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Thread: Add Fuel Station to my map

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    Add Fuel Station to my map

    Hello, somebody please give me a quick tip on this:

    I'm quite finished with my island, but I cannot find a fuel station anywhere :x

    is it in buildings or buildings2? do I need to add anythign else or just plop the building in the map in order for it to refuel cars?

    Thanks in advance

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    Search "fuelstation" in your CA folder and subfolders. I usually use this way to find objects.

    An incomplete but very useful list of objects is available here:

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    Found it, however, it wasn't there.

    I had to de-pbo 'structures.pbo' and add it to P:\CA\

    The fuel station does nothing though, the feed is the only thing that works, just pointing that out in case somebody's after the same thing

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    Yes, you just need the feed in order to get a working fuel sta. and it's great so you can build custom fuel stations fitting the map environment.

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