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    why i cant open addons of arma with oxygen , it report a error like Unable to load binarized version of the P3D
    i need another tool?

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    Why are people not able to make descriptive thread titles which do not force everyone to read their first post just to know what it's all about?

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    If you start a new thread, please make sure your thread title explains what you want without forcing people to read through your post first. Thread titles such as "How in the world do I...", "Need help!" or "Will we ever see..." are anything but descriptive. We do not allow these kind of titles and threads with such titles are subject to be closed.
    Consider yourself warned.

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    sorry men

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    You can't open binarized addons, however BIS has provided ArmA MLODs which you can open in Oxygen. You might want to check them out.

    BIS Sample Characters & Animals
    BIS Sample Environment
    BIS Sample Vehicles & Weapons

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