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Thread: Placing AI in buildings during Set up / Editor?

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    Placing AI in buildings during Set up / Editor?

    I'm noticing in many towns most buildings you can't go inside them (which somewhat sucks).....However, what happens when you place a guy inside a building during set up / editor and give them a "guard" order? Will they be placed inside the building (but with no ability to exit).....Will they be placed directly outside and just guard it?

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    why dont you just put him there and see what happens?
    I think he will be standing on the roof

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    Quote Originally Posted by zigzag View Post
    why dont you just put him there and see what happens?
    I think he will be standing on the roof
    I've tried this (limted play I've been more looking into other AI behavior and Helicopter issues)...

    But what I've seem to notice is they don't show up on roofs (or if they do, they leave it)...nor do they seem to stay around the building....they tend to regroup (stand) at some distant point away from where they are placed....(which had me wondering if putting them inside a building that you can't access....messed with AI logic).

    It would really be nice if ARMA 2 AI/logic / or perhaps it is just the Maps starting making more buildings with access to them....As someone new to ARMA i've found this odd, that in a realistic based SIM this isn't just the "norm"...
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    try using unitname disableAI "move" that should help keeping the unit in the correct position and don't have them grouped.

    you will also need to use unitname setUnitPos "UP" to keep them standing.

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    Is the new Arrowhead going to allow for more "inside buildings/homes, etc" enviroments?

    It just seems odd, that BIS and the ARMA series doesn't have this sort of AI logic already standard. Hell, AI performing inside of objects, is coding that was going on 10 years ago (wth real good success / R6/OGR). Now, I know we are talking different games/sims/etc on the whole.......but still, it just seems odd.

    Or perhaps I'm just play testing on the wrong maps.....and inside building enviroments does happen more within the rest of the game...

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    It would be awesome to have access to all the houses so you can make some nice house to house clearing missions.

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    perhaps a solution

    idk if this will help or anything but you could always use grizzle's Visual house position module which basically lets you see positions in houses and their names and their grid and everything, I think the Z grid is a little off but you can get past it. You can use it to get where you want your guy to be, put it in a notepad document and later use codes like setpos or something (you can always look up on other threads on how to place units in an exact spot) and use those codes, you may also look up on the comref, I would tell you but I haven't played ArmA 2 in the longest time and forgot almost everything I knew about it. Just started a couple weeks ago

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