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Thread: ATTN NOOBIES! - New to ArmA II or OA - Here's the place for your questions

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    In the options you might for example might set the "Y" key to open a door you might also select the "Y" key to reverse a vehicle.

    If you select a key to do 2 tasks, the key appears as red text in the options screen.

    You can still use that key to do both tasks.

    You can select any key to do anything but if any key is in red text be aware that it can lead to confusion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe98 View Post
    If you select a key to do 2 tasks, the key appears as red text in the options screen.

    You can still use that key to do both tasks.
    They still both work? I didn't know that!
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    I have but one question, I got arma 2 a while ago but stopped playing it and slowly getting back into it.

    Is ACE worth it if yourr only going to play single player.

    I used to use it a bit online back in the day but that is when I was part of a clan and those days are long gone .I currently do not have the time and/or patience to join another one anytime soon. So for basic singleplayer (and use of the editor) is ACE worth it? Do you use it for single player?

    Thanks in advance

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    I use it also for singelplayer and it makes long range combat much more fun.
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    Which mods to download first?

    Okay, so I have spent the past couple of days reading through this thread looking for what I need to do first. Combined Ops will be coming in the mail today, and I plan on playing multiplayer. I'm brand spankin new to the Arma world. Can you guys provide me with an up to date mod list on what I need to download first. I started to make a list.. but I read several posts on other sites , including youtube videos, saying certain ones are out dated and don't apply to Combined Ops. I'm in so much confusion...

    Shoot, i'm hoping I even do the whole modded folder thing right. (Not computer savvy AT ALL). I know I'm going to end up screwing it up some how, just need a paved road for me to do it on. I would much appreciate it, if you can provide me with a link to go off of.

    Here's what I have so far (correct me if wrong):

    1.) Download the latest patch for Combined Ops ( Can you provide me with the correct link please?)
    2.) Some sort of compressed thing? Winap or 7zip whatever it's called?
    3.) CBA
    4.) ACE2

    And what's the best thing to download for CO that will install the mods need to join a server?

    Also, is the vanilla thing you guys speak of, is that a mode or a server type? Confused?
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    Honestly mate. I think you should leave the mods for a while until you get your head around the standard (vanilla) game. There is tons to get used to so I would strongly advise against making your Arma life even more difficult right from the start. However, I would recommend you buy the DLC package BAF (British Armed Forces).

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    Good advice right there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PONKEYDENIS View Post
    Also, is the vanilla thing you guys speak of, is that a mode or a server type? Confused?
    Vanilla is just the plain game, with no mods.

    As for the no mods thing, I'd say just avoid everything that affects gameplay. If you want, a couple of visual and sound mods can make the game a hell of a lot more fun without making it more difficult.

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    Download JSRS (its a soundmod) and play the game for a while, get used to the gameplay and feel, then go for ACE!

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    @PONKEYDENIS: All the above are right, you should get used to the vanilla game before trying ACE. But to add some visual/audio quality without effecting gameplay I'd suggest getting WarFX Blastcore, JTD Fire & Smoke and JSRS soundmod. That's just my 2 cents though, there isn't exactly any rules on how to mod your game, but avoiding ACE to begin with is some pretty good advice.

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