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Thread: F1 2010 looks interesting (even if it is made by CM).

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    F1 2010 looks interesting (even if it is made by CM).

    As always, it's CM so pinch of salt etc but I don't see that DB Lenton anywhere and this does actually look kinda good IMHO.

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    They are also making good games and this could be one of those

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    Does look good, I have always been a hardcore F1 fan, if it isn't anal enough I'll probably knife a developer the next time I pass their HQ.

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    PLEASE dont be fooled again by such a publisher.... They talk smooth, but the game can be horrible! do NOT buy the game before you played the demo! Quality standards get forgotten when thousands of kiddies pre-order a game :s (absolute no offense to above posters)

    Aside, the graphics (wich is the only thing you can judge by that horrible video) look just like GP 2 from 1996...
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    To be honest it seems like yet another try-to-market-as-realistic-simulator arcade racer like Sony's F1'06.

    Of course it won't come anywhere near iRacing or Live for Speed. But they could at least try to make it play like a Simbin game.
    Those are quite popular, yet very realistic.

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    The thing with OPFR is that I knew it was going to be bad before release, this looks very good and I'm generally happy with CM Racing Games.

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    Well if during the development this game has a quote as halarious as..
    "Now as you can see I've taken a hit to head. Its nothing serious, but I am bleeding badly"
    could be rather more like
    "Now as you can see ive lost my steering wheel, Its nothing serious, but im spinning wildly"
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    Finally going to put it back on PC. Thank God, been waiting for that.
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    What is their fetish with showing talking people in a video supposedly about a game, just show gameplay, and put a narrative voice so we can actually see what the game is like?

    ... ah yes, CM ...

    Graphics look good, but that is to be expected in a game that follows a narrow path.
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    I notice an instrumental (and remix) of F.E.A.R. by Ian Brown in the background of that video, so thumbs up there. CM have generally made reasonable racing games, if not a little samey. I'll wait for a demo.

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