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Thread: DM Real Tournament 2

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    DM Real Tournament 2


    Here is my new mission: DM Real Tournament 2
    Why "2"? Some of OFP players remember great mission by OYC: Real Tournament 2003, and idea of mine is based on that OFP mission.

    Videos (I'm sorry for compression): xfire

    • fights are "1 on 1" duels
    • buying weapons (see image)
    • bets - you select your favourite fighter and money - if he wins, you get money (see image). Money is used for buying better weapons
    • when others fight you watch them from using spectator view (see image). There are available some buttons: for tracking fighters, manual control and NV. You can live even without NV, because fighters have attached lights (see iamge)
    • MP options:
      • number of fighters (4/8/16) - first N slots are taken! (f.e. if you will take 9th slot and admin set 8 fighters, then you are able to watch others fights only)
      • round duration - if nobody dead, then the winner is randomized
      • number of rounds to win (how many times you have to kill your oponent to win) (see image: table of players)
      • enable / disable grass
      • enable / disable graphic filters
      • AI skill (it doesn't help to much, you'll see how AI is stupid)
      • fast / normal AI vs AI fights - if fast then one of AI will be randomized to be exploded
      • randomizing order
    • intro & outro
    • sounds
    • for each fight weather and daytime is randomized and location is unique
    • first N (set in MP options) have to be enabled
    • JIP supported (with some minor issues)

    DM Real Tournament 2
    DM Real Tournament 2 (Armaholic)
    Bugtracker na dev-heaven - if possible rise bugs / wishes there

    I hope you enjoy
    [PR]zemek kondor

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    Nice, this looks really sweet man! Downloading now

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    Really a new cool Idea-will check it out immediately.Thank you Sir!

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    This actually looks really fun, will download

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    Ok, i played a Tournament and it works very well.Had a lot of Fun to bet and to see how fast my money get lost, and finally made the
    2 little things to say:
    1: when u´re in "free moving camera mode" and it´s a night fight u can hardly see the 4 blocks to move the sight.
    2: I had no fonts in the fields for confirm the betting and buying.Same with the player\camera field.

    Still a awesome play-mode, i hope there will soon be an online match!

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    Thanks for feedback.
    1. I'll change color of buttons
    2. could you tell me if your arma2.rpt says something like: "STR_bet" or "STR_right" couldn't be found?

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    Kondor this is fun !!!
    good job on that...

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    Got this on the SBS server ..... its a great laugh.... prob works best if all are on comms together..... but fun no matter what..
    And better than the original... very polished map..

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    Is it possible to remove weapons after a round?

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    Very interesting idea, DLing now. Will post feedback.

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