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Thread: FDF Podagorsk 1.1

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    FDF Podagorsk 1.1

    FDF Podagorsk v1.1 released 26.5.2010

    Finally here is the update for the Podagorsk.

    DOWNLOAD from Kegetys

    DOWNLOAD from armed-assault.de

    DOWNLOAD from arma2base.de

    DOWNLOAD from www.armaholic.com

    DOWNLOAD from www.armedassault.info

    DOWNLOAD from www.eprison.de

    DOWNLOAD FDF key file for server admins

    Checksum for the FDF_Podagorsk_v11.rar = DFD8848F2857DAD2B133BB5C92AFEE29


    * 1.1
    - Bridge leading to hotel works now with AI, also raised up the bridge several meters. (AI driving HMMWV or UAZ don´t seem to cross the bridge for some reason)
    - Added few heliports to east base.
    - Removed few bushes from roads.
    - Removed hovering tree above Kirsanov.
    - Removed hole from the swamp.
    - Added some invisible roads to runway and changed roughness values.
    - Removed cinemaborder from intro.
    - Ambient civilian module now works.
    - Due several requests i added landmass between airport and main land.
    And that´s all folks, this is propably my last terrain related project.
    It sure has been interesting seven years.

    - 2003 Eastborder (Winter & Summer)
    - 2004 Maldevic (Autumn)
    - 2004 Al Maldajah (Desert)
    - 2005 Maldevic (Winter)
    - 2005 Rukajärvi (Winter & Summer)
    - 2008 Podaga
    - 2009 Podagorsk

    Thanks to everybody that helped in these years. Mainly FDF core team and Kyllikki. And last but not least thanks to everyone that downloaded these terrains, played on them, made missions and reported bugs, without you all these years would have been wasted.

    ps. Mirrors are highly appreciated.
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    Now that I've calmed down. Sorry to hear this is your last terrain, you've got a really great island here -- thanks for your work.
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    Awesome news! .. mixed with sad news
    Thx for all the work you´ve done throughout the years!

    edit: Mirror @ armed-assault.de
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    Looks just great! Thank you guys! I love your OFP stuff (best mod ever) and now we get this beauty. Wow!
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    Also updated on Six Updater Network.

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    Thank you, this map is a masterpiece.

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    Thanks for the update!

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    Thanks a lot Goeth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Defunkt View Post
    Thank you, this map is a masterpiece.

    Quote Originally Posted by Goeth View Post
    ... And that´s all folks, this is propably my last terrain related project. ...
    I hope not. That would be sad.

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    - Ambient civilian module now works.
    Thank you Goeth!!!

    Epic map. Now I can update my missions and continue on with the campaign!
    (God damn bananas..... again)

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    awesome update.

    Fast download too...
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