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Thread: First view perspective.

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    First view perspective.

    Hi there,

    I wonder if there is any mod or any way of controlling the field of view? I liked a lot the ArmA FOV. But now on ArmA II we have less FOV. We had a mod, in ArmA, that was great, it was called TrueMods (TrueView). I wonder if there is any like this for ArmA II. When I bring the sights up it's like my eye is very close to the iron sights/scopes.

    I want this;

    Look more like this;

    Also when you bring up the sights there is a change in FOV. If possible I would like the unsighted and sighted view to remain with the same FOV and zoom.

    Thank you and best regards.

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    multiply each by same factor. I used 1.3*DefaultFov
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