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Thread: DSCreateKey (Me again)

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    DSCreateKey (Me again)

    My DSCreateKey isnt working, can some one help me please, can it be because i have Window's 7?

    Or maybe it dosnt work with Winrar can some one please help me i need help !

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    Gday m8,

    1. Extract DSCreateKey to your desktop
    2. Go to start, then under search, put Run, it will come up in the list and click it.
    3. A prompt for Run should now be open, drag and drop DSCreateKey from your desktop to the box above browse.
    4. scroll all the way to the end and add the key you want to creates name at the end after the last "

    It should look something like this:

    ("C:\Users\Jan Templar\Desktop\DSCreateKey.exe" JanT)

    Without the brackets.

    I hope that helps, any more problems feel free to ask,

    Also i would recommend the Community wiki as this can solve alot of problems to and give a great rundown on how to use most of these tools.
    The community wiki can be located: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Main_Page

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