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Thread: Small AI tweaks for great effect

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    Great observations and ideas Spamurai!

    >> It's all about teamwork! <<

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    Yeah I strongly agree with this and the original post. I think for me it is one of the biggest reasons why I lose soldiers.

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    Spamurai great post and ideas. In my opinion if the AI needs to cheat to be believable its OK. The AI needs to be believable and not actually to think like humans.

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    Totally agree with OP, great ideas and seem to be able with some if then code.

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    To make it more human like, a randomness can always be put in. Example from Spamurai, to prevent the expected reaction of AI getting pinned down, maybe a function to call for "special" action can be factored in. Such as a dash of bravery to the pinned down soldier to do a "run for ya life" to the other side... But surely more juice will be drawn from the CPU cycle.

    Then again... some people will say it's a BUG....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spamurai View Post
    When AI are picking and plotting their navigation nodes, they should detect when a Node is covered by the View Cone of an enemy and then treat it as invalid...
    Not only enemies. Just yesterday, I had an AI run in front of me while I was firing, with obvious results. They tend to not look at fire arcs of squadmates. They should pass behind me, not directly in front of me, more so since the squad was in "danger" mode.

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