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Thread: Veni Vidi Vici Mod (Romans and Barbarians)

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    Veni Vidi Vici Mod (Romans and Barbarians)

    As i'm getting bored with playing ArmA2, I'm currently working on a new mod for OFP, about Roman era. I've used some Internet free models and textures here and there (like the new horse for example, i'll give all possible credits and sources in the readme), i've put a lot of work in texturing and making decent Roman and Barbarian soldiers models.

    Basic features are at the moment (as of March 2012) :

    Romans (West) :
    - Infantry : Light (Auxiliary), Regular (Legion), Low quality (Militia), Elite (Praetorian guard) ; standard bearers (aquilifer, signifier and standard bearer), musician, officers (centurion and optio) and general ;
    - Archers : Regular and Elite (Western and Eastern Auxiliary archers) ;
    - Cavalry : Light, Regular (Auxiliary cavalry) and Elite (Praetorian cavalry) ;
    - Special units : war elephants ; siege equipments : ballista, ram, catapult, heavy onager (newtm) and siege tower ;chariot (hem, well, kind of Ben Hur one...);
    - Warship (newtm);

    Generic barbarians (mixed of Gallic and Germanic style warriors) (East):
    - Infantry : Light, Heavy and Special (Naked warriors...) ; standard bearer and signifier, musician, officer and general ;
    - Archers, slingers ;
    - Cavalry : noble cavalry, light cavalry ;
    - Special units : druid (normal or with healing power);chariot;
    - Warship (newtm);

    Greeks (Resistance) :
    - Infantry : Light and Heavy (hoplite) ; standard bearer, officer ;
    - Archers;
    - Cavalry;

    Persians (East) :
    - Infantry : Light (Persians and African auxiliaries), Heavy and Elite (Immortals) ; standard bearer, musician, officer ;
    - Archers ;
    - Cavalry : Heavy (cataphract).

    Civilians :
    - Several civilian types (some with tunic newtm tunic);
    - Civilian ox-cart;ox transport wagon;

    Other small factions :
    - (East) : Escaped slaves, legion desertors and gladiators (hem, well, kind of Spartacus revolt...);
    - (West) : Barbarians allied to the Roman side with original infantry units ;
    - One secret non human faction

    Island :
    - Ancient Nogova island : one big Roman town, one big fortified Barbarian town, several villages and camps, harbours (100% done for beta release)
    - Some architectural buildings, in a Roman and Barbarian (or Viking) style;
    - Most of the buildings and siege equipments are made by the retired addon maker Stu being re-worked;
    - Some objects (torch, crucifix, camp objects...) (newtm)

    Missions and missions templates (newtm)

    General features :
    - Custom GUI ;
    - English, Czech and Russian unit indentities changed by Roman, Greek and Gallo-celtic ones (newtm);
    - Absolutely non scripted close combat ;
    - Striking men sounds ;
    - Shields are secondary weapons than can be dropped ;
    - Extensive use of OFP materials, so that metallic things shine (at least, as much as OFP allows) : shields, helmets, armors, chain mails and some weapons will shine in the sun.
    - Some config work : no radio sounds (thanks Sanctuary), lying animations replaced by crouch ones, several dying anims (thanks dezoom), reworked stances and strokegun anims according to the stance and weapon used (thanks again Sanctuary !);
    - Blood textures ;
    - Up to 4 arrows may appear on the body of the target when this one is hit by arrows ;
    - Stones launched by catapults will remain a few minutes visible on the ground.

    Current limitations / remaining bugs :
    - The infamous OFP yellow flash when vehicles do fire appears on cavalry/elephant units at night (that's really meh !);
    - Archers being given infinite ammo through script to avoid some trouble while allowing reloading after each shot.
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