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Thread: Debute mission: Krasnostav Assault

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    Cool Debute mission: Krasnostav Assault

    The conflict rages on to the south and command have noticed that OPFOR aren't paying full attention to the airfield at Krasnostav. Time's perfect for a light hit-and-run strike by a small group of fireteams. That'd be you, then.

    Dependancies: None - pure vanilla.
    Duration: Approx 30mins.
    Difficulty: Well, I died lots while testing it. Make of that what you will...
    Support: None - the deployed fireteams are all that's available for this operation, but pay attention to the equipment screen in the briefing, there may be some nice toys to play with!

    Download .zip file here.

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    Had a quick play of it, it's works well enough, and I know it's over a year old, but maybe next time a few cutscenes\intro, and some music wouldn't go a miss.

    I have searched the forums, Google, MSN, garage, shed, car, pockets, kitchen draws, pants, socks, down the sofa, under the bed, behind the Monitor, ashtray, belly button, cupboards, under cups, down the toilet, under the carpet, behind curtains, in Duvet cover, Wardrobe, inside the DVD player, searched the dog basket, "don't have a dog basket but I would have if I'd had one, and cannot find the answer to my question.
    So here I am, on my hands and knees, begging for someone to have the answer to the question I may have posed above.


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    Thanks to Koni it found it's way to Armaholic's front page, I would not have spotted that this is over a year old.
    Played it as well, good little mission, could do with some sprucing up though.

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    Yeah, I fished it out from the depths, played it and thought I'd reply, then noticed it went front page Armaholic, lol

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    just finished it. loved it. thanx for sharing your mission!

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