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Thread: Flashpoint on xbox

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    I dislike the console and it really does restrict OFP's replay value. Players can't really take advantage of Flashpoints sophisticated Scripting Engine and i'm sure editing and developing missions with the ingame editor would be nothing less than hard with those oversized television remotes.
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    On a console I think OFP would move from a realistic soldier sim to an action title... Much will be lost along the way.

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    Good choice of console; The Xbox will be the only one that could properly do it with an 8Gb hard drive for patches or add on's witch you can download off the net. but yes I totaly agree you will lose the combat sim idea and it will turn into a FPS also I dont know how the ping would be from an xbox if you decide to connect all of us together
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    does the xbox come with a keyboard?? if not then i dont hold much hope for all the key commands put onto a joypad =[[

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    I've said it before, OFP is not suited to console gaming.

    It doesn't come with a ketybord as far as I know, but if MS release one then it really will be nothing more than a glorified Gaming PC.

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    I agree that ofp is not for console play. Anyway, I just hate so much the Xbox because of is big size. Did you guys have already try the joystick of the Xbox? IT'S HUGE!!! That console is not playable because of that.

    BIS, don't release OFP on Xbox, it's a waste of time. No one will buy it because the console sux.

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    I wonder where the guys witht eh Xboxes will get the new upgrades from?

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    or the user missions, addons, more campaigns, mods, new weapons, sounds, etc... Man, I'd put away the game after a month or two if there wasn't the user made missions, or addons, and the mission editor.

    I can see people just compare OFP to HALO... how sad.

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    X-Box is that not just an odds and sods of outdated lowpowered, lowspeed bits out of an old pc jammed in a box?

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