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Thread: JayArma2Lib

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    Quote Originally Posted by armatech View Post
    Any chance your could add mysql support.
    Also is there any chance of the source code for this as i would love to learn how to do dll injections
    #1. Nou hit the nail on the head for these. I can see the desire for mysql server side; but performance wise, unless your topping 20,000 records, sqlite in-memory will be faster, hence I'll be sticking with that (same syntax anyways).

    #2. no, source code for the actual DLL's wont be released. I am making an "extension" API for 3rd parties can load up as well and "register" commands with my library.

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    Beta 2 complete.

    - Made named pipe reading non-blocking, readpipe will always return immidiately; and null if no data was avialable
    - fixed clock syncing
    - fixed a few crashes where values wern't being checked correctly
    - implemented Addon structure
    - Changed kbAddTopic name back to original; now passthru to function if the call isnt for us. Fix for ALICE/FUNCTIONS/whatever foo
    - initial SQL functions are in but function calls not implemented
    - DLL Extensions integrated and avialable
    - Functions renamed for CBA function declarations
    - Now requires CBA

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    Updated beta release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage to spread the word. Not mirrored since its only an initial release for preview and peer review

    On holiday till the 25th.....dont expect replies to PM's or updates as how I used to do it until than!!!

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    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

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    Cool release.

    Not long ago, you were going to implement DirectInput mouse coords/buttons... that still going to make it in?

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    Yup, it will be making it in; I just haven't completed DirectX hooking completely yet.

    This is last beta until I push a V1 final.

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    Good to hear! Impressive work so far.

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    Nice work indeed...

    I guess that's no way to get it working with linux?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomNedry View Post
    Nice work indeed...

    I guess that's no way to get it working with linux?
    For dedicated server?

    There is, it will just take some porting on my part. I'll make a ticket of it and see

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    missing the getURL function to request a file as string from URL (maybe with cUrl)

    nice work!

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    Any chance for a fast 1.07 support?

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