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Thread: Operation Flashpoint: Elite is officially dead at the 15th of April

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    Operation Flashpoint: Elite is officially dead at the 15th of April

    At the very date of 15 April Microsoft shuts down all Xbox live services for the Original Xbox games.

    I feel sad for the Dedicated Community still behind this game.


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    http://www.xbconnect.com/index.php and http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/ may have the only programs that keep Elite and many other Xbox originals alive after Live has been taken down, check them out!

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    My god I cant believe its gone forever.
    I remember we were begging for this game to be backwards compatible but it never happened.
    Hell I probably would have kept my OFPE copy it was bc.
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    Well, I've got 2 copies of the game and was thinking of picking up some more and some more xbox's just so I could keep playing co-op with some friends. I've got loads of missions from the action replay and really enjoyed it. But, it is a shame they never make it backwards compatable and I'll not speak of OFP2!!!!

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    They should of made it backwards compatible.

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    Isn't it possible for BIS to re-release this game as XBLA and/or PSN game?

    I would imagine they could use the ArmA title (although I'm not confident it would be a wise thing too do) as they did with the GOTY version?

    I am confident there actually still is a market for an old game such as OFP: Elite, perhaps a little retouched with 1080p, surround sound and perhaps self-hosting (if possible?) support.

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