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    • The TIE boarding shuttle exterior is as done as I'll do it I guess. I cut a few corners, but the result looks alright to me. It's pretty much identical to the bomber, but the passenger pod has a few elements changed, most notably the added access hatch on the bottom (I will probably add an animation for cutscene purposes). Its capacity is about 12 pieces of man and it can be entered/exited from below. I'll try to come up with some interior that makes sense soon.     The VIP shuttle is about the same, except for the wings. The cargo capacity has been limited to 4 persons and the laser cannons have been removed. I added some more more armor, so anyone forcing "escort the shuttle" missions onto the players isn't a complete monster.
    • Great to see you back genesis, been enjoying your Decension videos.    If you want ideas, then I've got a couple that I've probably already mentioned, but just to collate...   Faction/side based skill levels - If I have a mission fighting both OPFOR and INDEPENDENT it would be great to be able to skill the OPFOR higher to emulate superior training etc. Personally I'd find that more useful than adjusting by rank as VCOM does currently.   Mortars - Really cool that the AI use them, but for gameplay reasons I'd much prefer the AI to "forget" about us more often. Or take longer to reload etc. It seems like at the moment once the AI spot you, you're going to have mortars raining down on you until you find and eliminate the mortars, which considering the range they have can be almost impossible. Just something to make them much less oppressive would be great, maybe even a value people could tweak to see more or less active mortars.   Dragging to cover - I've used Persians AI Injury script in a few of my missions for added flavour and thought it would be cool to see this baked into VCOM. Basically it just makes the enemy AI attempt to drag fallen comrades to cover, so they pop smoke like VCOM does, but then you'll see 1 guy rush out and start dragging his buddy back to cover. There also a facility in the script for them to heal the downed unit, but I've never really used that because we run ACE and AI + ACE advance medical just never work.   One thing I have noticed is in the notes it says if you place a hold waypoint over a building the squad will garrison that building, I've found that to be very hit or miss as to whether it works or not. Sometimes they just all gather at the doorway, but that may be a CUP map vs Vanilla map thing I don't know.   Thanks again for all the work you've put into this. We run VCOM on all our missions, both ALiVE style missions and one off objective based missions and I find VCOM to be essential now.  Really excited to see what you come up with. Thanks again
    •   There was no ninja nerf, the weapon was adjusted far back in the prototype state, and to my knowledge was not changed since.     Keep in mind that the caliber, 7.62mm, is not biggest factor in dmg. The MK-18 uses 7.62×51mm NATO rounds, the real AK-12 does not even use 7.62mm ammo, it uses 5.56mm. The Ak-12 version in Arma is using 7.62x39mm SLR (about 1/3 less powder) though and at its current state in Argo is comparable to the mx rifles.   The Ak-12 was very powerful back then (maybe because not many had armor there?) so it was adjusted, considering that it was able to carry 3x 40mm as well, made it a deadly weapon. The Tier of the weapon does not say much about it, its more about a possible combination of equipment.   Though I would agree that the AK-12 for its tier could need some love, or actually the other way around, the mk-18 needs some rust in its barrel 
    • I wonder if anyone has come across this.  Arma3 can detect that I have a Logitech G27 wheel, but when I go into controller to set axes etc, everything there is blank.  No text at all (apart from numbers).   I'm running the latest 64 bit client.
    • thanks man, good idea about surround system!
      will triple check everything tomorrow!