the same spot, I've realized I forgot to index them correctly.  It looks to me like they are both gunner.01 / gunner.001 or they don't have that proxyIndex value in the config.   Love your tagline by the way:  " Stop asking me to share my 3d models. I won't, so don't send me more PMs "  LOL - that should be the forum tagline :)
    • What other Mods need to be downloaded to play this mission?

    • I posted several screenshots of him admitting cheating too, and this guy is almost lvl 25 now :/ 
    • I noticed that the view in 1st person changes when flying at speeds above approx. 20 km/h. While staying below 20 km/h there is a slight zoom so that you can see almost nothing of the cockpit interior whereas when flying it is zoomed out so you can see about a fourth of the cockpit interior. I only noticed this change of view in the huron, it doesnt occur in the pawnee for example. I want to either invert this so I am zoomed out when landing (flying below 20 km/h) for better situational awereness or deactivate it. Is there an option to do so?
    • Dear Devs,   Please do this:
      1. In the editor, place the USS Freedom anywhere in the ocean surrounding Altis.
      2. Place a Y32 Xi'an aircraft from the Jets DLC at Altis international.
      3. Using a Logitech Extreme 3d Pro joystick (the joystick used by roughly half of the community) with the analog throttle properly configured, attempt to fly the aircraft to the carrier and land.
      Hopefully this simple exercise will help you to realize, in it's current state, the power characteristics of not only the Y32, but all VTOL aircraft in ARMA are currently broken.

      I have now been practicing flying the VTOL aircraft for over a month. My joystick is properly configured and I have even incorporated my keyboard in an effort to control the throttle more accurately. It doesn't matter. When the difference between rapidly gaining altitude and dropping out the sky like a brick is 4% of the throttle the power settings for the VTOL aircraft in the game are not "challenging." They are broken.