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Thread: World tools 1.0 released

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    World tools 1.0 released

    World tools 1.0 has been released on ArmaHolic (see link below)

    Major features:
    1) include a complete Fence Generator system for placing fences, walls and a lot of other kind of object.
    2) new scripting language for creating macros. Macros can be used to automatically generate farms, houses with gardens, compounds, castles and every other thing you will need.
    3) new forest generator tool, with support up to 256 mask colors, multiple different object placement on the same color with user customizable probabilty of placement (useful for bush, rocks, different tree types on the same area).

    4) a complete manual (available on about-help menu) with scripting samples, complete program logic and usage explanations and a full help for scripting language.

    Comments are well accepted to make program even better. Please promptly report any bug found there or via PM, due my plans are to release it on armaholic (if they agreed) on monday if no bug reports are received (or solved).

    Special thanks goes to my clan -[TdC]-, to -[TdC] for for supporting me and to Marco -[TdC] for initial idea.

    Enjoy another small contribute to ArmA2 world.

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