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Thread: Operation Enduring Freedom - unofficial WGL expansion

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    Operation Enduring Freedom - unofficial WGL expansion


    This is a collection of Afghanistan-themed addons re-configured to work with the excellent WGL mod. I will be adding more Western infantry, vehicles and aircraft as I get around to them. If anyone else who know how to write/copy and paste configs wants to contribute to this mod, they're more than welcome.

    This mod includes the following, all use WGL sounds, ammo, weapons, AI and armour values;


    Taliban, Northern Alliance and local militia - Remo's Afghan pack

    Al Qaeda - jjr's Generic Middle Eastern Rebels

    US Special Forces* - jonny's special ops


    Technicals, trucks, vans, cars etc - Remo's Afghan pack and BIS



    T-55 - RHS

    Shilka - ORCS

    BTR-80, MT-LB, MT-LB ZSU - WGL

    Crew- served weapons

    DSHK heavy machine gun - WGL

    100mm cannon - Remo's Afghan pack

    AT-5 Konkurs M - WGL

    AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher - WGL

    ZU-2-23 - WGL

    *Infantry weapons
    All of the weapons in Laser's US weapons pack that have a corresponding ammo class in WGL have been included. Pretty much everything except shotguns, sub-machine guns and rocket launchers. These are used by the US Special Forces infantry.


    A-10 - WGL

    B-52 - [aps] Gnat B-52

    If you've been living in a cave and haven't downloaded WGL, do so here.

    Then download the config files from Megaupload, Rapidshare or Easyshare. Update - mirror courtesy of Rellikki at OFPR.info much appreciated!

    Extract the rar file into your OFP directory. It includes a shortcut for WGL and OEF mods to run together, presuming your OFP directory is C:\Program Files\Codemasters\OperationFlashpoint

    Next, download all the following addons and put them in your @OEF\addons folder

    Remo's Afghan pack 2.0
    RHS T-55 pack
    ORC's Shilka pack
    Jonny's Special Forces 1.5
    Laser's US Weapons 3.0
    Generic Middle Eastern Rebels
    Gnat's B-52

    Or all of the above (excluding SEF HMMWVs) here (Thanks Drongo69).

    All addons plus the two islands below at filefactory (Thanks Rainbow).

    After everything is installed in your @OEF\addons folder, the folder should look like this.

    Note that some of these addons usually require other addons, eg RHS T-55 needs the crew and their weapons. You will get a missing addon error message when staring OFP, but it doesn't effect anything. None of any of the addons themselves have been altered in any way. All credit to the original authors.

    Islands - These are a couple of the islands that missions will soon be released for. There are a few other good ones around too.

    Remo's Afghan Everon
    ag_smith's Afghanistan V1.2

    TBA - I have a few MP missions (SP playable) from extensive testing of this mod. Check the second post in this thread for missions. I will update as they're made.

    Now I'll leave you with a few screenies

    In my rush to finish this post I forgot my manners. This humble project would not have gotten anywhere without the tireless support of Sanctuary, Macser, Deanosbeano and Drongo69. I've made countless requests for help, often asking stooopid questions, all answered in graceful good humour. Cheers boys!
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    Operation Enduring Freedom - unofficial WGL expansion

    OEF Mod Missions

    The initial idea behind making this mod was to have something for me and a few mates to play MP COOP missions with. So hopefully we'll get a bit of a collection here before long.

    CCE2 for Operation Enduring Freedom - by Drongo69
    We've had countless hours of fun out of this mission (most of it laughing at my ineptitude). It is completely re-playable due to it's dynamic nature. More details and download in the User missions thread.

    [co8] Desert Ambush for OEF - by Drongo69
    An adaptation of the BIS MP COOP Desert ambush mission. As a brave resistance fighter, use all your cunning to destroy the Soviet convoy before eliminating the enemy presence in a nearby town. See the release thread for more.

    [c016] Outpost Defence - By Drongo 69
    You and your team mates must fight for your lives to defend your lonely outpost from a determined Taliban attack. Randomised elements make this mission highly replayable. Read more here.
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    PM me if you want British units to add to this. I've done a full set of them basically for my own use. And currently, the entire pack is sat around on my HD waiting to be updated.

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    Excellent addon! Once You have touched it, the only thing You want is to get more Western infantry, vehicles and aircraft :-)
    Thanks a lot, Chops, for mingling with the configs..
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    Congratulations on the release Chops, I had great fun with this mod in the testing phase. Hopefully we can get some more people into our coop disasters now, maybe even someone who can shoot straight

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    Hopefully we can get some more people into our coop disasters now, maybe even someone who can shoot straight
    What...Coop? Where? When?

    You can count me in. I'll bet a few guys from CiA would be interested too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zulu1 View Post
    What...Coop? Where? When?

    You can count me in. I'll bet a few guys from CiA would be interested too.
    Same here.

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    Nice work Chops.It's been fun watching it develop.

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