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    • one small tweak ...    use playerSide instead of (side player). It is more reliably and consistent, as (side player) can sometimes report as "sideEnemy" or "sideFriendly" or "civilian" depending on situation (such as when needing revive, or when friendly fire has happened.
    • Any luck with this? I'm trying to do the same thing and I've tried syncing a side logic to the SectorTactic then syncing my spawned units to the side logic, syncing directly to the SectorTactic and to the spawnAI module. Its a great idea though.
    • So grateful for the response. I have everything working perfectly now except for the sound. I've spent over a week trying to figure it out from this thread, reading other threads, and, well nothing.
      I tried to implement TankBusters code, and the error went away but the sound still does not play. I have a folder named "sound" in the mission folder (where init.sqf lives) with the sound file inside of the folder and my SSSB.sqf is this:

        /* SSSB - Sarogahtyps Simple Suicide Bomber Description: Function can be called wherever u want even in init line. It waits for player who is in range and follows him until reached and then BOOOOM! The bomber is walking if player can see the bomber. If there is no line of sight to player then the bomber will run. Works even if the bomber is driving a vehicle. If player is out of range before bomber can reach him then the bomber will just wait for the next player in range. You can pass a chance to get a bomber to the function. This is useful for implementing the script into COS - Civilian Occupation System. You can apply the script to all civilians and if u pass e.g. 1 % as chance then only every 100th civ will become a bomber and wait for near players. Enjoy the boom. :-) Cheers Saro. Paramameters: object - the object of your unit which should become a bomber number (optional) - range to seek for players (default is 300 m) number (optional) - chance to turn the unit into a bomber. (default is 100 %) Return values: number - handle of spawned script if someone likes to check if bombers script has ended (scriptDone) will return -1 if script ends without spawning code (in case no civ was turned into bomber) */ mission_root = str missionConfigFile; mission_root = [mission_root, 0, -15] call BIS_fnc_trimString; params [["_civ", objNull,[objNull]], ["_act_range", 300, [0]], ["_chance", 100, [0]]]; if ((random 100 > _chance) || !(alive _civ)) exitWith {-1}; _handle = [_civ, _act_range] spawn { params ["_bomber", "_act_range"]; private _melee_dist = 15; private _boom_dist = 5; private _dist_target = _act_range; private _lost_range = round (_act_range * 1.2); private _act_range_sqr = _act_range ^ 2; private _melee_dist_sqr = _melee_dist ^ 2; private _boom_dist_sqr = _boom_dist ^ 2; private _dist_target_sqr = _act_range ^ 2; private _lost_range_sqr = _lost_range ^ 2; private _grp_bomber = group _bomber; private _is_vec = if (isNull objectParent _bomber) then {false} else {true}; private _target_players = []; private _wp =[]; while {(alive _bomber) && (_dist_target_sqr > _boom_dist_sqr)} do { // wait until players are in range waitUntil { sleep (2 + random 1); _target_players = (allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F") select {(alive _x) && ((_x distanceSqr _bomber) < _act_range_sqr)}; ((count _target_players > 0) || !(alive _bomber)) }; // end everything if suicide bomber is already dead if !(alive _bomber) exitWith {}; // follow nearest player as long as bomber lives, target is in range and target is not close enough to boom while {alive _bomber && (_dist_target_sqr < _lost_range_sqr) && (_dist_target_sqr > _boom_dist_sqr)} do { _target_players = (allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F") select {(alive _x) && ((_x distanceSqr _bomber) < _act_range_sqr)}; // get nearest player _target_players = _target_players apply {[(_x distanceSqr _bomber), _x]}; _target_players sort true; _target_plyr = _target_players select 0 select 1; // check distance and visibility _dist_target_sqr = if(count _target_players > 0) then {_target_players select 0 select 0} else {_lost_range_sqr}; _can_see = [_target_plyr, "VIEW", _bomber] checkVisibility [(eyePos _target_plyr), (eyePos _bomber)]; // add waypoint and set bombers behavior if (count _wp > 0) then {_grp_bomber setCurrentWaypoint _wp;} else {_wp = _grp_bomber addWaypoint [position _target_plyr, 0];}; _wp setWaypointPosition [position _target_plyr, 0]; _wp setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _wp setWaypointCombatMode "BLUE"; _wp setWaypointCompletionRadius 0; _grp_bomber setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _grp_bomber setCombatMode "BLUE"; //run if close enough or if target cant see bomber if ( (_can_see < 0.3) || ((_dist_target_sqr < _melee_dist_sqr) && !_is_vec) || ((_dist_target_sqr < (2 * _melee_dist_sqr)) && _is_vec) ) then { _wp setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; } else { _wp setWaypointSpeed "LIMITED"; }; sleep (0.5 + random 0.5); }; // end follow while _wp = []; }; // main while end _playsound = mission_root + "sound\alluha.ogg"; playsound3d [_playsound, _bomber,false, getposasl _bomber,10,1,50]; sleep 1.7; if (_is_vec) then { _boom = createVehicle ["Bo_GBU12_LGB", getPos _bomber, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; } else { _boom = createVehicle ["R_80mm_HE", getPos _bomber, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; }; deleteVehicle _bomber; }; //spawn end \\\\ true Any assistance in getting the sound to play would be greatly appreciated.
    • They use to yes, now they're all just black screens.     Here is a picture -- 
    • I don't think so only bravo is still available on their moddb page