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Thread: changing standard models

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    changing standard models

    Hi everybody. I'm kinda new to whole that modding thing, so I need some help. I would like to know if it's possible to replace standard ArmA unit models with models from different mods (for example: replace US units with units from "JOH_Marines_1_6" mod) and play campaigns, SP missions and "Warfare" with those models? (plz excuse me for my English)

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    search for replacements on armaholic.com or ArmedAssault.info
    OperationFlashPoint "ArmAteur"

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    Hi, if that's what you want then i did with the help of I0n0s a replacement pack for replace the SF with the Jhonn's SF v1.0RC and the grunts with his USMC v1.6, so you gonna need booth if you want to use it, this replacement replaces the USMC(D) & USMC(W) units plus the SFs.

    WIP-BLUFOR Replacement Pack v1.0.

    I've been playing with it all this time and really makes the game much better, i hope that you like it. Let's C ya

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    thank you guys!!
    @Wipman - I think that's exactly what I was looking for, I'll give it a try in a minute! Thanks.

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    yes, that's it, but there is one problem - the replacement only applies to SP missions, in Warfare I still have same old models

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    Can I somehow fix it? I've read warfare editing guide but it's no help.

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    Hi, yeah man, you're right; here it's the replacement for the Warfare ones:

    - Nikita's & El Nino Foxhound Signed Replacement.

    I hope that you're happy now. Let's C ya

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    Yeah Wipman, now I'm happy thank you bro!!! ..But could you also give me few advises on how to replace all those units, vehicles etc. by myself, without any "replacement mods" and all that stuff done by some other people. maybe there are some useful threads for me to read?... and again THANK YOU!!!!

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    Hi, i don't know any other way of replace the original game's models than using addons and replacements made for change the game's models with those addons, i've replaced the M1A1s in game with addon ones, the SLA with russian VDV units and many of the US weapons with my own ones, but all this with replacements.

    - 76Th VDV and 45Th Recon (addon units).
    - 76Th VDV and 45Th Recon (replacement).

    - CH M1Abrams Pack v1.01.
    - CH M1Abrams Pack v1.01 (Replacement).

    - WIP-M4A1's Pack v1.7.

    Those are the main replacements that i use and made the game look much better; on my weapons pack you've a tutorial about how to install replacement packs (with their needed addons) and also how to do Mod folders to use 'em in SP and MP without touch the default \ArmA\Addons\ folder so you'll aboid to mess up the original game's files. Let's C ya

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    nice, thanks! They should give you the Nobel Prize, Wipman

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    Hi, thanks man, but im proposed for the Darwin award already; the Nobel prize is a cheap crap that anyone who haven't done anything can win (Read: Obama) but you've to be very asshole to win a Darwin award, and i'm that man!. Let's C ya >>;-)

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    you know, you make mods for the wargame, but Obama (and his colleagues) make mods for real wars, and that's why we play our games and know that m4a1 is not a lawn-mower

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