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Thread: Suppresive fire

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    Suppresive fire

    Has anybody gotten the feature to work? Does the suppressed AI even react? Like hide or aim worse?


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    /discuss on you too. If the original question is written well enough that line is superfluous. If it is not written well enough /discuss us jsut retarded. People talk if they want to

    Aside from flaming the most stupid forum-word outside of 4chan I can say that suppressive fire definitely works. The AI will cower if you pour enough lead at them and keep their heads low. Due to how AI works they'll probably still know where you are even if you move and don't shoot, but at least they'll have a harder time firing back.

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    Have you read this thread? : maybe some info in there for you.

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    I just want to know how to do it. I've had no success, and that thread didn't help but thanks anyway.

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    That thread has 4 pages of people talking about trying to get suppressive fire to work. Come on man:

    Taken from the thread:

    On Utes I set up one opfor behind a stone wall and disabled his ability to flee. I created an automatic rifleman behind another parallel stone wall facing the opfor. I set myslef up as a sqaud leader next to the automatic rifleman (AR) and grouped him to me. I started the mission. at mission start the AR starts shooting at the opfor who lies down behind the wall. The AR keeps firing short bursts at the prone opfor (who isn't visible behind wall). after 30 seconds to a minute AR stops firing. I then ordered AR to suppress the opfor (using space+alt and selecting suppress while aiming at where thel opfor was hiding). The AR resumed firing at the wall where the opfor was hiding.
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    It works. However it does not work to tell your AI to suppress an area without seen enemies. You cant just tell them to open up at some house unless theyve seen (or you revealed?) them first.

    I would really like the first though. If i see an enemy but i didnt have time to reveal and my AI didnt see them and still be able to tell my AI to open up at the point where i point and click. They will however suppress if they see an enemy. They will open up more than usual at the general area where they saw the AI. It sure works.

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    So it just increases their rate of fire?

    Is it a once-per-target command or do they continue to supress after a kill, until you reset them with say 'no target' or some similar command? Or do I need to give him 'supress' again every time his target dies?

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    Whats the use for it anyway, the AI has either too accurate aiming or doesnt recognize visible targets not at all...the game needs really big improvement here.

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