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Thread: WIP: Island Villa afgana 10x10 km

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    Exclamation Beta: Island Villa afgana 10x10 km

    Hi all, this is an island of afghanistan of 10x10 km, the project this advanced enough and here I leave a video them.

    the project belongs to Kinno, of Spain, I only made the video, and by all means ideas, suggestions, etc are accepted…

    For the proper functioning of the land have that to include in the addons folder 5 pbo
    this link we will take the 4 opx

    and this we shall take only the razmisc.
    I can only thank the authors of those addons their work as well as all of you who have supported the project from Bis Forums
    Enjoy it.

    Quote Originally Posted by kinno View Post
    Fixed the problem with the grass in Utes, thanks to friend Bushlurker.

    pbo set download


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    Looks beautiful. I'm guessing View Distance is maxed out in that screenshot? Also what buildings are used? Opteryx, BIS, or Custom?
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    Maybe it's that the OFP era community has retired and the CoD community era has begun? Demanding 12 year olds who must have something now
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    Oh, almighty w0lle, grant this pilgrim safe passage through the craggy mountain passes of modding, and let him not be crushed by a boulder. If he should need a helping hand, let him find help on the forum from gnat or some other person.

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    Look very nice keep up the good work
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    Looks like a really nice place :-D

    That picture is an awesome screen shot, Im sure theres going to be some pretty heavy firefights in those fields

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    Hi there looks really good I must download a few maps/islands I have only ever stuck to the stock ones.

    Do I have to Run them as a @mod type thing?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stk2008 View Post
    Hi there looks really good I must download a few maps/islands I have only ever stuck to the stock ones.

    Do I have to Run them as a @mod type thing?.
    STK yeah, Just make sure the folders are like this


    Then add the @Island folder name to your shortcut start up line like this...

    "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2.exe" -mod ;@Island

    Hmm this doesnt look quite right. Use a game launcher, The alpine stars one works great for me


    But wait ive answered you.. DOH!

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    Woah, very good looking. Looking forward to playing this!

    also creating some sounds.

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    holy sh...! awesome music and awesome map. nice colors nice details just nice. now release it!

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    ... great work. Keep it up...

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    Holy Crap! That looks absolutely amazing! Looks like perfect green zone for some intense infantry action.

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