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Thread: User Add-On Guide for more Realism and Immersion (ACE2-based)

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    On the other hand since ACE Wasteland on Vostok is not going so well, I have a secondary version on the Clafghan map. It seems to mostly work aside from the ACE medical. (I have disabled ACE medical at this time). Let me know if anyone wants to help test it or work on it. The current mods/addons used on the Clafghan Wasteland are:

    • ACE
    • ACEX
    • Balkan War Mod (for AA)
    • Blastcore VEP A2R1 (makes fire spread etc)
    • CLAfghan
    • Group Link 4
    • JSRS
    • JSRS ACE
    • JTD Fire and Smoke
    • SMK animations Lite
    • SakuLightFX
    • theFEW
    • WarFX Particles Beta
    • Zeus AI
    • Zeus AI ACE
    • POOK Deployable Camo Nets

    I am considering removing the randomly spawning base parts since there are several prebuilt FOBs that are perfect. I would replace the base part spawns with building supply stores or cargo drop missions. This is partly to improve performance on the mission.

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    I figure I would ask in here. What would be the best difficulty settings with these following addons at work:

    - ACE
    - ASR AI
    - TPW CAS

    I want to try and get the most realistic difficulty setting, and I figure having both friendly and foe at max isn't really it. For example, the recommended settings for Regular here are actually different than what's suggested for ASR AI (SkillEnemy here is 0.3, ASR has it at 0.7, for example). I want to make it realistic without being superhuman.

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