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Thread: Raised weapon sights

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    Quote Originally Posted by galzohar View Post
    Yeah, weapon sway in the game is overall way too low. Hitting a target at 300-400m in standing position is extremely difficult IRL with any weapon, yet is quite easy in the game if your weapon is accurate enough.
    It seems the developers are steering away from realism?I like Arma beacuse it attempts realism.I would think most people who want realism play Arma and then are letdown by developers making the game easier.I noticed terrible accuracy in Arma2.I was kneeling and enemy runs right in front of me around 20 feet away.I open fire expecting all my shots to hit since dot was right on enemy.Instead I found I needed 3 seperate bursts to take him down.

    Could the removal of sway be a reason that accuracy or dispersion is worse.Maybe people complained of not liking sway so they added in dispersion.IMO that only makes game feel wrong.You want an up close shot to be a pull trigger/dead enemy scenario.

    I watch videos of say OFP and seem to like the fights in them.I can't pinpoint what or why.

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    Oh dear. If you like arma I'd run to the store and pick up a copy right now if I were you.
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    If you miss at 20 feet it's all your fault to be honest. Do remember jogging in Arma 2 is 20 KM/H which is pretty fast, so its not extremely easy to keep your sights well on a moving target at any distance, even if it's close enough for you to not need to lead your target. Plus, you fired in a burst, which means your followup shorts were affected by recoil. In the end it is easy to keep sights on target, but you still need to actually do that to hit....

    Arma 2 has sway, it's just way too low. Same for dispersion (and ACE increases that dispersion to the point where it is too much with some weapons).
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    I wasn't moving at all.I totally agree with you that recoil is the reason for my terrible attack.I thought it was gun accuracy but come to realize its recoil being extreme for standing/crouching.If you fire in burst mode the gun should be centered back on target by the time you send next burst away.I feel that the recoil could use a revamp for better play.

    I'm also all for more sway while standing but would really like to see recoil reduced for standing and crouching.I do not know if ACE changed the recoil from default Arma2 and I did not see recoil mentioned in the list of changes made.In ACE I feel recoil is too high for standing and crouching.Its like you need to go prone to make a shot and alot of times in game being prone is terrible due to grass etc blocking your view.Of course standing and prone will have higher recoil still but it will feel sweet if the gun is still controllable.Wars are not fought mostly prone afterall.

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    The recoil in the game is not too big. If anything, it is too low, and is still too low after the huge increase ACE gives to some weapons' recoils. The way the weapon recoils, though, is quite weird which might be why you are thinking there is too much recoil.

    Being able to shoot 3 shots/second at 400m, even when prone (but with no bipod/weapon rest), and actually having a decent chance to hit is just not feasible IRL due to recoil and having to re-aim.

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    Your probably right Galzohar.I love realistic ballistics,pulls me into game.Just wanna mention though how bad a badly implemented sway can be.Look at Stalker and its sway.The gun would move in a straight line up then straight diagnol then straight horizontal etc.I think a good sway would be an up and down with breathing with some slight horizontal as this is happening.

    I think BIS has done some changes to game.Look at this video of OA and notice sway and less recoil.

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    The absolute biggest problem with current recoil is that the weapon comes back precisely where it was when you fired it. The amount I actually do think is a bit too high, making SAW gunners a bit too ineffective unless prone, and their counterpart riflemen a bit too effective. The M240 seems fine though.
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    That's actually a really good point, CarlGustaffa. Seems trivial at first, but it actually makes a big difference, since you don't have to readjust each time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladlon View Post
    That's actually a really good point, CarlGustaffa. Seems trivial at first, but it actually makes a big difference, since you don't have to readjust each time.
    There is a new sway mod on the boards thats pretty good but not yet there.If this sway was increased and recoil lessened then it might feel very natural how your realigning after each burst.

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    Grass is too tall? - hmm - I guess some battles DO happen on golf courses by coincidence... I personally have all grass except the lawn type / small tufted stuff reconfigured to be between 50% and 100% taller - this makes for an amazingly realistic result. IRL finding a firing position where you can see thru / past foliage etc. is a BIG deal!

    And on recoils - M16 family actually have very light recoil + they're designed such that recoil is directed straight back not upward. It's quite easy to put accurate 3 shot groups out. Again, I've dialled recoils DOWN to a realistic level in my game.

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